Sapphire Spirit Ref Sheet by sapphirespirit

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Sapphire Spirit Ref Sheet

Postby sapphirespirit » Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:08 pm

hey all, just another ref sheet for my 'sona, Sapph. ^^

sapphirespirit wrote:So,way back when-when I first started to get into the web worlds, I created this wonderful little creature. I have always loved Wolves. And my first rp charrie was a wolf named Sapphire Spirit, (yes, where I got my name from :D) though we commonly went by Sapph. Anywho, I am the only one to my knowledge that has ever used this specific coloring pattern, eye and paw color included. I have used this pattern for several of my rp charries over time- I sort of Retired Sapph but use her coat and name often, so really just her rping days are over. - So if you see this along the web (probably as a wolf named Dmitrii) its most likely me. I would like if this pattern not be stolen, because is was a creation of mine. Thank you for permitting the use of this Ref Sheet, and ANY and ALL art is both wanted and appreciated of her.

Black Coat, White forepaw up to the "knee"(left) , White tipped tail, Half white face (does not extend over the bridge of the nose, nor past the cheek, but does extend over the ear). On the white half -Blue eye, on the black half- SILVER eye.
Right hind paw(under) -pink,Left Hind Paw(under)-3 pink toes, one half toe, pink pad with black dot, Right Fore Paw(under)-all pink, one black toe, Left fore paw(under) -All black, two pink toes. ( All as shown above in picture. )

Any art of her is appreciated, I'll even pay for some if you're interested. Just, lemme know!
Thanks again, and enjoy!-S.apph
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