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Cedar Warmbloods | Advertising |

Postby SnowRunners » Tue Apr 02, 2019 7:36 am

Main Thread

Welcome to the advertising thread! Here, you may advertise any horses you want to re-home, any stud/broods and you can ask other people permission as to whether you can use their horse for breedings.
Any stud/brood ads must have a link to the horse, as well as a price. Please refer to the 'breedings' thread that is linked on the main page that states everything you need to know.


You may post your import prices here and whether you are open to founders or not. Anybody who begs for CWs from you should be reported to me or a moderator.

Only post another ad once a new page has been made. No double posting. Keep all of your ads on one post.
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Re: Cedar Warmbloods | Advertising |

Postby Knives. » Tue Apr 02, 2019 9:24 am

Knives. wrote:
here lies the information regarding breedings and imports from Knives.

I m p o r t s : o p e n
base coats: brown, chestnut/sorrel, black, bay.
dilutions: cream/pearl, champagne, dun.
patterns: tobiano, overo, tovero, roan, (leopard, few spot, snowcap, spotted blanket, varnish roan) appaloosa, rabicano, sabino, splash, dominant white.
extras: flaxen, gray, sooty, silver
others: belton, birdcatcher, grease/bend-or spots

    simple------15c$ or any one rare 2015 or earlier pet.
      - one base coat
      - face and leg white
    basic------20c$ or any one rare 2015 or earlier pet.
      - palomino, buckskin, basic paints, solid dun, roan.
      - basic dapples
    detailed------30c$ or any two rares 2015 or earlier pets.
      - cremello, basic champagnes, spotted blanket or snowcap appaloosa, roan paint, sooty, pearl or perlino.
    moderate------40c$ or any two very rares 2015 or earlier pets.
      - most pintaloosa, loud paints, tovero, fewspot, leopard, or snowflake appaloosa, elaborate champagnes, double dilute duns
      - small somatic mutation
    complex------50c$ or any combination of 3 rare/very rare 2015 or earlier pets.
      - elaborate pintaloosa, varnish roan appaloosa, sabino, dominant white, two coat chimera
      + one free "other"
      - large somatic mutation

The Current Slots:
1. Blackhoeses - complete 2. --- 3.---

Post the following form on the main page to order an import from Knives.
I prioritize c$ payments.
Payment is due when I accept your form.
I am happy to give quotes on pricing, and prices may fluctuate depending on difficulty.
Do not send an inquiry about your unfinished import until one full week has passed.
Code: Select all
[b]i m p o r t .. k n i v e s[/b]
Horse's Name:
Show Name:
Phenotype/Coat Colour:
Leg Markings:
Face Markings:
Loose / Braided Mane:

B r e e d i n g s : o p e n
keep in mind
SnowRunners wrote:- Stallions may breed 3 times a week.
- Mares can breed once a week.
- You may breed with another person's horse, but both people must pm me (or any other artist) or post on the main thread stating that you have both agreed.
- Stallions can go up for stud and the owner may pick the price (no real currency).
- Mares can go up for brood and the owner will pick the price (no real currency).
- Please post any studs/broods on the advertising thread when necessary.

The Current Slots:
1. --- 2. --- 3.---

Post the following form on the main page to order a breeding from Knives.
All breedings are currently free, I will claim forms on the main thread.
You can suggest certain patterns to be passed down, like a sire's leg white and dam's facial pattern.
Do not send an inquiry about your unfinished breeding until one full week has passed.
* you must have a stable or storage page in order to breed these warmbloods *
Code: Select all
[b]b r e e d i n g .. k n i v e s[/b]
Sire's link:
Dam's link:
Storage/Stable link:
Suggestions: (like dam's blaze, sire's pattern, gender suggestion)
Any Notes:

f o u n d e r s : o p e n
SnowRunners wrote:Founders are similar to free customs. New members may request 1 free founder to start off their stable. Founders may only have simple patterns / dilutions. You may only choose from a marking (tobiano, overo, tovero, appaloosa) or a dilution. Any face markings must be specific as well as leg markings. The form below must be filled out and posted on this thread.

- Founders can be sold or traded to somebody else, but you may not receive another one.

Code: Select all
Founder's Show Name:
Stable Name:
Base Coat:
Pattern / Dilution:
Face Markings:
Leg Markings:
Braided / Loose Mane:
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Cedar Warmbloods | Advertising |

Postby estelle- » Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:01 am

est's founders and imports

    I am closed for founders. Post on the main page.

    Imports: - closed
    Post a completed form on the main page.
    Send chosen payment when form is accepted.
    If you choose to name your horse later,
    ...remember to post it on the horse's page.
    Code: Select all
    [b]Import Form | estelle-[/b]
    [b]Horse's Name:[/b]
    [b]Show Name:[/b]
    [b]Base Coat:[/b]
    [b]Leg Markings:[/b]
    [b]Face Markings:[/b]
    [b]Loose / Braided Mane:[/b]

    Import Prices:
    Basic: base coat and one dilution or marking
    Unique: base coat and three dilutions/markings
    Exotic: base coat and unlimited dilutions/markings
    Chimera: two base coats, three dilutions/markings per coat

    Basic: 15 C$ or 2011 rare
    Unique: 25 C$ or 2010 rare or 2x 2011 rare
    Exotic: 45 C$ or 2009 rare or 2x 2010 rare
    Chimera: 60 C$ or 2008 rare or 2x 2009 rare

    Base coats are any shade of:
    Chestnut, Black, Seal Brown, Bay, Wild Bay
    Markings: have you any mercy, no manchado, please
    Leg/Face markings do not count towards tier limits
    Dilutions do include duns, champs, greys, etc. They
    ...do not count as bases in this case.
    Any extra requests. For example, dominant for extension [EE].

    Staff members who wish me to do a monthly custom
    should indicate so in notes, and are exempt payment.



    Breedings: - closeds
    Post a completed form on the main page.
    Be sure each horse has an updated stable.
    My breedings are always free, and fcfs.
    I only accept breedings with my user!
    Opening Types:
    ...Limited slots
    ...Limited time
    ......-unlimited slots for a few hours

    1. .
    2. .

    Code: Select all
    [b]Breeding Form | estelle-[/b]
    [b]Sire's Link:[/b]
    [b]Dam's Link:[/b]
    [b]Storage/Stable Links:[/b]

    Things I should know going in, or small requests.
    Ex's: if rolls for overo, in same style as dam's | blaze like sire
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Good.Pointe's Corner

Postby Good.Pointe » Tue Apr 02, 2019 10:10 am

My Founder Claims are currently: OPEN - closed
My Imports are currently: open - CLOSED (while figuring out pricing)
My Breedings are currently: open - CLOSED

Founder Information | Import Information | Breeding Information

Please post all forms on the main thread. If you have a question or concern about your request, please PM me.

This post is a WIP while I figure out some coding and pricing.
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Hooves' Studding & Leasing || Search

Postby HowlingHooves » Sun May 19, 2019 2:36 pm

    B&N Cedar Warmbloods is currently seeking new stock!
    Do you have a stallion or mare that fit any of the following?
    Please contact HowlingHooves to discuss prices or trades.
    This is an on-going breeding search! Not a horse trade.

    + Cream (any dominance) ♥♥
    + Perlino/Perlino Dun ♥♥♥
    + Silver Bays ♥♥
    + Roans ♥♥♥♥
    + Sooty ♥♥♥
    + Champagne ♥♥♥
    + Overo ♥
    + Tobiano ♥♥
    + Snowflake, Fewspot, Varnish Roan
    + Grease Spots

    - Gold Champagne
    - Dominant Seals
    - Sabino
    - Silver Black
    - Dominant Greys
    - Snowcap, Semi/Leopard Appaloosa
    - Dunalino (other duns are a-okay!)
    - Chimerics
    Need a stud?
    Looking for a broodmare to lease?

    B&N Cedar Warmbloods currently has both stud and mares available.
    If interested, please send a personal inquiry to HowlingHooves
    via CS PM or via DM for more information.

    Current prices are:
    Stud Services:
    Branch - 2c$ or 2 WL UC
    Thorn - 2c$ or 2 WL UC
    Aegis - 4c$ or 1 WL Rare

    Leasing Services:
    Judge - 4c$ or 1 WL Rare
    Sarah - 2c$ or 2 WL UC

    All prices are open to a foal trade, rather than listed price.
    All customs are priced at 4c$/1 WL Rare; adopts 2c$/2 WL UC.
    Exceptions to this will be rare, non-genome markers. (Manchado, etc.)
    Chimerics, if any, will never be placed up for services.
    This means a total of four slots will be used up!
    Two from the stallion, two from the mare.
    Received slots will be used promptly.

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