NocturnAlice66's cake:

NocturnAlice66 described their cake:

One of the things we love about Chicken Smoothie is watching our pets grow and change. We tried to capture the similarities between a growing pet and a baking project in our submission. We made a vanilla sheet cake Tribal dog (complete with vanilla PPS 'pupcake'!) because the Tribal dogs are some of our favorites! The adult dog design was hand-cut, drawn and painted by NocturnAlice66 with cream and food coloring "paint" mixed by cakeandqpm1138, who also designed and completed the PPS pupcake and balloons. The baking, arranging and cleanup were a joint effort. We hope you have as much fun with our creation as we had making it! Happy Birthday, Chicken Smoothie!!! <3 NocturnAlice66 and cakeandqpm1138