Chicken Smoothie Help: Trading and Rarity

How do I trade?

At the top of the site you have a link for Trades next to your C$ Balance and PMs. Click that to load your trading center.

Check your trading center for any new/pending trades in the "Current trades" section. You can review your old accepted or cancelled trades in the "Completed trades" section.

There are also some buttons for you to start a new trade, or edit your trade settings. If you want to start a new trade from here you will need to know the username of your trading partner.

You can also start a trade with someone using the "Trade with me" link found on the bottom of their profile page or under their avatar in the forum.

How do I set up my own trade rules?

Go to your Trades page and click on Trade settings.

On your trade settings page you can write a message to show people when they go to send you a trade. If you have any rules or information you want to share with traders, put it there. Make sure to keep it short and friendly so you don't scare traders away. Remember to click the button to save your settings!
How do I block someone from trading with me?

If someone is bothering you, add them to your Block List from the "trade settings" section of your trading center. This will block them from sending you any more trades.

Do not post your block list publicly anywhere for other members to see. Creating a "blacklist" of banned traders in your trade rules is not allowed.

How do I stop people sending trade offers for my favorite pets?

If you are not interested in trading certain pets, you can put them into a group which has trading disabled. At the bottom of your pet group, look for a link called "Change trading settings". From there, you can change the group settings to "Nobody can make trade offers for these pets" and save your changes.

What is rarity about? What does 'unknown rarity' mean?

Most pets on the site have a rarity label on their pet information page. Click on a pet from your pet group to see its information page.

Rarity is rated in many stages from 'OMG so common', 'very common', 'common'... all the way up to 'very rare' and 'OMG so rare'.

All new pets will have "unknown rarity" at first - this just means that the rarity score has not been calculated yet. Once these pets have been retired from the adoption pages and have finished growing then they will soon get a proper rarity label.

If a pet is 'common' this means that most players already own that pet, and it is quite easy to find in trades if you want one. A common pet is not likely to be very valuable.

If a pet is 'rare' this means that not many players own that pet. It is harder to find in trades because there aren't so many to go around. Since it is difficult to get, it is likely to be quite valuable compared to regular pets.

The most common pets on the site are usually the least valuable when it comes to trading. But the rarest pets on the site are extremely valuable and people may trade dozens or hundreds of pets to get just one OMG so rare pet.

Does rarity change? How is it calculated?

Yes, your pets rarity score can change over time.

Usually your pets will become slightly rarer (less common) as time goes by. But sometimes they may become more common. Very small changes in rarity add up, and occasionally your pets rarity label might change to a new label (e.g. from 'uncommon' to 'rare').

Rarity is calculated based on the number of each kind of pet owned by active accounts. If most active accounts have a certain pet, then it is more common. If most active accounts don't have that pet, then it is more rare.

As older players retire from playing Chicken Smoothie, their accounts become inactive. Their pets are no longer counted towards rarity scores, since no-one can possibly trade for them anymore. If (for example) someone retires with a unicorn that only 10 players have, then now we only count 9 unicorns on active accounts. That unicorn has become rarer.

Each month new members join and old members retire. The new members will be missing a lot of pets from their collections. The old members might retire with a lot of old pets that won't be counted towards rarity anymore. If everyone adopted the exact same cat one month then it will be very common. Next month there might be 100 new members joining who don't have that cat, and some of the old members might retire so their cats become unavailable. That cat has become less common and more valuable in trades as it is harder for everyone to get one now. In this way, pets grow rarer over time.

How do I know if a trade is fair? How much are my pets worth?

Trading can be a little challenging when you are new. Trading value is based on many factors. What makes a trade seem 'fair' to you, might still feel 'unfair' to someone else. Everyone collects different things and has their own likes and dislikes. There are a few general pieces of advice we can give you, but you might still need to edit a trade many times before you and your trading partner are happy with it.

It's important to remember that you don't have to accept any trade you're not happy about, even if people tell you it is a good deal! It's good to get advice from other players, but you should do what feels right for you.

Although pets have rarity labels such as "common" or "rare", these labels are only a small indication of pet value. The labels can tell you that a "rare" pet is more valuable in trades than an "uncommon" or "common" pet. But what you might not realise is that not all "rare" pets are equal. (Or "common" pets, or "uncommon" pets... etc)

There are only 7 different rarity labels on Chicken Smoothie, but there is a lot of variation in actual rarity. Picture it as a mini scale of rarity within each rarity label - some "commons" are rarer than other "commons", some "rare" pets are closer to being "very rare" than others.

It might surprise you to learn that different pets with the exact same rarity label are not worth the exact same value in trades. For example, "common" pets which were adopted 3 months ago are often considered to be worth more than "common" pets adopted this month.

Some species can be less popular than others, so there may be fewer traders seeking those pets even if they are uncommon or rare.

Extra cute or funny pet designs might be especially popular and valuable even if they're not very rare.

Older pets are usually worth more than newer pets even if they have the same rarity.

If you want advice from other players we recommend that you visit the Chicken Smoothie Discussion forum board, where there are some topics full of people waiting to answer your trade questions!

If you are a COPPA member and can't post in the forums, you can send us a help request to ask a General Helper for advice about a specific trade. Make sure to include the "share trade" link if showing someone a trade.

Can I make off-site trades? (Trading for things on other websites)

Yes, we allow off-site trading. However we don't recommend it as these trades are very risky and we may be unable to help you if something goes wrong. We also have some limits on what you may trade for.

Please avoid making off-site trades with friends and family, as these trades can look identical to cheating and you may put your account at risk.

Some other websites ban off-site trading, so please check the rules before trading with another site. Click here for a list of sites we've found which don't allow trading with Chicken Smoothie.

We have banned trades with AnimalJam. You may not arrange any trades involving AnimalJam.

Please don't trade or buy a Chicken Smoothie account from someone. Each user is only allowed to have one account, so if you buy a CS account when you already have one then you could get in trouble. You may instead trade for the contents of a Chicken Smoothie account and have the pets and items traded to you, but please contact staff if you are arranging such a trade.