scared by bro that's wack.

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Postby bro that's wack. » Sun Aug 25, 2019 9:46 am

okdaklmslks ;n;

i'm huzzah!

you can call me huzz for short.
do't steal my usernames!; eulrkyy, huzzah!, and froggOH!

i really like lemons... and cavetown. . . and maybe furbies too.

I'm also that person who says "lol" in REAAAL life!!!!!

i think im awesome-- and i'm scared of the fullscreen option on your computer.

s k r r t
i will sometimes trade unfairly with my boff best online friend forever, so mods, please dont ban us. thank you.

yo, can you click these babes please?;


i wouldn't be able to watch them die! thank you!!
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bro that's wack.
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