~Arerona~'s cake:

~Arerona~ described their cake:

Everything this cake is made of is edible(except the rods holding up Totoro, the flag and the Moon Dog’s head, and of course the candles), it is make of chocolate cake from a box. (but all the icing was made from stretch) There are three types of icing, Butter cream, Marshmallow Fondant and Royal icing. There are 6 in progress shots and 4 completed shots The brown dog is the Non-swirl Moon Dog, the bird of course is Totoro and the puppy popping out of the cake is the Pink Grinner. The Moon Dog and Totoro were about to eat cake in celebration of CS 3 year birthday, when all of a sudden the Pink Grinner pops out waving a flag saying Happy 3 years Chicken Smoothie, both the Moon Dog and Totoro were surprised and the Moon dog hid under the blanket she had as a puppy.