Chicken Smoothie Help: Accounts

How do I get an account and is it free?

Yes, signing up for an account is free! You can adopt pets without an account, but we recommend you create an account to unlock all the cool features like trading, drawing, dressing pets, and posting in the forum. To make an account just click Register. Make sure to remember your username and password, as you will need these details to login next time you visit. The pets you adopt while logged in will be kept safely on your account where you can sort them, dress them, or trade them with other players!

Please note: You are only allowed to have ONE account.

Do I need a working email address?

Yes, the email address on your account must be a working email address where you can receive emails from us. If you ever forget your username or password, or if someone steals your account, you will need to use your email address to get your account back. We also may need to contact you by email about other important issues. If your email address doesn't work and something goes wrong, then you can end up locked out of your account permanently.

Make sure you spell your email address correctly. If you change the email address on your account then you will need to re-activate your account and verify the email address by clicking a link sent to that address.

How do I activate my account?

When you first registered for Chicken Smoothie we sent you an email with an activation link. This was sent to the email address you gave us when you created your account.

You need to click the activation link in the email we sent you before you can start using your account. If you lost that email, you can re-send the activation email using a link on the login page. Contact the help team if you never received an email from us!

How do I keep my account safe?

We take account security very seriously. If we find that one of our members has been trying to steal someone's password, log into someone else's account, or use their account without permission then they will be banned. We log all failed login attempts so that we can check for people who are trying to break into accounts.

The best way to keep your account safe is to use a secure password, and never share it with anyone else.

How do I choose a secure password?

A secure password contains a mixture of both letters and numbers. A good password should be something no-one else can guess - so don't use your real name, birthday, or anything about your username or Chicken Smoothie. You should use a different password on each site you subscribe to, so that if somebody guesses your password they will not get access to all your websites!

You can find a generator that will give you an easy to remember, secure password here.

It is important that you never share your password with anyone else - not even your best friend.

How do I change my password?

Your password settings are found in your Account Settings page (from the "My Stuff" tab).

I forgot my password!

No problem, just go to the log-in page and click I forgot my password (link found under the password box). Follow the instructions to get a new password sent to the email address you signed up with.

If you've already tried this and it wouldn't work send us a help request.

You don't need to be logged in to send us a help ticket, you just need to put down a working email address that we can contact you on.

How do I rename my account?

You can easily rename your own account from your Account Settings page found in the "My Stuff" tab.

Make sure to double check the spelling of your new username, and write it down somewhere. Otherwise you might have trouble logging in!

Please do not try to "rename" your account by creating a new account and trading all of your pets over to it - you will be breaking the rule against having more than one account.

What happens to my account if I stop logging in?

As long as your account had something on it (such as pets or forum posts), nothing happens to your account. You can return at any time and your account and pets will still be there waiting for you.

How do I delete my account?

If you don't want to play anymore you don't need to have your account deleted, just stop logging in. Sometimes people change their mind and return to their old accounts, so it's good to keep them just in case.

How do I get pets added to my account?

Did you adopt pets before you had an account, or while you were logged out? I'm sorry, but those pets cannot be added to an account.

Can I share my account?

This is only allowed if you meet certain requirements, so please read this section carefully before deciding to share your account.

We recommend that you never share your account with anyone else. There are no benefits to this style of gameplay, but there are many problems. For example your friend might accidentally trade away your favorite pets, or get you both into trouble by breaking rules. If you get into a fight or if your friend gets greedy then they might change the password and steal the account for themselves. We see this type of thing happen all the time with shared accounts.

If you choose to give someone your password, you will be held responsible for anything they do while they are using your account. If they do something to get the account banned, you both lose the account. If they make bad trade decisions, you'll have to live with those choices.

Please keep your account safe, and encourage your friends or family to use their own separate accounts instead of sharing yours!

If your friend HAS NOT got an account then you are allowed to share your account with your friend. Please remember this is NOT RECOMMENDED.

Each person is only allowed to control one account, so you are not allowed to share your account with someone if they already have their own account. You are also not allowed to create a second account to share if you already have your own account.

You are NOT allowed to "merge" two accounts together by combining all of the pets and items onto one account. People caught doing this may lose both accounts as well as their pets and items. If you and your friend have separate accounts already but really want to share one account together then the only option is to have the other account frozen with all the pets and items still on it. You must get an admin to help you disable one account before you both begin sharing the other account. Don't trade any pets/items over unless an admin has given you permission.