-Maniacal laugher-

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-Maniacal laugher-

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon Nov 19, 2018 12:41 pm

Because I want to die. link back to thread

rosemarrie wrote:

the beginning of the end / seek and destroy / satisfied / fortune favors the brave / here's to the fools / trust / way down we go/circling the drain /redemption / we are the wild/ "Look me in the eye. Say it to my face." / crawl / bones / equinox /eclipsed / thunder in their eyes/ frailties / a space between / the moon is dead / one step at a time / electric gold / breakdown / vulnerability < stone cold / fire away / one the edge of the world / as we knew it/ deep/ "Do it." / cyan / equilibrium / the eye of the beholder / surface /too many ticks, not enough tocks / breach / thanatophobia / turning pages / she has a wild look in her eyes / from riches to rags / fever / a thousand, tiny little pieces / victory / "Breathe." / vertigo / never speak / cloudy with a chance of catastrophe / survival /raw / starstruck, earthbound / we depend on you / the wolves will always call you back / pine / godforsaken / "I know! I know, okay?"/ mine/ dead fall /no one, nowhere /shake/ glory / ephemeral / hello /goodbye / intricate /end game / shoot for the moon (even if you miss you'll probably float in space for a while). /a lifetime / what do i do?/ beings / lost world / obsidian / sleepy head / gemini vibes / thy body is thy temple / amethyst / </error> / how did we get here?/ if only for a moment / bring you back down /light / sanctimonious / these walls will build my casket / creeping suspicion / purity / roots like the trees / technicolor / taken /drop / a fire inside it/ wash / it will come / beg / petals over their eyes / listen close / throw down your aces / cliff edge / approaching / the last of us / if i could do it again / one more time / finally
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Tue Nov 20, 2018 5:25 am

/the beginning of the end
456 words
Spindrift shot through the heavy wet air, the humid atmosphere seeming to drag him down. He dodged through the trees, metal wings scraping off the bark, because even with his tiny wingspan, he couldn't avoid the trunks. But didn't slow down. He barely even processed how fast he was going as he searched through the foliage, trying to find someone, anyone. How had even he gotten separated from them? He'd been right next to Brontide, when suddenly the whole team seemed to disappear into the trees.
He thought he saw a flicker of movement beneath him and unthinkingly swerved and made towards it at full speed.
Brontide grunted in surprise as Spindrift flew full speed into him. The young Vive fell backwards and looked up at him, blinking dazedly.
"I suppose you're alone?"
"Yeah," Spindrift stood up, brushing leaves and dirt from his armor "I...got a bit lost."
"As did everyone else it seems."
Spindrift looked around and realized that they were indeed alone.
"Are we going to go look for them?"
"Not yet," Brontide turned, crossing his arms over his chest "You have to do something first."
"What?" Spindrift peeked around Brontide's leg "Oh Seventh...is that?"
"It's the door and I've opened it, but-"
"You're too big," Spindrift stared at the circular stone door cut into the mound of earth, he might be able to just fit without ducking his head.
"Yes. So," Brontide looked down "You'll have to go."
"What!? By myself?"
Spindrift began to shiver, his wings making squeaking noises as they rubbed against each other "But, it's dark."
Brontide held out a small hand-held light and Spindrift took it, trying to turn it on with his trembling fingers. After several attempts to turn it on, he finally succeeded and took a tiny step towards the dark opening. He glanced back at Brontide, who was glaring at him, arms crossed.
Spindrift took in a deep breath and forced himself to march out of the sunlight into the dark, wings flattened tightly against his back.
Brontide counted the seconds until the formling reappeared, no longer hold the flashlight, but held a metal box carved with circular runes clutched against his chest.
"I...I got it," he panted and held it out to Brontide "This...this is it, right? This is the last piece?"
Brontide almost smiled as he took the box "It is, Spindrift. This is the last piece."
"That means the war could almost be over, right?"
Brontide nodded and started walking.
"What's it like? Peace?" Spindrift opened his wings and flew alongside the much larger Vive.
"It's..." Brontide paused thoughtfully "You'll like it Spindrift. To have peace is to live without fear."
"That sounds nice," Spindrift smiled "I can't wait."
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Tue Nov 20, 2018 5:27 am

/ seek and destroy
497 words
"Sir, Tulric," Brontide could barely stagger onto the bridge, his body was broken and aching, his sword seems unchararistically heavy "Settica has been located on the moon Everyia."
"Fine fine, have you located Vectora?"
"Vectora? I wasn't aware she was missing."
"Missing? Missing!? She's defected you idiot! Turned her back on us!"
Brontide closed his eyes for a long second. He couldn't believe that. Even as the planet beneath him crumbled to dust, she would have been as loyal as he.
"I do not know her location."
"Then find it! I will not tolerate this outrageous disrespect!"
"You do not want me to pursue Settica?"
The whole room froze as Brontide questioned Tulric's orders.
"How dare you?" Tulric whipped the flat of his hand against Brontide's face with a metallic clang "How dare you question me?!"
Brontide didn't even flinch beneath the blow and he bowed respectfully "My apologies, sir. I will go immediately."
"Yes. Of course you will. When you find the traitor, don't bother bringing her back, there will be no trial her judgment has already been passed. Kill her the minute you lay eyes on her."
"...As you command."
Brontide drifted silently down the dark halls, blocking out the sounds of the plague sticken, coughing, sobbing, dying. He could do nothing for them and they were not his concern. He stopped at an open door and looked in. The familiar figure crouched, her back to him. She still wore the cloak, that symbol of her station that she no longer deserved.
"Easy, young one," Vectora crooned, cradled the struggling formling in her arms "Yes, yes, it will be alright."
Brontide paused as he heard the formling cough.
"I'm going to die aren't I?"
"No, no Spindrift, you are not. Keep breathing, keep the air flowing, you will feel better soon."
Spindrift's back arched as he went into a coughing fit. His eyes traveled past Vectora, to the figure in the doorway.
"I... I don't think I like peace," Spindrift whispered, before going limp in Vectora's arms.
Vectora turned, taking Brontide in with an impassive face, the sword gripped in his hand, the hunch of his shoulders.
Their eyes met and they held each other's gaze for a long moment.
"If you've come, then do it quickly," she said coldly.
"Brontide? I'm scared," Spindrift was barely conscious, too far gone to realize what was going on around him "Brontide, you said it'd be better after the war was over."
Vectora let the silence hang between them. Waiting for Brontide to make his decision.
He sheathed his sword and knelt next to her, tentatively reaching for Spindrift "Will he survive?"
"I do not know," she whispered, letting him take the formling from her "Hold him. Make sure he keeps breathing and he might survive."
"Where are you going?"
"I can help others," she stood up "Brontide. Are you going to stay?"
He paused a long minute, Tulric's orders echoing in his mind.
"Yes. Vectora. I am."
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Tue Nov 20, 2018 5:29 am

/ satisfied
567 words
"No! No! You can't do that!"
Aveth froze in the middle of laying down his compad "Wh...what?"
"You have to stop leaving this laying around!" Kwet snatched the compad out of his hand "If you're done using it, put it on the recharge station!"
"I was only going to put it down for a minute Kwet, I didn't want to walk all the way across the room when I was going to use it again."
"Well it's too late, I've put it in the recharge station. It was at three percent you weren't going to be using it much longer anyway."
"...Okay." Aveth stared at him in concern for several seconds. Kwet stared back at him, then looked down at the recharge station. He stared at it too, then began to fidget with it, trying to make it perfectly straight.
"Are you feeling alright Kwet?"
"Yes," Kwet had turned around completely and was fussing with the station.
"Okay, could you stop...stop moving the station around?"
"I'm just straightening it," Kwet stepped back, then shook his head and started straightening it again.
"Okay, you straightened it, Kwet, it's fine...Kwet stop...Kwet please stop...Kwet..." Aveth wrapped his hands around Kwet's shoulders and pulled the smaller Vive away from the counter "You're done."
"But...but... It's not perfect!"
"It doesn't have to be, it's fine, you're being a little crazy."
"I am not," Kwet writhed out of Aveth's grip "I am not crazy."
"Not actually crazy Kwet, but you're obviously restless, this whole business with the hospital is really bothering you isn't it?"
"Of course it is! You can't just close a hospital! Are they insane?" Kwet flung his arms into the air.
"It's only a few days for maintenance."
"Maintenance," Kwet spat "My left wing."
"Why would they lie?"
"I..." Kwet paused "I don't know. But I'm sure they are."
"Wh..." Aveth shook his head "Don't you have some unholy invention to be concocting?"
"I... No... I finished everything I can think of."
"You've had a single cycle and you're going absolutely insane."
"Well, what am I suppose to do!?"
Aveth held up a finger, cutting off whatever Kwet was about to go on about next. He caught him by the arm and practically dragged him over to the couch face the window.
Kwet did as he was told, completely mystified as his friend retrieved his commpad and sat next to him.
"Uh, now what?"
"Watch the clouds out the window, take a nap. You've finished all your projects and you don't have to do anything else. Just... take advantage of a bit of free time."
Kwet fidgeted, his fingers tapping on his knee "But I could be working on something else. I'm sure I've got something I should be doing."
"No. Kwet. Aren't you ever satisfied with what you've done? Do you always have to be working on something? Can't you just be happy that you've finished?"
Kwet gave him a look like he was insane.
"Alright, fine, can't you just sit for 15 minutes?"
Kwet folded his arms and leaned back "Fine. 10 minutes, then I'm going to find something productive to do."
"15 minutes."
"11 minutes."
"12 minutes and 30 seconds."
Kwet snickered and rolled his eyes "Fine. But I'm counting."
"Whatever," Aveth started reading again. A minute later he stood up.
"Hey, where are you going?"
"Uh," Aveth gave him a sheepish look "It died."
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Re: -Maniacal laughter -

Postby Ranger of the North » Tue Nov 20, 2018 9:12 pm

Spindrift, nooo :cry:
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:19 pm

/ fortune favors the brave
532 words
"So...So we're just going to leave? What about everyone else?"
"We'll take any of those who want to come with us, from either side," Brontide paused as he realized Spindrift was struggling to keep up with him and with a sweep of his arm, pulled the panting formling off the ground and settled him on his shoulder.
Spindrift wrapped his arms around Brontide's head to keep himself steady and rested his chin against the top of his helmet "But where are we going to go?"
"I'm not positive, but it will be far Spindrift."
"How far? What if we don't find somewhere safe?"
"We will keep going until we do," Brontide answered. He stepped into the lift and started to help Spindrift down from his shoulder. Spindrift clung tighter and wrapped his legs around Brontide's neck.
"Who's coming with us?"
"Besides Vectora I'm not sure."
"What if it's just the three of us?"
"Then it will be just the three of us. But I believe we won't be alone."
The lift stopped and Brontide stepped out and let Spindrift stay perched on his shoulders.
They passed through another set of doors and suddenly they'd become the center of attention.
Brontide recognized some of the faces; Trance and Tikker, Soroal the medic, Nara Syne, Nacarat. Others he did not know, though he would soon.
Vectora greeted them with a bow of her head and Brontide nodded back.
"This is everyone?" He asked.
She nodded again.
He met every eye with a cold gaze "Then everyone understands what we are doing."
"We're getting out of here," Tikker stood up on her seat "Even though we have no clue where we're going."

"To put it simply, yes," Brontide replied as Trance pulled Tikker back down "One thing more- the war is over. What you wear on your wings has no meaning anymore. If you foresee any issues with being able to get along with someone who you once knew as an enemy, then you should leave now."
No one so much as twitched a wing.
"We know that," Trance said quietly "We wouldn't be here if we didn't."
For once, everyone seemed to agree with each other.
"Well, if we're not going to shoot each other, can we get going now?" Nara Syne asked, waving her hand in the air.
"Yes, if everyone is prepared," Brontide started to turn and stopped when he saw who was standing behind him in the doorway. He started to bow, then remembered Spindrift was still sitting on his shoulders. Instead he half extended his wings and nodded his head.
"No, Brontide, please, you owe me nothing," Settica was clutching the wall to stay standing, her wings dragging against the floor "Please, all of you, don't-" everyone had stood up now "I've only come to wish you farewell and goodluck..." she paused for breath "We probably all believe many different things, so I'll just say this, may fortune favor you, brave ones and may it spare you any more pain."
"We thank you," Brontide replied "And we wish you the same."
"Well, thanks and whatnot," Nacarat stood up, a small travel kit in her hand "If that's all, let's go."
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Wed Nov 21, 2018 12:20 pm

/ here's to the fools
Lily sipped reluctantly at the white froth coating the dark liquid in her cup. It was hardly her drink of choice, it was bitter and left a tang beneath her tongue, but it wasn't too bad.
She smiled at the sound of familliar footsteps tromping through the hall and Martin came through the cabin door, teacup in hand.
"What are you drinking?" He asked before he'd even sat down.
"Stuff," she answered, taking a larger sip, slurping.
He sniffed, wrinkling his nose "Disgusting. How much have you had?"
"As of right now, about one-eighth of a cup," she nodded towards his teacup "How much of that have you had?"
"Doesn't matter, I'm not going to get drunk on rosehip tea."
"Well, I am not going to get drunk on a small cup of ale."
"Why are you drinking that anyway?" He sat across from her, setting his teacup down with a clink.
"Just to celebrate I guess."
"Celebrate what? Oh that's right, it's today, isn't it?"
She laughed "I forgot too, until just now."
"Are you supposed to give gifts on wedding anniversaries? I can't remeber."
"So that's three years, no big deal."
He laughed "I think it's a fairly big deal. "Congratulations, you two fools aren't dead yet." He held up his cup for emphasis.
She laughed with him "Good enough for me, Captain Rosehip. Since we're both drinking, how about a toast?"
"Alright, to what?"
"Hmm," she stared at him thoughtfully, then raised her wooden tumbler "To the fools."
"Us fools, or fools in general?"
"Fools in general."
"Alright then," he held out his cup "Here's to the fools."
"To the fools."
Wood and china thunked against each other.
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Re: -Maniacal laughter -

Postby   yennefer » Thu Nov 22, 2018 9:41 am

      hmmmnn share some talent with me, please?
      i always enjoy reading your prose. ♥


yen ━ she/her ━ adult ━ lesbian ━ writer ━ hufflepuff ━ ♍
please hang tight while i figure out some chronic illness stuff
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Re: -Maniacal laughter -

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:18 am

Talent? What talent? But thank you, it's nice to know people enjoy reading my little dribbles.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Nov 24, 2018 12:06 am

/ trust
1,237 words
A scream rang out through the corridor and a massive shudder ran through the whole freighter.
Veem and Tovoth were on their feet instantly and almost collided. Tovoth stopped and Veem stepped through. The overhead lights flickered violently, casting wild shadows.
"What's going on?" Veem called out as several other passengers tried to shove past them "Are we being attacked?"
Only one of them stopped- Tovoth didn't recognize the species- her eyes wide with terror "No! The navigation malfunctioned and steered us into an asteroid field!"
There was another crash and the alien dashed off.
"Is that bad?"
"Is that bad? Well they aren't running around, screaming because they're happy. Hurry, get your things, we have to get to the escape pods."
"Wait, how is it a good idea to get into a smaller craft when there's giant floating space rocks outside?"
"Less to hit, more manueverability," Tovoth snagged his travel kit and back out the door "Hurry."
"I'm right behind you... You do know where to go, right?"
"Yes, yes," Tovoth led the way down the corridor, confident despite the stuttering lights.
"What's that?" Aveth asked as they came around the first corner.
"It's not important," Tovoth didn't pause, but quickened his step, the eerie metalic moan sending pulses of panic through his Light.
"It's getting louder."
"I said it's not important, hurry up," Tovoth was all but sprinting now, his wings half-flared, giving him an extra bit of propulsion.
The lights began to pop, sending showers of sparks bouncing off their backs. The moan turned to a splintering crack.
Tovoth glanced at the wall where the sound was coming from. His eyes widened as he saw the growing stress fractures spreading through the metal.
The wall burst in a blast of smoke and bright light. Shards of metal sprayed through the air, forcing Veem to fling up his hands to protect his face.
When he lowered them all he could see was the rent plating that had been the wall. No Tovoth.
"Veem! Veem help me!"
At the cry, Veem began to wade through the debris "Where are you?"
"I'm -agh- over here."
Veem peered over a heavy metal spar and saw Tovoth pinned against the wall.
"Hang on, I'll be right there," Veem wrapped his hands around the spar, intending to pull it out of the way. But he jumped backwards almost immedaitly, shouting and waving his hands.
"What are you doing!?"
"There's a current running through it. I can't move it Tovoth."
Veem could see the utter terror in Tovoth's glazing eyes and his whole body stiffened.
"Listen," Veem tried to keep his voice as calm as possible "I think I saw a matinence port just down the hall. If I can access it, then I'll be able to shut down the current and move the spar, okay?"
"No! No, don't leave, please!" Tovoth struggled harder, trying to free himself, ignoring the pain as his broken armor dug into his skin "Are you sure you can't move it?"
"I'm sorry, I can't. I promise, it will only be a minute."
Tovoth choked back a sob as Veem turned and darted off. He wasn't going to come back. He was going to save his own skin and Tovoth couldn't blame him. Tears pricked his eyes as he continued to struggle, trying to pry himself out.
Another loud groan ran through the ship and he could feel the shudder run up through his legs.
He closed his eyes, focusing on breathing as the pain became overwhelming.
He opened them as he heard a click and realized the overhead lights had gone off. There was only a faint glow from the emergency bioluminescence bulbs installed in the floor.
Veem's silhouette emerged from the dark "Found it. I should be able to move this now."
Experimentally he touched the spar and when it didn't shock him, he wrapped his arms around it and heaved it out of the way.
"You...you.." Tovoth stuttered.
"Sorry, it took longer than I meant, the panel was damaged," Veem curled his fingers around the charred, splintered edges of the hull plating, and with a strained groan of effort, he peeled it away from Tovoth's wing and shoulder.
The doctor collapsed to his knees, clutching his injured arm to his chest while his bent wing dragged at an awkward behind him.
"Tovoth? Tovoth can you stand?"
Gasping through the tears, Tovoth shook his head.
"Alright...uhh..." Veem looked around as if he expected to see someone who'd give him instructions "Oh Teeth, what do I do?"
Tovoth could barely even hear him, let alone focus enough to try and give him an answer.
"Okay, okay," Veem tried to pull himself together "Hold still okay?"
Tovoth barely had enough time to wonder what he was talking about before Veem had picked him up. He shrieked as his injured wing bashed against Veem's leg, then went limp.
Veem hesitated, but made up his mind and started walking, trying to keep his pace as even as possible.
"Tovoth? Do I go left or right?"
Tovoth tried to lift his head and squinted at the haze of dark and light "W...what?"
"Left or right, which way to the escape pods?"
"L...left," Tovoth had no idea.
Several interminable minutes passed with Tovoth wishing he was unconscious. He felt Veem set him down with an agonizing jolt, but he didn't even have the energy left to cry out.
He heard pistons hiss and Veem scooped him back up, no less gentle than before.
"Hey Tovoth?" Veem's voice was shaking "You have your heat scanner and cube, right?"
"You're starting to lose Light," Veem said hoarsly.
"Make it stop!" Tovoth started to struggle and Veem put him down "Stop, make it stop!"
"I need a heat scanner!"
"Travel kit, in my travel kit," he watched as Veem pulled out the medical instrument "Do you remember...?"
"Yeah, I remember how to do it, just hold still," Veem pressed one hand against Tovoth's shoulder and with the other extricated a shard of fractured armor, earning a pained groan from the doctor "Sorry."
Then he began to go through the familiar motions of slowly passing the heat scanner back and forth until the skin sealed over.
As some of the pain began to dull Tovoth's head cleared a little and he looked around "Where are we?"
"In one of the escape pods, but it hasn't ejected yet," Veem stood up "Uh oh."
"What? What does that mean?"
"There's something wrong, I think something's jammed."
"Can you fix it?"
"I think so," Veem tried to open them doors "Or maybe not."
"Now what?"
"The doors have sealed. We can't get out."
"So we're stuck in here, but we haven't ejected from the freighter."
"Have you activated the locator signal?"
"The what?"
Tovoth didn't have the energy to spare to roll his eyes "Locator signal, so if anyone's out there, they can come find us."
"What's the point even? We're in the middle of an asteroid field, the signal won't broadcast far enough."
"Yes, it will, we're near a main shipping quadrant. Besides...things like this happen all the time, they send out patrols."
"Really," not really.
There was almost no chance. But it was better than doing absolutely nothing. Also it'd put Veem's mind at ease if he thought they'd be rescued at any minute.
Tovoth sighed and closed his eyes.
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