DemonChild's cake:

DemonChild described their cake:

Well first off I must say that this was a truly interesting experience. I have never used half the stuff I used before ever, much less when making a cake. I guess that I just needed the incentive to decorate a cake after years of watching Cake Boss and the likes, and this just jumped at me and I had to do it. To begin with I decided to do a cake in the shape of Avian along with a mini birthday cake to represent the theme of the third birthday. To start off the entire process I began with the mini cake as it took the least amount of time. I'd say it's only around six inches high or so without the candle. That was my first time using fondant, so I was happy about it. The only thing I did not make on the entire cake was the candle. Of course then came the main cake and that took me more time than I ever want to think about again. Due to family issues I did not get to finish it in the amount of time I wanted, but I made it by the deadline, so I'm happy. The cake itself is pound cake covered in buttercream icing layered in fondant. The head was molded from rice crispy treats and also covered in fondant as were the front paws while the back paws were cake as well. I used food coloring to paint the eyes, mouth, and lettering on the 'streamers' of fondant. The tail was made the same way as the head. All of the accessories are made out of fondant. (I colored the fondant myself, so please excuse any miscalculations I made in the coloring.) If you need a different picture of the finished cake from a different angle or you need to see something, please tell me. I have plenty of photos. Again, this was a very fun experience for me and a real learning experience. I hope you can do it next year. ^^ (PS, tell Avian that I am sorry if I made him look fat. XD)