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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon Feb 12, 2018 3:06 pm

Ahhhh someone stop me rriiightt now.
I changed some of them cause I wasn't really comfortable with all of them
The List
1. Paper airplane
2. Collecting dreams
3. Gum-ball machine
4. Living shadows
5. No enemies
6. Immortal for a day
7. Ice cream
8. Monster monster
9. Hospital murder
10. Underwater battle
11. School
12. Angels
13. Monsters
14. Flying pigs
15. Rules
16. The same day everyday
17. Opposite
18. Book in real life
19. Back in time
20. Honesty room
21. Magic mailbox
22. Into a video game
23. Become a superhero
24. Powers
25. Perfection doesn't exist
26. Surgery
27. Dragon raised by turkeys
28. Holiday disaster
29. Cupid missed
30. No gravity
31. Ghosts
32. Stranded
33. Perfect vacation
34. People are animals
35. No parents
36. Unlimited money
37. Killing a friend
38. One sentence story
39. Stuck in school
40. Party
41. Ancient evil
42. Birds
43. Forest fire
44. Canned unicorn meat
45. Stuck in a house with your crush
46. Love letter
47. Cemetery
48. Fruit ninja
49. Assassin
50. Living like a cat
51. Under the stars
52. First time camping
53. Amusement park
54. Rainstorm
55. Sailboat
56. Cherry blossoms
57. Dangerous sledding
58. Skydiving
59. Being poor
60. Beach
61. Pain
62. Coffee shop
63. Monster inside the closet
64. Dream pet
65. Playground
66. Being weird
67. Good at everything for a day
68. Internet in your brain
69. Breaking in
70. So much candy
71. The meaning of life
72. The fall of the human empire
73. Alive drawings
74. Wonderland
75. Swimming pool
76. Living on the streets
77. School play
78. Tick tock
79. The weather machine
80. Little kids
81. Madness
82. No more colors
83. A world with no emotions
84. Bonfire
85. Suit and tie
86. A Capella
87. Treasure hunt
88. Magic beanstalk
89. Alien abduction
90. Cinderella story
91. Moved to a new continent
92. Bad intentions
93. Baking cakes
94. If other animals acted like humans
95. Gateways to different dimensions
96. Screams in the dark
97. The stain that never goes away
98. Castle in the clouds
99. Royalty for a day
100. Giving up
101. Finish line
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Re: 101

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:15 am

66. Being weird
398 words
"You got another notification," Kwet called "Can't you turn the soud off or something?"
"Sorry," Aveth scooped up his personal communications pad "My sister's pestering me."
"Oh," Kwet said hollowly and returned to his work.
"Do you have the sound turned off on yours?" Aveth reached for Kwet's communications pad "It never goes off."
"Don't touch that!" Kwet shot to his feet and snatched it away from Aveth's reach "It's not yours."
"I know," Aveth pulled back "Hey, I was just wondering. Doesn't anyone ever call you?"
"Aveth stop."
"C'mon, you have to at least have parents. Don't you ever talk to them?"
"I said stop, Aveth," Kwet stormed back to his workbench, clutching the communications pad "Please."
"Okay, I didn't realize it was such a sore spot," Aveth backed off, his wings tight, his brow furrowed "I'm sorry."
"Hmph," Kwet didn't answer and he went back to working, pounding his tools loudly.

Aveth tried to forget it, told himself that it wasn't important or even any of his buisness, but it nagged at him, for several cycles and eventually without even meaning to, he mentioned it to Kaiveta.
"He's so touchy," she rolled her eyes.
"He never even gets any calls or messages from anyone. Then asked him about his parents and he nearly ripped my wings off."
Kaiveta stopped and stare at Aveth, eyes wide with surprise.
"Aveth... he doesn't have parents."
She tilted her head and blinked once "You didn't know? He's an orphan. A Neglected. Y'know, no memories of his parents whatsoever, stunted growth, difficulty creating emotional connections."
Aveth didn't say anything, his gaze dropping to his feet as he tried to comprehend what she was saying, his wings tightening against his back.
Vives had fully functioning cognitive recall within hours of first being formed. Meaning that their memories reached back to the first day of their life.
So if Kwet couldn't remember anything about his parents then... He must've been alone within minutes of being formed...

"I'm surprised you didn't know, I mean you've known him quite a while, right?" Kaiveta interuptted Aveth's thoughts.

"Yeah... I guess."
"And it's not that hard to tell, there's just something obviously wrong with him."
"He's bizarre. You just feel off balance around him, don't you?"
"No?" Aveth shifted on his feet "I... I should go, okay?"
"Yeah, sure, see ya!"
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Re: 101

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:16 am

35. No parents
951 words
Kwet was exhausted, his head ached and his wings were sore. He was already falling asleep when he pushed through the doors.
"Hey Kwet," Aveth was curled on a chair with his communications pad and he didn't look up.
"Hmm," Kwet returned the greeting and set the compressed data clips on the table "What's that?"
He pointed at a glass tablet laying on the opposite side of the table.
"Oh, it came in for you. Some sort of medical documents it looks like."
Kwet felt his core clench and he snagged the pad between trembling fingers. Everything inside him seemed to malfunction simultainiously as his eyes ran over the words. He jerked his head up to look at Aveth, who was staring too intently down at his tablet.
Kwet tried to speak but instead of words a scatching sound drug itself out of his throat.
Aveth looked up, then set his tablet aside and got to his feet "Kwet what's wrong? Are you sick?"
"Did you... did you read... this?"
"N-no, it's yours," nervously Aveth's wings half-extended, then seemed to lock as they hung halfway down his back.
"You didn't see anything? Not even by accident?"
"I... I..." the lie spluttered on the round edges of his lips, he desperatly wanted to push it out, for both their sakes, but Aveth couldn't, he just couldn't.
"Oh Seventh Star you saw, you saw didn't you, oh Sweet Seventh-"
"Kwet, calm down, please," panic twisted inside of Aveth as he tried to keep himself calm "It's okay."
"IT IS NOT OKAY! I didn't want anyone to see this! I didn't want you to see it!"
They stood staring at each other, Aveth on the verge of tears, Kwet panting hard just to keep his internal workings from frying themselves out.
"Why?" Aveth managed to breathe.
"Oh. Don't. Don't play. Please don't."
Aveth knew. But he couldn't make himself say it. So he stared stupidly at his friend.
"My parents. I know, I know you saw it. I know you did," Kwet shivered and tears started to prick at his eyes.
"It said...your parents were... unknown. That your status was "Orphan"."
There was a very long second of silence, then Kwet tilted his head ever so slightly "V...Veth?"
"Well, so what. It's terrible and it's horrible and it's sad and it's your buisness. And I already knew. Kaiveta told me. I'm sorry. But I knew."
The doctor stared. His eyes too wide and his mouth small and open in a small circle.
"How long?" Kwet finally manahed. He could barely get the question out through his cracked voice.
"A couple of months," Aveth's shoulders and wings slumping deeply "I didn't mention it because I thought it'd upset you. And it did."
"You.... months?" Kwet looked like he was going to freeze up from emotional overload "I don't...."
Aveth put a hand on his shoulder and slowly pulled him down until they were both sitting. Now at least if Kwet lost it he wouldn't hurt himself from falling.
"I don't understand. You don't care?"
"No! I mean yes. Kwet why-" Aveth shook his head, folding his wings back up and trying to pull himself together "I care that you're upset. I do care about that and the other...thing but..." he ran out of words and closed his eyes.
"You knew for months," Kwet repeated, sounding marginally calmer, though Aveth was afraid that was a sign of him going into shock "And I couldn't even tell. Nothing changed."
"Why would something change."
Kwet gave him a tearstained look of utter incredulity "Because it always changes. Whenever someone finds out it's instant. Suddenly I'm not a doctor or a friend or even a Vive anymore, I'm an orphan. And they don't talk or look at me the same ever again."
"Oh Kwet-"
"Every. Single. Time. Every time I began to grow close to someone inevitably they find out and it's like even my shadow is poisioned. Why. Why are you different!?"
"I don't know Kwet it just doesn't seem like a big deal to me alright?" He rubbed his hand against his eyes, brushing away the oily tears "Will you please stop shouting at me now?"
"I...I...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to shout."
"It's my fault."
"No it isn't!" Kwet's voice rose a touch, then he remembered "It isn't. I'm overreacting. Sort of."
"It's both of us then."
"Okay," Kwet agreed, shuffling his hands back and forth "Aveth, I should've told you. But I don't know, I guess I actually enjoyed having a friend for once."
"Me too... We are still... friends, right?"
Kwet stared at him, then burst into a fresh cascade of tears.
"Kwet, Kwet, stop, please," Aveth begged "I'm sorry, please don't cry."
"You still want to... To...."
"Of course."
Kwet stopped crying for a second, then started sobbing even harder and buried his face in his knees.
"Kwet no!" Aveth tugged on his arm, making him look up "Please stop."
He reached out and tried to wipe away Kwet's tears but only ended up smearing them across his face.
"Okay, okay," Kwet hiccuped "I'm okay, you can stop now."
Aveth pulled his hand away, then tried to smile "We're okay?"
"Yes. Yes." Kwet got to his feet, wings and elbows out for balance "We're fine."
Aveth stood too, his own wings dragging and he managed a weak watery smile.
Kwet forced one in return "Aveth-"
"We don't have to talk about it, if you don't want to. We don't have to talk about it ever again."
Kwet wrapped his arms around his chest as if he'd suddenly gone cold "Thank you, Aveth. I don't think I want to."
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Re: 101

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon Nov 05, 2018 4:18 pm

37. Killing a friend
649 words
"Are you ready yet?" Veem thumped on the doors to Tovoth's quaters "We were supposed to leave twenty minutes ago!"
The door slid open beneath his hand and he had to pull back to avoid hitting Tovoth square in the face.
"There you are," the doctor said, as if he'd been the one waiting "Come on, we're late."
"I know, because of you."
Tovoth continued on as if he hadn't heard Veem "You've got that...thing right? Can't ever remeber the name of it."
"Yeah," Veem couldn't remember what it was called either "You alright?"
"Why would anything be wrong?" Tovoth tilted his head curiously.
"No reason," Veem shrugged it off. Tovoth had probably just been fussing over a scratch in his armor or something.
There wasn't any more conversation as they made their way to the transport room.
As they matirialized at their destination, Veem shifted the device from one hand to another as his fingers dug under his armor.
"What are you doing?"
"Transporting makes me itch," Veem explained, continuing to scratch "Sorry. I'm good now."
"Alright, let's get this over with, I hate all this dust."
It was indeed dusty, Veem wondered how the sensors had been able to pick up traces of the metal through all the disruption.
He flicked the device on and immediatly it began to whine.
"Wow that was fast," Veem raised an eyebrow "We must be standing right on top of it."
He stepped forwards and it whined louder "Yeah, it's right here and it looks like it close enough to surface to begin extraction."
"Then what are you waiting for?"
Apparently Tovoth had no interest in getting any more dirty than he absolutely had to. Veem didn't really mind, at this point he was used to both the dust and Tovoth's attitude.
He chuckled a bit to himself as he knelt in the dirt and activated the device. He'd rather be doing this than have Tovoth's job, which now was basically stand there and wait.
He rocked back and forth on his heels, glancing up now and then.
He was about to break the silence when he noticed Tovoth's shadow shift positon abruptly.
Concerned, Veem began to stand up and turn, ready to ask what was wrong, but before as he turned, Tovoth lunged and Veem felt a ragged bolt of pain rip along his side.
Veem yelped and staggered backwards, pulling out his gun and firing twice without even bothering to aim. Then he pulled his wings open and tried to fly, but barely made it three feet into the air before the pain was too much.
He landed on his feet, sobbing, the guns falling out of his spasming hands.
"Tovoth...Tovoth what are you doing?" he wheezed out, back away as Tovoth advanced, Shrring's sword clutched in his hand.
Tovoth didn't reply, only leveled the blade and prepared the attack again.
"Tovoth please!" Veem staggered back, desperately trying to again a bit of air, but his heels drug against the ground, hindering him from even leaving the earth.
He just barely managed to dodge Tovoth, but as he did so, his legs gave out and he collapsed to his knees, unable to stand back up.
"Tovoth, please, stop, what are you doing?"
He dug his elbows into the ground, dragging his useless limbs after him as he tried to escape.
He couldn't make out the last time he said Tovoth's name. The doctor had already planted Shrring's sword in his midsection.
An agonized gasp left his mouth as everything went out of focus. He pawed at the hilt of the sword, finding Tovoth's curled fingers by accident. He tried to locked onto them but his own hands had gone cold and numb.
Tovoth watched impassively as the light of Veem's eyes went out and his twitching hands fell limp.
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Re: 101

Postby Ranger of the North » Mon Nov 05, 2018 6:04 pm

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Re: 101

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon Nov 12, 2018 4:58 pm

82. No more colors
"It's blocked!" Veem shouted as he rushed up to the pile of stone, his fingers digging into the loose shale as he tried to dig through it.
Tovoth watched him silently, mind turning rapidly. So they hadn't been anything more than bait. He should've seen that. Should've realized.
Well, if they thought he placed so little value on his own life, they had another thing coming.
"Come on."
"Come on, we can't dig through that."
"But, but the explosives! They're going to detonate in seconds!"
"I know! So keep up with me or you can try to dig yourself out," Tovoth turned away and slammed his wings open.
"Wait! Wait! I can't fly, your wings are smaller than mine!" Veem dashed after Tovoth, trying desperately to keep up with him on foot.
After several minutes of just barely catching a glimpse of Tovoth's heels as he turned the next corner, Veem was convinced he was going to spend the last few minutes of his life chasing a crazy doctor down a tunnel. Then Tovoth landed and crouched, holding out a scanner to the side of the tunnel.
"Shoot that."
"Shoot the wall."
"Just do it already! We don't have time for questions and explinations!"
He did as he was told and pulled out his gun. The wall shattered in a spray of fragments, leaving a gaping crevasse.
"Yes, my scans say that it leads down, hopefully far enough to get us clear of the blast."
Veem shivered, but Tovoth had already cleared the
ragged edges and disappeared.
"Hurry up!" Tovoth's voice echoed faintly.
Veem clenched his fists and jumped, wings half open.
Darkness enveloped him as he plummeted, only a pale glow emanating from the lights hooked to his wings.
"Close your wings," Tovoth said from somewhere beneath him "We have to fall faster if we want to reach the bottom before the explosives-"
An all encompassing rumble shook the very air they were in and the crack of shifting stone sounded above them.
"Look out!"
A shower of dust hit Veem seconds before a massive stone grazed his shoulder.
He dodged to the side, his wings full out now as he looked upwards at the rain of earth that fell towards him.
"Close your wings idiot!"
Veem did as he was told, narrowly missing having them torn off as another huge stone dropped past him. Several tense moments passed as the two of them did everything in their power to avoid being crushed. For a second, Tovoth's lights disappeared, leaving Veem absolutely isolated.
"Doctor?" His own voice replied, hitting the walls and collapsing inwards on him "Doctor!? T-Tovoth!?"
"What, what?" suddenly Tovoth was beside him, hovering in the glow of Veem's lights.
"Are you alright? I thought you didn't make it out from beneath the rocks."
"I'm fine," Tovoth snapped "My lights got smashed though."
"Oh," Veem shuddered as he imagined being trapped in the pithy dark "How...how much further down?"
"No idea, I lost my scanner, but it's far."
"And when we get to the bottom, then what?"
"I'm...not sure," Tovoth admitted.
"Maybe we should try to go back up?"
"Are you insane? After what came down on top of us? There's no way we'd get out," He sighed "Look, some of my short range scans showed a network of tunnels down here. Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll find one that leads back up to the surface."
"And if we don't?"
"Well," Tovoth shrugged "I'm sure in a couple thousand years we'll be a very intriguing archelogical find for the humans."
Veem didn't know for how long they soared downwards through the darkness, it felt like cycles, but finding the ground wasn't much of a comfort. The darkness solidified and they hit it hard, going to hands and knees as they made contact.
"You in one piece?" Tovoth asked, standing up and checking over himself for damage.
"I think so...oh Void's teeth no," Veem winced as the light on his left wing died, the faint light growing even dimmer, the outlines of everything growing even hazier.
Tovoth stepped closer to him, eyes wide as he tried to pull everything into focus "It's dead. No use trying to fix it. Is the other one working alright?"
"I don't know."
Tovoth shrugged "Let's get going, make as much use of it as we can."
"Are you sure we shouldn't just try to go back up?"
"Positive, now stop asking me that," Tovoth opened his wings and hovered a few feet in the air "Come on let's go."
Veem followed him, unable to think of an alternative.
Again time seemed to warp, losing all meaning after only a short while. It was just him and the fading outline of Tovoth in front of him. Nowhere, nothing, no one else, just them and the bleeding monotone twilight they sifted through.
Hadn't Tovoth's armor been green? Hadn't his skin been silver? Now it was nothing, just a fuzz, not grey or white or black. A shape and not anything more.
"I asked you a question."
Veem blinked rapidly and realized that Tovoth had stopped and turned to face him.
"I asked what when the last time you slept was?"
"Have we really been down here that long?"
"I don't know, feels like it, but that's not why I'm asking," Tovoth pointed downwards.
"Is that...liquid?"
"Yes, unfortunately," Tovoth landed, the liquid sloshing up around his ankles "And it's only going to get deeper."
"So we go back?"
"No. No going back. This water's flowing, which mean this way is up, which means, we're going the right way. But, it might be a while before we can rest again."
"So what, we just sleep in the water?"
"It's not deep and it's not cold. There's no telling how long we might be fighting this current," Tovoth sat at the edge of the water, his back against the wall of the tunnel, his legs disappearing beneath the surface of the stream "I'm going to try to sleep for a bit, you can do what you want."
Veem joined him, curling his wings up and leaning back "Should I turn the light off?"
"Sweet Seventh Star of course, we want to save it for as long as possible."
Veem reached out an switched the light off, plunging them into pure night.
"Why'd you poke me?"
"Sorry, I didn't mean to." Veem curled his hands in his lap and closed his eyes. It felt like sleep just barely touched him before the doctor was shaking him awake.
"Come on, come on, turn that light on and let's get going.
Liquid running off him, Veem stood and flicked the light on.
Soon the tunnel grew too tight to fly and the liquid surged higher, up to Tovoth's waist and Veem's knees.
Several times Veem lost sight of Tovoth, as his shoulders disappeared beneath the rippling surface, while his own head scraped against the top of the tunnel.
"Hold on a minute," Tovoth spluttered, trying to talk past the liquid "Just, just hold on."
"What is it?"
"I-pfft- we're going to have to -pfft- swim."
Veem reached out and hooked his hand beneath Tovoth's arm, pulling his face clear of the surface "What'd you say?"
"We're going to have to swim! Is your light still working alright?"
"I think so," Veem really hoped it was, darkness was one thing, darkness, submerged, isolated, not even being able to talk to Tovoth, was another.
"Alright," Tovoth shivered and braced himself "Let's go then."
Veem released the smaller Vive and instantly he vanished into the liquid.
Veem followed him, the water surging up around him, drowning out sound in an everlasting dull roar. His light picked up swirling particles and streams of bubbles and somehow Tovoth.
It was a physical fight to make any headway against the current, hands digging forwards, feet kicking back, wings pulled flat and thrusters going at full force.
The tunnel continued growing narrower, until the stone closed all around them like a horrifying cocoon.
A moment came when Veem thought they would have no choice but to give up, turn and go back, because he simply couldn't force his way any further and the current was impossible to withstand.
Ahead of him Tovoth's heels kicked up silt, blinding him for a second, when it cleared, Tovoth was gone, a black crevasse in his place.
He had to stop himself from shouting in surprise and with a burst of effort he managed to writhe through the crack.
The pressure from the current eased and the walls just seemed to vanish, as if suddenly he was no longer beneath the planet's crust, but hanging helplessly in the infinite.
Tovoth waved at him, his motions sluggish in the liquid, then started swimming again.
Veem wished he'd slept longer.
At least there was no real current, in this strange subterranean lake, but up and down seemed arbitrary at best, with gravity being nil. But there was no going back now.
At least in the tunnel there had been no threat of losing sight of Tovoth, now every few seconds Veem felt a jolt of terror as the doctor faded out of his vision.
Those seconds seemed to grow longer and several times Veem though his light flickered. Then he fell into utter nothing, like reality had been erased with a sponge.
The light came back on, for an instant, and he saw Tovoth's panicked face, his hand reaching out towards him.
The light went out, for real this time, leaving Veem blind and alone, clawing towards where he'd last seen Tovoth.
His fingers brushed against something and he clutched at it, terrified of losing it.
Tovoth returned the grip and it was just the two of them.
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Re: 101

Postby Ranger of the North » Wed Nov 14, 2018 5:08 pm

HHHHHH trapped underground and underwater?! *uncontrollable shuddering*
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Re: 101

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Thu Nov 15, 2018 8:02 am

I know, ugh right?
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Re: 101

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:51 pm

81. Madness
"Well, the verdict's in, have you heard? Death via isolation," Tilfin lounged against the back corner of her cell "A slow descent into insanity. Bold of them to assume I'm not crazy already."
Vectora stared at her as Tilfin went on.
"Weird, isn't it? In just about any other species out there, in all the great infinte, this wouldn't even be a death sentence; it's just us weird little Vives, can't even sleep without our friends."
"Are you finished?" Vectora asked as Tilfin paused.
"No, not really. How long do you think I'll last? I bet if the lack of sleep doesn't do me in, I'll go about 10 cycles before I really loose my mind. That's not overestimating myself, is it? I mean, not to brag or anything, but I'm pretty tough-"
"That's enough."
"Oh, sorry, is it time already? I'm honored they sent someone so important to lead me away."
"No, it isn't. I want to speak with you."
"Oh?" Tilfin tilted her head and propped forwards on her elbows "Well, do go on."
"I can't condone your actions, but I can admire them and the courage you're showing. I do not agree with Tulric's methods. Punishment should be straightforwards, not a spectakle like he's making it."
"But you're not going to do anything about it because you're a good soldier," Tilfin monotoned boredly "Yes, yes, anything else?"
"To an extent, I am," Vectora deactivated the energy barrier and stepped into the cell. Tilfin watched her with raised eyebrows as she set a small box on the ground between them "It is not much, but it is almost more than my loyalties allow, though my conscience demands it."
Tilfin flicked the lid off "A cloak? Sorry, that's not really my style."
"Put it on after they've locked you in the pod and ejected you. Then you'll understand," Vectora put the lid back on and folded Tilfin's hands over it "I am sorry. I respect you Tilfin."
Tilfin watched bemusedly as Vectora left the cell and reinitiated the wall.
"Alright Vectora, if you say so... If it makes you feel any better I don't blame you for any of this!" Tilfin shouted the last part as Vectora disappeared down the hall.
"Hmm," she murmured to herself and tucked the box into her empty weapons holster "I'm not sure I could ever understand you Vectora."
It was cold out on the space dock, Tilfin was more focused on that then whatever is was Tulric was shouting about. Something about punishing traitors. Something about tarnishing the glory of the kingdom Diocore had tried so hard to establish. Really he was just making a show and putting himself at the center of attention, oh and he was thoroughly enjoying it. Tilfin leaned back and forth on her heels, stretching her wings against the clamps that held them down.
"So now-"
"Finally," Tilfin's interjection earned a revolted look from Tulric and she laughed a bit "Oh come on, you've made about as big a deal about me as you possibly can. Everyone's bored, Tulric, they stopped listening to you 15 minutes ago. Shoot me into the infinite already."
Tulric lashed out with his spear and slammed the flat of the head against her cheek. She staggered, almost going to her knees, but recovering at the last second.
The echo of the blow held onto the air for several tense seconds.
"Well then, you have your wish," Tulric bowed in mockery "To the infinite and your death you shall go."
The guards shoved her into the confines of the pod, the pistons hissing as the door sealed itself.
She grinned her faint reflection in the glass, which disappeared as a cloud of smoke roiled up around the tiny pod.
She braced as she felt the engines kick in and the pod left the dock, hurtling into the great nothingness. For a long time she couldn't move as the pod shuddered under the strain of the lift-off.
The station and Kataria disappeared and then there was nothing but darkness.
With a faint sigh Tilfin sat, there was barely enough room for her with her legs crossed over each other. She pulled out the small box and unfolded the thin cloak.
"Well, at least it's soft," she said, standing up and pulling it over her shoulders. A metallic clatter startled her and she looked down at the long object at her feet.
"Oh Vectora," she whispered as she stooped and curled her fingers around the hilt of the long dagger "Is this your idea of mercy? Is this how you show your respect?"
She held the small weapon against her wrist "I suppose it is, opposed to insanity, to loosing my mind. I suppose it's dignified. I guess it's what you'd want if you were in my place."
She set it back down "But me, Vectora, not now. I know it's a fool's hope, but if anything, I'm obviously an idiot. I'll wait, a little while. A little while..."
She sighed and watched the darkness outside her window, wondering if she'd really be able to last 10 cycles.
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92. Bad intentions
561 words
Veem followed the other two warriors down the hall, feeling out of place and trapped. He hadn't been close to any of the other maitenence workers, but at least he knew their names, their faces, their voices. When one of them told a joke, he understood it.
None of them hit him and then laughed.
And they never spoke like this about the other Vives on the ship.
"He's not really a real doctor even, you know? Some sort of neurosurgon or something."
"I don't care what he is I still don't like him. He's stuck up."
Veem didn't even know who they were talking about.
"I know, have you seen him? Never a scratch on his skin or his armor. I bet he spends hours preening himself."
Oh. Maybe he did know.
The two looked back at him, suprised, as if they'd forgotten he was there.
"Yeah, you know him? Oh, that's right you went on a mission with him. What do you think? Is he as obnoxious up close as far away?"
"Well..." Tovoth was a bit impatient, but obnoxious seemed too strong.
"He's probably got a heat scanner he uses on himself. Probably has got a mirror tucked away too."
"What's wrong with that?" Veem asked.
"What's wrong with-" they both laughed.
"It's not allowed."
"It encourages vanity. Focuses on self and distracts from our goals."
The warrior said the words stiffly, as if he'd been programmed to say that.
"Says who?"
"Why does he get to say how we look?" Veem wasn't exactly sure what was going on, but he felt obligated to defend the doctor "Why can't Tovoth decide?"
"This is why you don't make a working class into a warrior," one of the warriors muttered "Their brains just can't comprehend it all."
"Why can't he?"
"It disrupts solidarity in the ranks. If someone tries to be better than everyone else, then how can they work together?"
"But Tovoth isn't trying to be better than everyone, he just wants to look nice. Isn't that allowed?"
"It isn't in line with Diocore's decrees. That should be enough for you."
"Well, maybe if Diocore focused on fighting Mahveth instead of making sure doctors don't look nice, this war would've been over by now," Veem rolled his eyes "Seems like he should just leave all that stuff to be sorted out after he was actually king."
They stared at him in dead shock.
"Well he's not actually king yet, is he? Not until Mahveth's dead."
"That is not true."
"Yes it is," Veem knew that part was true. He knew that from hard experience "He can't be king until he conquers Kataria. He can't conquer Kataria until he kills Mahveth. He's our leader, but not really a king."
They didn't reply and stopped in their tracks. Oblivious to their looks of disgust Veem pushed past them. He didn't want to be late for training with Haravon again.
What the sub-engineer turned warrior didn't realize was that in the circles he moved through now was that words and sentences and idea carried more weight than they did between arguing maintenance workers. One wrong words to one wrong person could spell destruction.
He just didn't realize it. He thought the world he lived in was simpler than it actually was. Unfortunately no one ever told him any different.
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