heh, welcome 2 meh crib.

"heh, welcome 2 meh crib." by quackk

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heh, welcome 2 meh crib.

Postby quackk » Mon Jul 23, 2018 11:55 am

lance is done writing and has gone golfing after several trading attempts for resort chips.
ϟ🐺∂ၔ∂ιငαƭၕ∂ Ƿαƭငん ᜎ♄ၕ ムℓǷんα, ᘖᑲᒿƭ, αη∂ β∱β ၔηƭ♄ပζιαՏƭ⚡️ϟ
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ImageSELLING ᜎ٥ӄၕηζ 3င$ ၕαငん
ᜎ♄ၕ Ƿαƭငんιƭιζ ᱬပƭαກƭ ∂ပᑦӄ ငᖇၔαƭပᖇၕ ιກ ιƭՏ ᘉαƭပᖇαℓ んαβιƭαƭ.
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