wip gemsona's by .secretsociety.

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wip gemsona's

Postby .secretsociety. » Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:44 am


bottom their outfit if they were with the main gems w/ steven (aka their outfits just modified and some stars in there)

top set will be them in their outift when they are on their home planet + with their weapon, a larger version of their gem and

1; gem; cats eye
location; on right cheek
weapon; extra set of arms.
neutral good.
rocky, warm lots of rivers/lakes. very small 'oceans' (would be considered a sea but thats a lot of water for this type of world) no large goverment. There are things that are considered taboo (killing another, harming snother etc.) stealing is not a big issue. very little groups. unless family Gems tend to stay by themself, as they loners. (think of it this way, another gem, another "mouth to feed" and take care of. unnecessary work.)

2;gem; coral
location; on lip
weapon; sickle
neutral evil
very unfair form of goverment. those with the most appealing features and smarts are those in charge. 50% less freedom of speech. those in power usually have a better heiritage and better genes to give them these smarts and beauty. more laws. your beauty defines your status. beauty standards are unbelievably high and everyone is expected to follow new trends to a T. world is mostly covered by water. underwater cities are where the higher status gems live, as there is better lighting conditions. very flat, lowest point is only 3350 ft below and where the capital is situated.

3; gem; almadine
location; hip
weapon; switch blade
head strong

4; gem blue lace agate
location; under the ear
weapon; spear
lawfully neutral

any and all of this can change,

well other than #1 and #4 as I already know what to do with those two <3

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