Entry: "Beetle" by AngelBowties

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Entry: "Beetle"

Postby AngelBowties » Sun Jan 19, 2020 12:39 pm

username: AngelBowties
town name: Blessridge
town link: Enter
name: Beetle
personality type: Lazy
gender: Male
species: cat
edits: N/A
history: "Goodbye." the little cat said as he entered his camper, "I'm off to find the promise land."
Beetle reved up his portable hospital, and carried on his way. He drove for miles, nearly 3 years
before finding a place that had not yet been inhibited. Jacob's ladders scattered about. After
hopping out of his camper, he then noticed all the additional plants and fauna perfect to keep
the town going. He wandered farther away, to a rather lavish area,"Ah, this is perfect! I'll call
it Blessridge, to signify my medical services will be residing here from now on, this will be my
town." Beetle then plucked a large seed from his pocket, "To healthy beginnings." He said and
buried the lonely seed under the warm dirt.

personality: Beetle is a lazy doctor, while he can get his work done well, he would rather hand off his work to someone else. "I have
a town to run!" He would say, excusing himself from any surgery or medical task. In office, he might say "But my patients need me!" handing his work off to his secretary. Despite this, he will often fulfill both responsibilities. He enjoys spending most of his time at home, this way he can host tea parties with his visitors. The health, and safety of his citizens is quite important to him, so during these visits he'll keep an eye out for any symptoms and what have you. He keeps a luxurious medical kit in his home in case of emergency, but since he lives close to the hospital it hardly ever comes to use.
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