Chicken Smoothie Help: Items and Dress-ups

Where do I get items for my pet?

Items are available in the CS Store. While most things in the store cost Chicken Dollars, there are some free item packs in there too. We usually give away more free items during all our special events like Easter, Halloween, and Christmas!

How do I put items on my pets?

Click on a pet in your pet group to see the pet page with all its adoption information. At the bottom of the pet page there is a link called "Add items to your pet". From that page, you can drag items onto your pet from the items menus, or drag them back onto the items menu to remove them. Click on the different item category tabs to view more of your item collection. When you are done dressing your pet make sure to click the save button at the bottom to apply your changes!

If you want to put items or backgrounds behind your pet, look in the bottom right of the items menu for the tick box called "Rearrange mode". When this box is ticked you can click on an item to display 2 arrows for arranging it. Press the down arrow to move it behind something, or press the up arrow to put it on top of other items. You might have to click it many times if there are a lot of other items on top or below it. Turn off "Rearrange mode" by unchecking the box when you are done.

Help! The items I put on aren't showing up!

In Firefox, press the refresh button to see the new image. In Internet Explorer or Chrome, you need to hold down control and click the refresh button to see the new items appear on your pet.

How do I enter my pet into a Dress-up Challenge?

There's a button on the home page to take you to the Dress-Ups Challenge page. If there's an active contest running, click on the link to browse that gallery.

On the dress-up gallery page you will see a lot of cool dressed pets, and a description of the dress-up theme. If you want to enter this challenge then you should go to your pet groups and dress up the pet you want to enter.

Once you've got a pet ready to go, visit the contest gallery page again and press the "Enter your pet" button at the top of that page. You can browse through your pet groups to find the pet you just dressed. It only shows pets with items on so it should be quite easy to find your dressed pet.