Chicken Smoothie Help: Pets and adopting

How many pets can I have?

Each litter or giftbox has an adoption limit. We recommend that you adopt as many as you can from each litter, because there might be a lot of different possible outcomes once they grow up!

There's no limit to how many pets your account can hold. Visit the Pound or the trades and adoptions boards in the forum if you want to pick up some more pets for your collection!

How long will my pet take to grow up?

Different species take different lengths of time to grow. There are some estimates given on each species' adoption page. Almost all pets will grow to adulthood within about 35 days, and most grow much faster than that. You will usually start seeing changes in most pets by the time they are about 7-14 days old.

How do I make groups to organize my pets?

When you're on your "My pets" page, look at the bottom of the page. Click the link that says "Create a new group to organize your pets".

How do I move pets between groups?

When you're viewing a group of pets, tick the little boxes under the pets you want to move. At the bottom of the group is a dropdown box which says "Move ticked pets to this group". Just select the group you want to send them to and hit the "Go" button.

What's the archive? How do I add pets or items to my wishlist?

The Archive is like a museum of all the pets and items ever released on Chicken Smoothie. Just pick a year to start browsing!

If you see a pet or item in the archive that you want, you can add it to your wishlist by clicking the "Add to wishlist" link displayed beside it.

Other players can see your wishlist, so this is an easy way to show other players what you want when trading.

If you mouse over the "Archives" link on the menu at the top of the site then it will load links to all years of the archive, as well as your wishlist links. Make sure to update your wishlist regularly to remove pets and items that you don't need anymore!

Can I breed my pets?

Unfortunately it's not possible for you to breed your Chicken Smoothie pets.

Chicken Smoothie artists will sometimes pick a pair of pets that they think would make a good couple, and breed them to create 2nd or 3rd generation pets for everyone to adopt. These are made available on the regular adopt pages.

How do I feed my pets? Can they die?

Chicken Smoothie pets will never die and they don't need to be fed. They take care of themselves :)

Is my pet a male or a female?

It's whatever you want it to be :)

Can I make my own pets?

Sorry but no, only our official artists and staff can make pets for Chicken Smoothie.

We don't hire new artists very often, so unfortunately there isn't a way for you to apply or request to join the team.

If you love to draw and design your own pets we suggest you visit some of the art boards in the forum and oekaki so you can draw and share your own creations with other players. The adoptables you create can't be added to Chicken Smoothie accounts, but people can save your adoptable art to their computers instead.

Where did people get cool pets that aren't on the adopt page?

At the beginning of every month we release brand new pets, and retire the old ones. Sometimes we have pets available for special events on other dates too, such as Easter and Halloween.

Players who have been here for a long time have adopted lots of pets that aren't available anymore, so you might see a lot of pets that you're missing.

If you visit the Trades and Adoptions boards in the forum you'll find loads of players to trade with for pets you've missed. And if you visit the Pound regularly you might get a lucky find! Just be aware that the really old pets can be very rare by now, so you'll have to come up with a pretty good offer to trade for those!

What are Events? Which holidays does CS celebrate?

Each year we celebrate slightly different occasions, but there are some big holidays that are always covered!

Some of our biggest events are referred to as "hunt events" or "token events" - these are events where players can hunt for token items around the forum and spend them on special rewards (event pets or items). We have hunt events during Easter, Summer Vacation (mid-year), and Halloween. These events usually last for around 1-2 weeks. During these events there are also free pet and item giveaways that don't require any token-hunting.

Our Summer Vacation event changes theme every year, and it has a storyline with fun characters and scenes to explore. It is our most interactive event!

Our other major event is the Christmas Advent Calendar. During the first 25 days of December we give away a new present (of pets or items) every day!

We also celebrate some other holidays annually with free gifts of pets and items. These mini-events include Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, St. Patrick's Day, and Hanukkah.

The pets and items given away for special events are usually amazingly cool designs, and can be rare too! Stay tuned to the CS news box so you don't miss any upcoming celebrations.

What happens on December 18th?

Every year on December 18th we put up a special giftbox which contains just about every old/rare pet ever released on Chicken Smoothie. Each member can adopt just a few random pets from this box. Mixed in with all the old "previously released" pets there are a couple of brand new pets hiding each year. Members are guaranteed to get something rare from this box, so people get very excited about it. Read more about "UR" and "true date" pets for more info.

What does UR mean?

UR stands for "Un-Released". UR pets come from our annual Dec 18th re-release giftbox. Read the previous answer for more information about December 18th.

Unlike every other pet given out in the Dec 18th box, UR pets are outcomes which have never been released normally before. That's why they are called "Un-Released". UR pets are usually extremely rare and valuable and there are only about 2 - 4 new UR pets added each year. Only a small number of lucky members will find one in the giftbox each year.

What are 'true date' and 're-released' pets?

"Re-released pets" are those given out in the December 18th giveaway. They are called "re-released" because they are old pets that have been released another time before, in an earlier year. Read the entry about December 18th for more information.

"True date" pets are all the pets that have a birthdate from the month/time period of that variation's first ever release. For example, a Sunback with a birthdate in July 2008 would be a "true date" pet. In the December 18th giveaway you might adopt a pet which was first released years ago, like the sunback, but it will have a birthdate of December 18th. It is not a "true date" pet because its birthdate doesn't match the original release dates. 'True date' pets and the 're-released' versions are identical in every way apart from the adoption date, so it's not necessary to try and collect both versions.

What does PPS mean?

Some pets on CS are born with "PPS" which is short for "Peter Pan Syndrome". PPS pets will never grow into adults - they'll be children forever, just like Peter Pan :)

Most PPS pets have the letters "PPS" stamped on the image. Some PPS pets don't have that stamp, but if you click the pet to see the info page, underneath the image it will say "This pet has PPS" if it is a PPS pet.

Why don't you add a new species?

We typically only add 1 or 2 new species each year, as we focus more on collecting new designs of our existing species.

The adopt pages don't show ALL the species available on CS, we actually have many more which only come out a few times a year. Some of our other species include: lions, dragons, bunnies, deer, unicorns, and even squids!

Don't miss our special events - we often release some of our rarer species during special occasions (like bunnies at Easter!).