Chicken Smoothie Help: Art and Image Sharing Rules

What does copyright mean? What if I need help understanding the art rules?

The Chicken Smoothie community is mostly made up of artists, so we take protection of artists' copyright very seriously.

Every artwork that you or someone else produces is automatically protected by copyright. The copyright owner has certain exclusive rights over their creations, including the right to make copies of, distribute (post), and make derivative works of their artworks.

This means you must get permission from the original artist if you want to do anything with their art.

Copying, editing or sharing another person's art without their permission is not acceptable.

We have designed our art rules so that our moderators can see if you are correctly following copyright law.

Our art rules apply to all images used anywhere on Chicken Smoothie - including images on the Oekaki Board, forum signatures, avatars, forum posts, and elsewhere. Please take the time to read all the rules in this section carefully.

If you have any questions or need help with the art rules please send us a help request before you post images.

What are the rules for using Free Lineart or Oekaki Editables?

Some artists make 'lineart' or editable drawings which they allow other people to color in. A free lineart/editable is a drawing that the original artist has given you (or everyone) permission to color.

If you use an Oekaki Editable on Chicken Smoothie, your post will automatically credit the original artist. Check if they have any special rules for you to follow before you use their editable.

If you use a free lineart from another website you must follow these steps:

  • Check that the original artist has said the lineart is free to use, or get permission from them to use it. You should never use a lineart that is 'For (other site) only' - for example if the lineart says 'Deviantart only', you can't use it on Chicken Smoothie.

  • If the original artist has included other rules for their lineart/editable then you need to follow these rules too. For example they may ask you to leave their signature on the image, or state that you are not allowed to change the lineart itself.

  • When you're ready to share your colored version, put a link on your post that links back to the original artist's work. Link to the page the lineart is found on, not just the artist's profile page.

  • Credit the original artist/source clearly wherever you share your version, don't bury this information at the bottom of the post or in tiny font. Don't say you drew the lineart/drawing if you only colored it.

  • If the lineart was not free for everyone but you have been given special permission to use it, you must provide proof of the artist granting you permission by sharing a screenshot or linking to a post.

What if I made a picture on a dress-up/designer game or used a drawing tutorial?

If you used a dress-up game or character designer program then you need to provide a link back to the original game, and acknowledge full credit to the original artist/website for images made using their program. You must clearly display this information directly underneath or above your creation.

You can't charge people for images made using a public character creator/dress-up game/text generator because anyone could make the same image for free and you don't have any rights to that artwork.

If you used a drawing tutorial or drawing book to help you draw your image, please provide credit by linking back to your source or naming the book.

What are the rules for creating new art? What about copying or using someone else's art?

We encourage our budding Chicken Smoothie artists to develop their own style and creativity by making unique drawings that come from the heart. We also want to protect our artists from having their artworks ripped off. All artists must follow these rules at all times on Chicken Smoothie.

  • Please draw or color your own original creations without trying to copy or mimic other people's drawings. If you copy an image drawn by someone else, that is against the rules - even if you change some of the details.

  • You are allowed to use photographs as references to help you practice drawing with accurate anatomy and poses. If you referenced your drawing from a photograph then you must give credit by posting a link to the original image. The reference information should be clearly visible above or below your image.

  • Please check the rules about using free linearts, editables, drawing tutorials and dress-up games for more information.

  • You may not post or use someone else's drawing without their permission. So unless the artist gave you permission then you can't use their drawings for your fursona or character design, avatar, signature, art contest, art shop, etc. Ask the original artist if you want to use their art for something, or make your own art to use instead.

  • Tracing, editing, or copying someone else's artwork in some way (without their permission) is against the rules.

  • Trading, selling or gifting stolen/plagiarized art to other Chicken Smoothie members is not acceptable.

  • It is okay if (by coincidence or inspiration) your drawing has small similarities to other drawings - for example similar colors/markings, similar body features, or similar pose. But if we believe you have intentionally copied significant aspects of another drawing (such as tracing/copying the lineart or mimicking most of the design) then that may break the rules on copying artwork. Your drawings and designs should come from within, not from copying others.

  • You do not own the copyright for a certain colour, species, name, pose, or marking (unless the marking is highly unusual and original). However the combination of all of these things makes up your unique, copyrighted artwork which cannot be copied by others.

What are the rules for using Chicken Smoothie Art and Images?

Editing/copying/re-coloring/distributing/selling or profiting from Chicken Smoothie images without proper authorization is strictly forbidden.

You are not allowed to create your own Chicken Smoothie pets by editing or copying our images.

You are not allowed to sell the designs of Chicken Smoothie pets to other artists, even if you copy our designs onto your own lineart.

We welcome Chicken Smoothie fanart! But please draw the pets in your own style rather than copying the outlines of our original images.

You are allowed to use Chicken Smoothie pet pictures as personal characters or fursonas, as long as you clearly credit Chicken Smoothie for the designs and artwork that you use.

You are allowed to create your own "fan pairings" and design "offspring" of Chicken Smoothie pets, as long as you clearly credit Chicken Smoothie for the original designs that inspired your version. You should not sell or profit from these creations, since they are made by blending copyrighted Chicken Smoothie designs.

What are the rules for creating Art Galleries?

Posting a gallery of artwork that you created or was created specially for you is allowed in the Art Galleries and Character Storage boards.

Creating a gallery of other peoples' art, without their permission or knowledge, is not allowed. Keep a folder of your favorite pictures saved on your computer instead. You are not allowed to post these images online without the artists' permission.

What are the rules for Trading and Selling Art?

If you wish to trade your art to other players for CS pets/items, please use the Art Shops board in the forum.

If you used someone else's lineart/editable to make your art then remember to check with their rules before trading! If the rules say it is not to be used for any kind of gain/profit or "not for commercial use", then you are not allowed to trade these color-ins for pets/items.

Remember that you can't sell or use art that was made by another person without their permission.

What else might I need to know about image posting?

These rules cover most of the rules for art sharing on CS. Some boards may have more specific rules, e.g. rules for oekaki art contests. Make sure to read all the information stickies in boards you post in.

Breaking any of our image posting rules can have serious consequences for your account. If you're worried or unsure about any of the images you want to share with us, please contact the help team for advice.

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