RPW Off Oekaki Customs

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RPW Off Oekaki Customs

Postby Nodell » Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:30 pm

      --This page is for those that create customs off oekaki/can't create a cover for them under the custom thread! We will be using this to help track customs and add them to the custom archive. Whenever you create a custom off oekaki please fill out a form here! Please note that you don't have to post a form here if you created the RPW before this was created, this is just from here on out. It would, however, be super helpful for me if you did update any old ones. The section about the 'proof of approval' isn't required for any old customs you may want to update, though!

      Code: Select all
      Username -
      Name + image of RPW -
      Proof of approval - (required for new customs, if it's an older custom ignore this part)
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