Chicken Smoothie Archive

The Chicken Smoothie Archives is a record of all the old pets and items that have been released in the past. So step inside our vaults and see what our old pets looked like as they were growing up! This month's pets may not be on display until they have finished growing, but you can check the forums to see if other people have had any growths.

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Mini-games from our Summer Events

  • 2023 - Feed the Campers

    In 2023 we spent the summer in Camp Smoothie! In the Mess Hall we were asked to help dish out snacks to hungry campers.

    Here's that mini-game saved so that we can keep on playing! This is a match-3 game.

    Play Feed the Campers!

  • 2020 - Duck Fishing

    In 2020 Chicken Smoothie visited a carnival! One of the canival stalls challenged us to fish a duck, and see what prize we won! (This archived version is just for fun, and you don't win any prizes)

    Play Duck Fishing!

  • 2019 - Griseldis' Fortune Telling

    In 2019 we visited a forest that was connected to the Fae Realm! We visited Griseldis' tent in order to have our fortunes read.

    Get your fortune read!

  • 2018 - Duck Racing

    In 2018 our Summer Event took place in a Jungle resort! In the resort's pool we raced ducks and tried to pick a winner.

    Play Duck Racing!

  • 2017 - The Lost City

    In 2017 we went underwater to visit The Lost City! At the Fast Fins Racetrack we rode undersea creatures, and battled to cross the line in first place.

    Play Fast Fins!