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Icon 3: RIVERSONG by TatteredFangs

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Artist TatteredFangs [gallery]
Time spent 5 minutes
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Postby TatteredFangs » Wed Feb 24, 2021 8:32 am

Runic Translator I'm using: Click
Uppercase breaks it, so use lowercase letters :]

I'm having fun doing these icons ngl,, writing out the runes on oekaki is rather fun.
This one is for Riversong.

lore incase you want it,, Ill be giving lore kind of throughout these posts:

The name of this large kingdom has been changed a few times in it's history. It's original name was "The Kingdom of River's Bells", but later changed to "River's Song", and then finally set as "Riversong". The name comes from the fact those who resided in the kingdom could sometimes hear a large bell chiming from across the ocean. The ocean was at first thought to be a great wide river, that brought water to all the galaxies. It was only discovered to be an ocean after someone had crossed it after the kingdom was named. The bell part is referring to the "Sun Bell" in Lightningview. Lightningview is across the great ocean, and as stated before, out of view from Riversong. All they could hear is the chiming of the bell every morning. Hence the name "River's Song" being acquired.

The three symbols on it's flag/symbol/crest symbolize the 3 figured often displayed in the Kingdom's ancient art and writing. it's said to tell a story of a forgotten past. But nobody knows for sure.
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