Chicken Smoothie Help: General Questions

What is Chicken Smoothie?

Chicken Smoothie is a free website where you can adopt virtual pets and watch them grow up over time. There are new free pets to collect every month!

Some pets are rarer than others, so you can trade with other players to complete your pet collection. Chicken Smoothie pets can be decorated with clothing and accessories, and can be displayed on a webpage or in a forum signature.

Players can chat with each other in our forums and roleplay boards. We also have a special Oekaki drawing forum where players can create and color-in drawings, and share them with others.

Who made Chicken Smoothie? Who runs it?

Tess and Nick created Chicken Smoothie together in 2008. Tess drew the original artwork still used for many of the species and website graphics, while Nick wrote the code to piece it all together into a working adoptables website. As the site grew and added new support staff, Tess' role has become more focused on creative direction and planning of site features, releases and events. Tess and Nick are siblings, born and raised in New Zealand.

In 2014 long-term moderator/assistant Sorren Fey was promoted to join the admin team. She runs the Pound and handles a lot of administrative duties such as helpdesk and behind-the-scenes work.

Chicken Smoothie has a large team of volunteer support staff who moderate the forums, help new/lost members, archive old pets, and create new pets and items for us to enjoy every month. Check our team page for the current line-up!

Can I be a mod/artist or General Helper?

Thanks for your offer! A few times a year we open applications for new team members. When we are hiring we will make an announcement in the news box and forum with all the information you need. There is no other way to apply or request to join the team if we're not currently hiring.

Will you please make me a special pet?

I'm sorry, but we don't take requests or commissions for custom CS pets and items.

We do accept pet design suggestions in the forum, but we can't promise to use your idea.

Our artists are very busy making new pets for the whole site to enjoy every month, and don't have time to take special requests. A small number of custom pets have been made for staff and a few special contributors, as a reward for work they have done for Chicken Smoothie.

Which web browser should I use?

You should be able to use the site correctly with any modern web browser. This includes Internet Explorer 7 and later, Firefox 3, Google Chrome, or modern versions of Safari. If you are using the ancient Internet Explorer 6 you will be unable to add items to your pets, you are encouraged to upgrade to a more recent version by using Windows Update, or switch to Firefox instead, it's faster and safer.

You should turn on cookies in your web browser, or you will be frequently logged out of the site and will be unable to use some features. You must turn on Javascript in your browser in order to dress up your pet.

How can I ask questions about the site or my account?

Are you sure your question isn't covered on one of these help pages? Take a good look through the questions and answers here first.

If you think that your question could be answered by other players, please ask it in the forum. You'll get an answer more quickly, and other people will learn the answer too.

If you need private help from our staff members, submit a help request here: Get Help.

What do I do if I haven't had a reply from staff yet?

We recommend you use the help system if you are trying to contact staff.

Staff receive many help tickets and PMs in a day, so it may take a while for someone to get to your message. If your question can only be answered by a certain staff member or group (admins) then it may take longer for the correct individual to be online and available to help.

If you haven't had a reply to a help ticket in over a week, it might be because staff are still discussing your question in order to bring you the best answer. If you feel that you have been forgotten, you can reply to ask for an update on the status of your help request. If this doesn't work, try sending a new help request.

How did you make the website?

This website was custom made by writing/modifying lots of very advanced code. It was designed by Tess (using Photoshop), then Nick wrote the code that makes the site work and powers our adoptable system using PHP. Chicken Smoothie's forums use phpBB, but we have made changes to add things like the Oekaki.

Making adoptable pets is a bit complicated, but if you are very confident in HTML and know a little bit of PHP, you can try our advanced growing pet tutorial for PHP.