Kat's cake:

Kat described their cake:

This is my entry for the Chicken Smoothie Cake Contest. It was a ton of fun to make! It was made from a chocolate cake foundation I bought at the store (Sadly, I can't cook to save my life), lots and lots of frosting and some toothpicks. I also used odd things such bananas, licorice, broccoli, cheese and Easter candy grass to decorate it (my grandparents were very confused when I said I was making a cake and needed to run to the store to get broccoli for it). The pictures aren't very good quality but it was the only camera I could borrow in time to enter. I hope it's good enough though! =] -Thank you. PS: The vines spell "CS" for Chicken Smoothie. No one I've shown the cake to in real life so far have noticed this. xD