mY chILd by zakuro.

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mY chILd

Postby zakuro. » Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:15 am

    ahdjsakhd i'm so happy to own this kid !!! tomorrow !! ♥

    name ` faith "faithy"
    gender ` transboy (ftm)
    orientation ` homosexual & polyamorous

    taken by denki

    the goodest good boy you've ever seen

    -plays bass guitar
    -visits the beach every day @ sunset
    -talks kind of slowly
    -has a deep love for the ocean & it's creatures
    -he'll smack you if you litter
    -super friendly , usually acts younger than he is/looks
    -can be super hard on themselves @ times
    -gets really protective if you mean a lot to him
    -wears glasses sometimes because contacts scare him
    -super anxious in large crowds
    -tbh just a huge introvert
    -loves snuggling & watching movies w his bf

    usually wears something like this (right) with ripped jeans , as well as his glasses & a lip piercing
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