How to report efficiently

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How to report efficiently

Postby Sorren Fey » Sat Mar 30, 2013 1:48 am

Please remember:
    The rules of the site and forum can be found here: help
    Many boards have their own rules as well so be sure to check all stickied topics.
First please understand what the purpose of reporting a post is for. Reporting is a simple way for users to alert the moderators and admins to things that are breaking CS rules

1. Reporting a post
2. Reporting a PM
3. Reporting a profile
4. Reporting a trade (PM or profile)
5. Sending a help ticket
6. What happens when I report something?
7. When not to send a report

Reporting a post
To report a post, please look to the top line above that post. It is located between the topic title and the users' name. The link for reporting is an image, and it looks like this:
You should report a post if:
    Someone is breaking a rule on the site or forum.
    Someone is posting art that is not their own.
    Someone is posting personal information like their age, full name, location or a picture of themselves.
    Someone is insulting other users and/or just generally being rude.
    Someone is using harsh swears, even starred out.
    The post is causing an argument or belittling others.
    You want a thread moved or locked.
    A person is begging for free pets in a thread.
    The post is spam.
If you don't know what counts as spam, please read this topic:

When the box comes up with why this post is being reported, try and explain yourself--don't leave the text area blank. If we don't understand why you are reporting the post, how do we know you didn't just accidentally click the button? Give all the information you could possibly give; if you report something for art theft, please tell us which image you believe is stolen, and where it came from.

While not every reported post will be edited or deleted, it is still helpful if users take the time to point out things that we may have otherwise overlooked.

Reporting a PM
Another reason you may need to report something is because someone has sent you an inappropriate private message. Please do not hesitate to report PMs that you believe break the rules.
You should report a PM if:
    Someone is insulting you or swearing at you.
    Someone is sending you advertisements for an auction/art shop/roleplay/etc.
    Someone is sending you explicit messages that are not family friendly.
    Someone is continually harassing you and will not leave you alone.
If you have reported a PM or post, DO NOT REPLY. There's no use to further fuel an argument and get yourself in trouble! Block them and ignore them.

If someone continues to pm you after you have clearly (but politely) asked them to leave you alone, please block them! Blocked users are not able to pm you as long as you tick the "Allow everybody except users on your blocklist to send you private messages" option found at the bottom of your blocked users list. You can allow blocked users to PM you if you wish by selecting "Allow everybody to send you private messages " instead. To block only certain members from pming you, you can set up a rule in your inbox. Click the 'Rules, folders & settings' tab at left hand and set up the rule as follows:

If 'Sender' -> 'is' -> enter username -> 'Delete message'

Reporting a profile
We also have the ability to report a person's profile. This is especially helpful if they have inappropriate content on their signature, avatar, or interests. To report someone's profile, the button is right under their interests:
You should report a profile if:
    Someone has listed their age, full name, or picture of themselves on it.
    Someone has inappropriate content in their interests or signature.
    Someone is using art that is not theirs in their signature.
    Someone has inappropriate pet names
    Someone is sending you rude messages in trades and you do not receive trade PMs.
Please give as much information as possible. If the user is being rude in PMs, report the PMs rather than their profile please.

Sending a help ticket
If you need help for another reason a great thing to do is send in a Help Ticket to get faster help. These are sent to a waiting area where staff can talk with you directly about issues you may have with another user, a feature on the site, or if you just need a bit of help. This is a much better way to get help than PMing a moderator as your request will be dealt with much faster! The staff member you send a PM to might not know or be able to help you, it's easier to just send in a help ticket.
You should send in a help ticket if:
    You're unsure of the rules and need a hand.
    You accidentally traded a pet away: what can and cannot be reversed.
    You want your account deleted.
    You would like to request a username change and the name is already taken.
    You are COPPA'd and you need to report something.
    Someone is begging for free pets continually and will not stop through trades.
Please keep in mind this is for CS help. We cannot help you solve problems on other sites or in real life unless they also exist here.

When you report something or send in a help ticket, include as much information as you can. The more the better! Need a trade reversed? Include the 'share trade' link to the trade. Someone is bullying you? Link us to their profile and any messages/posts they've made where they're being a bully. A report which only says that something is stolen isn't very helpful because we have to dig to get more information. The more information you give us the faster we can deal with the problem.

What happens when I report?
Now you may be wondering what exactly happens when you report something; reported posts and PMs go to a place where all mods can see them. Profile reports and help tickets go to a queue where they are sorted depending on which staff group can best handle it. Admins can see every ticket, while admin assistants can see everything from their category down. This means that global moderators see both oekaki and roleplay tickets and general helper tickets.

When not to report something
Keep in mind some things do not need reporting.
You should NOT report if:
    A thread is already locked.
    The problem has been dealt with.
    There is nothing wrong with the post and you are just mad at the member.
    A user has blocked you.

So, I hope everyone is willing to keep this board a happy and wonderful place. And do remember that children view this site quite often, so try and keep everything child-friendly! With everyone working together we can keep the forum happy and eliminate anything which violates the rules.
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