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Wake up call by Chaotic dreams

Artist Chaotic dreams [gallery]
Time spent 5 minutes
Drawing sessions 2
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Wake up call

Postby Chaotic dreams » Thu Sep 05, 2019 2:24 pm

So sorry for the b a d art, I just wanted you guys to know something and didn't know where to post it

Your eyes are like no others; they're either the frothy tipped peaks of the ocean, hidden sea life within, they're the green of leaves, the green of the forests, the green of life, they're the brown of chocolate, the tone of the earth, the soil which gives us life, or maybe they're a mixture of all things good, maybe they're grey, like the clouds just before a storm, they remind you of the cool, refreshing rain that's tempting children to hop around in puddles, inspiring dreams for boys and girls alike to have romantic kisses, soaked to the bone, but in love.

Your body is like no other; you may not meet the beauty standards of one person, or even yourself, but to another, you are the most beautiful person that has graced the earth, you just may not have met them yet. You may be clumsy, but just know that someday, someone will be their to catch you when you fall.

Your hair is like no other; it may not be as long or as short as you want it to be, it may not be the color you wish it was, but someone out there, who you may not have met yet, will desperately want to run their fingers through it, smell the hair products you use.

Your fashion sense is like no other; it's all uniquely you, maybe you always wear this one jacket, and someone can easily pick you out of the crowd because of it. Maybe you wear this one pair of shoes all of the time, and someone will know exactly who you are when they see them. Maybe you never leave without a necklace, or some other piece of jewelry, and if you lose it, someone will know exactly who it belongs to because they've seen you wear it.

You're beautiful inside and out because you're you. Don't let anyone, especially yourself, tell you otherwise.
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