ok but by zakuro.

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by zakuro.

ok but

Postby zakuro. » Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:45 am

    o h m y g o d

    my boy , he's so pretty ! bless OTL

        name ` emmanuel/emm
        gender ` male
        orientation ` homosexual
        au ` my au that i'm currently working on here !

        notes `
        -20 years old
        -falls in love really easily
        -probably loves you
        -bard !!! moreso a gossiper but
        -loves to write
        -a generally quiet and inquisitive kalon
        -travels a lot
        -makes a living off his storytelling
        -many go to him for advice and/or help
        -super sweet
        -will protec
        -big boy
        -p intelligent
        -kinda squishy
        -really sappy
        -jokes a lot , only serious when he's telling stories

        personality ` a genuine hopeless romantic . emmanuel loves just about everyone , and it's rare to see him in a down mood or sad . his positive outlook on life aides him in his storytelling , as he generally tells happy stories . (which make the most munnay $$$) emm doesn't care for vegetables , but will eat anything , anywhere , any time . (buns happen to be his favorite ! ♥) he's a very lustful kid , and will be a big blushy mess around anyone he thinks is cute . emm has a crush on pretty much everyone & hates unhappiness or pessimism . "if you're gonna do something , do it with a positive feeling . it'll really help if you dont worry so much doll !"

        style ` emmanuel likes to keep his hair out of his face as he is on the go a lot and doesn't have time to style it like he would love to . mainly keeping it in a braid , he twists & chews on his hair a lot -- especially when he's thinking hard about something . emm has never been one to dress up , so he usually settles for his robes and a brown leather satchel .

        background ` when emmanuel was a child , he loved to tell stories . he loved to embellish . exaggerate . but the one thing he loved more than anything in the whole world was his mother . now , emmanuel's mother caught a terminal illness when she was 36 years old and only had a few months to live . this concept was never understood by emm , and he was convinced that "mommy was just sick" . his mother adored listening to emmanuel tell his stories . she always thought he was so creative & unique . emmanuel was 11 at the time and coming to terms with his sexuality , so needless to say he had a lot of pent up emotions & had many stories to share . so , he stood at his mother's bedside and told her any story she wanted to hear without bore or tire ; knowing only the feeling of over-bearing exhaustion at the end of each day . the morning his mother passed was the worst day of emm's life . everything he once cared about meant nothing if the light of his life had died . after days of crying , the doctors discovered something his mother had been writing in a notepad . scrawled into the page was everything she was going to tell emmanuel , specifically that she needs him to carry on with his live regardless of her absence . she knows he's mourning . she knows it'll take some time . and she also knows that he is a strong kid , & can overcome even the hardest struggles . "you have brought so much happiness into my life . from the moment you opened your eyes i loved you more than anything i have ever loved . now , it's time for you to do what's best and carry on . i can't trap you in grief forever ." and with the courage from his late mother's words , emmanuel bounced back stronger than ever . he now spreads his stories far and wide , hoping to keep the memory of his mother alive in his heart forever . ♥

        his home ` emm has always been on the go his whole life . travelling to faraway places to tell his stories & living his life to "the full potential" are the things mainly keeping him from doing so . but , sadly the problems lie much deeper than that . emmanuel has really , really bad trust issues . the last time he got attached to anyone , which was his mother , they were taken away from him suddenly . so , to avoid scarring his continence further , he generally tries not to set roots or settle down anywhere out of fear & nervousness . the last thing he wants is to cause grief like he went through for someone else . though this may be just mindless fears , the fact that he still mourns his late mother is blinding him .

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