VaticanCameos's cake:

VaticanCameos described their cake:

I made a two tiered yellow cake. I mixed a crumb coat of icing to even out the cakes' sides and then I covered in a marshmallow fondant that I made and then dyed to turn it green. The figures are also made of fondant that wasn't dyed and then frozen so they would be easier to dip. I dipped them in a water and confectioner's sugar mixture to create a painting surface. The figures were then painted with a water, sugar, and food coloring mix. The decoration flowers were a butter cream frosting that was dyed and the leaves were left over fondant. I had a lot of fun doing this, especially the figures...even though Avian didn't seem to want to freeze so she kept falling apart :\ Thank you for the opportunity and for the excuse to spend my money :P Also, I had some trouble uploading the images previously, the page froze for a while and I had to restart my computer before I had a chance to see if my cake had submitted. Sorry if I am just re submitting this! One more thing, these two pictures are the same image, but one is a jpeg and the other is a GIMP image, in the past I have learned that some systems do not support GIMP so I copied it and saved it in Microsoft pain. Thanks again!