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I have a book with instructions to make cakes with Fondant. I never used it, but want to for a long time. So I used this contest to give it a try and make my very first (and I think last ;)) cake with Fondant. I normally work very much with polymer clay, and so I do not like the consistence of this modelling material. Fondant is to sticky, to soft... But never mind. Inside the cubes are cake with vanilla flavour and butter cream. I only have wip pictures from making the Fondant parts, I hope that's no problem... It was very tricky to put the cake together to build cubes, and overlay them with Fondant, so I don't have the muse to do pictures while doing it. But now to my idea I realised in this cake! I want to do a cake that shows parts of all three birthdays we have so far and they should be symbolized with a pet for every year that was released in the same year. I choose one of the griners for the first birthday, for the second the dog who made by tess, and the third is this totally cute guinea pig, with the cherry on his head, from this year. I have not managed it to make the "2", that the dog have on his head, to be a candle and shine, but I think it symbolized what it should. And what not have to lack on a birthday cake? Balloons, gifts, roses, a lot of confetti, cherrys... on the right side I have include a small butterfly Wolf that is not released so far, but perhaps he will :D All in all I am happy with the cake, but it is not perfect. I need over six hours to complete the cake (drying parts not included) but it was funny. My first try, and what should I do ;) So, now I will update the pics and want to let you know how much I like chickensmoothie, thanks! Barbara