~Breathing Through My Mouth~ Stormy's Challenge

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~Breathing Through My Mouth~ Stormy's Challenge

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Thu Jan 04, 2018 5:22 pm

Kill. Me. Now.
I'll fix the stinking coding later.
Here's the link back to the thread

      51 "i think i broke it."
      52 "what do you mean it's alive?"
      53 "it's beginning to look a lot like..."
      54 "oh there goes the bed."
      55 "rest in pieces."
      56 "aloha mora!"
      57 "i can't believe you can't think of anything smarter to say."
      58 "it's still in there!"
      59 "one hundred is a lot."
      60 "hey, buckethead!"
      61 "potatoes are great."
      62 "spray cheese is yay cheese."
      63 "puhutko suomea?"
      64 "it's over."
      65 "i'm batman!"
      66 "they've got dad."
      67 "okay...okay?"
      68 "what're you doing."
      69 "meow is a logical answer to everything."
      70 "sadly, we are not at hogwarts."
      71 "you are smack in the middle of it."
      72 "the poor puppy!"
      73 "un, duex, quatre..."
      74 "you are very...lovely."
      75 "blech."
      76 "break her heart, i'll break your face."
      77 "tacos are wonderful creations."
      78 "we should drop out and run a store."
      79 "at least you'll get a nice tan."
      80 "lies! all lies."
      81 "well that is no bueno."
      82 "what happened to my cheesecake?"
      83 "where is he!"
      84 "y'ouch."
      85 "but he will be."
      86 "a building!"
      87 "that's all i know."
      88 "you are a the-if!"
      89 "yeeaaah- no."
      90 "finish it."
      91 "i don't speak...your language."
      92 "can you not?!"
      93 "e. e. f. f. o. c. eeffoc!"
      94 "i have something to...tell...you..."
      95 "other ones?"
      96 "sunrise!"
      97 "what does that mean?"
      98 "writing...it's hard."
      99 "see her friday."
      100 "and to think i'm finally finished."

    1 "i'm not a little girl!"
    2 "what even is this?"
    3 "can you please tell me what's going on?"
    4 "i just went for a run."
    5 "i'm broken."
    6 "don't. do. stupid."
    7 "she just stares at everybody."
    8 "oops."
    9 "i'm a...taco."
    10 "i don't regret being a cat."
    11 "doritos?"
    12 "i thought cows said moo?"
    13 "look at all those chickens!"
    14 "oh, i didn't...wait, what?"
    15 "i said left! left, you idiot!"
    16 "whatever they do don't give-"
    17 "whoops."
    18 "where's the other poptart?"
    19 "i said okay."
    20 "this...is a mess."
    21 "we're goin' to lincoln!"
    22 "but for how long?"
    23 "wait a momento-"
    24 "and...he stopped answering."
    25 "any last words?"
    26 "say something." "bork."
    27 "at least he tried."
    28 "and to think i might marry you."
    29 "if you love me let me gooooo!"
    30 "i need someone to keep me sane."
    31 "look at what you got into."
    32 "she didn't deserve it."
    33 "it hurts!"
    34 "don't be a baby."
    35 "don't let goo...you already did."
    36 "sometimes i'm her friend."
    37 "oh. so that was supposed to make sense."
    38 "this is weird."
    39 "this isn't like always."
    40 "i love you."
    41 "are you kidding me?"
    42 "pew pew pew."
    43 "roman numeral...s."
    44 "i thought you'd be taller."
    45"maybe i'll just shoot you."
    46 "all hail the cake!"
    47 "are you-"
    48 "whatcha think?"
    49 "it's a fake!"
    50 "real cute."
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Re: ~Breathing Through My Mouth~ Stormy's Challenge

Postby Ranger of the North » Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:48 pm

I shall not kill you, as I love your writing.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:33 pm

i'm broken."
Churva awoke as the kitchen door slammed shut and rapid footsteps retreated down the path, punctuated sharply by a fading sob.
With a groan Churva hauled herself to her feet, reaching for the dent and battered frying pan she carried as a weapon, then with a shudder she left the warmth of the stove and the kitchen and braved the chill of the predawn morning.

There was no one to be seen in the grey light, but the wolverine didn't expect to find anyone there and didn't bother searching.

Instead she turned to the small path beaten through the bamboo stalks that lead to the river.
A fine mist rose off the water and came seeping up the past, covering the area in thin sheets of curling clouds. The clay was damp and clumped under her claws.
And rough sobs broke through the cold air.

The bamboo receded as the river bank rose up and the mist wrapped around the young otter's back.
Churva shuffled up, kicking her paws against the ground, ensuring that she was heard before she approached.
Ashlin didn't look up as Chuva sat next to her with a hefty sigh, but she ceased sobbing and descended into sniffles.

"Bad dreams again?"
Churva asked in a quiet voice that grated in the silence.

Ashlin didn't answer, not right away, she took several deep gulps of air first, then looked up with swimming eyes and soaked fur.

"No?" Churva tilted her head to look directly into Ashlin's face, her heavy brows lifting in surprise "What's got you so upset then, good dreams?"
"Yes," Ashlin croaked, wiping roughly at her eyes "Good dreams Churva."
She sighed and straightened, letting go of her knees, which up untill then she had been hugging to her chest "Good dreams. I'm so broken I can't even handle the good things anymore."

"What was it about?" Churva asked quietly, returning her gaze to the river.
"It...Was just a dream," Ashlin's voice cracked softly "But...not. It wasn't a specific memory, but it happened, many times."
She paused as a shuddering breath cut through her body.
Churva didn't say anything. If Ashlin continuedor not, she was there.
"It was normal...Just a normal evening. Before."
She didn't need to explain further.
But it seemed to relieve her.
"I almost thought it was real. We were all sitting down, eating. I could taste the rice, it stuck between my teeth and...and Curigan teased me about it."
She began to dissolve "I could see her smile, her whole face lighting up like a star, her eyes creased her mouth turned up. I could see her face like she was really there. I haven't been able to remember it clearly for years now."
She clutched her head and her shoulders heaved as if she was sick "And I could hear Father, hear him laughed as Curigan tried to balance his chopsticks on his nose."
And Ashlin broke.

As she curled over on herself, burying her sobs in her paws, Churva felt a hot tear slip from her eye and soak into her fur.
Sniffling hard and blinking harder Churva slipped a heavy arm over Ashlin's scarred shoulders and pulled her close.
"Hey," she grunted "Hey. You're not broke. Anyone else would do just the same."
Ashlin slide out from the wolverin's touch "Cry uncontrollably in outside by themself? I don't think so. Stuff like this is supposed to be comforting; remembering the good times and all thay stuff."
"You're still hurting over loosing your ma and little brother."
"It's been years Churva, it shouldn't hurt this much anymore, not just dreams, but every day, every time I think of them," Ashlin's voice trailed away "I can't be fixed."
"Yes you can."
"And how would you do that?" Ashlin asked, gesturing to tye scars on her body and referring to the scars on her mind and heart.
"I wouldn't know, you'd have to actually let someone help you first," Churva couldn't keep the slight edge out of her voice "Like, maybe not point deadly projectiles at them."
Ashlin bit on her lip and turned away "Just leave me alone, Chur."
Churva lightly touched the back of Ashlin's neck and turned her head back "I would, but it wouldn't make you feel any better, would it?"
Ashlin's shoulders sagged in defeat.
"I know what it's like to be broke, Ashy, and I know it feels hopeless."
Churva pulled her close again and Ashlin let her, her arms slipping into the wolverine's creme fur.

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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sun Jan 14, 2018 9:53 am

"i don't regret being a cat."
The day was dark and grim as the crowd gathered to mourn the deceased royal.
He was to be buried in an hour and now...it was time to say goodbye.
The royal family gathered on a raised platform, the twin rulers: Queen Allegra and King Jonathan, and Lady Sonya.
And an old otter, wearing an old black coat and a hat that barely clung to his head.

As Queen Allegra stepped to the edge of the platform to deliver her father's eulogy a young cat leaned forwards, eyes brimming with tears.
To most of the creatures gathered there, Rusty Hugo Avelline had once been a good king and a fine sailor, even an alright fighter, but he hadn't been anyone personal, anyone to shed a tear for.
Perhaps the small cat who seemed too young to be there by herself had only a sparse collection of memories of the old king. Perhaps it was nothing more than a jar full of faded dreams and thoughts painted by the glow of childhood, but it raised a heavy lump in her throat as she paired the heavy wooden box with the image of an elderly fox's kindly smile.
She remembered when he knelt in the sand and placed his hands gently on her shoulders, telling her to come vist him.
She remembered how easily he could make her mother smile, make her laugh.

And despite everything she did, she couldn't strangle the sobs rising past the thick lump in her throat as Allegra finished and Jonathan, then Sonya stepped up to the center of the platform.

Then Martin stepped forwards, a scrap of paper clutched in his hand. Several times he took in a loud shuddering breath, trying to start, only to have his voice die away in a tear-soaked rattle.
Finally he managed to start out on his sentence, then his voice cracked and his shoulders slumped forwards as he sobbed into his hands.
"I can't," his broken voice cut through the air "I'm sorry. I can't."
Allegra stepped to his side and guided him away to the corner while Jonathan took center.
"My father had a dear friend...whom we were unable to make contact with beforehand," Jonathan scanned the crowd "If you are here now, Shyshie Starwalk Anj, and if you would like to say something, I invite you to come up, please."
The last word was a plea, given to someone who was not there.
The too small, too young cat with too blue eyes who wore a brown cloak like her own fur knew that. It was the reason she was alone.
It was the reason she slunk away from her bed in the dead of night and crossed the dark channel.
Her mother was not there and she did not want to be there.
And she'd be furious when she found out that Friskya had been there.
For several long quiet minutes Jonathan stood, arms outstretched, then he stepped back, nodding slowly "It's time."

Martin couldn't stand there.
He couldn't stand there and watch the dark earth cover the box that Rusty was in.
He couldn't listen as the shovelfuls of dirt beat against the hollow wood.
He could hardly even accept that Rusty was dead. He couldn't stand there as they buried his body. As they put him in the ground.

He felt a light touch run over his shoulders and looked up into Sonya pained face.
His lips peeled back in a sob and they wrapped their arms around each other.

For just a second, before his vision swelled up with tears, he caught sight of a brown figure standing between the gravestones, her cloak fluttering gently in the wind.

Friskya hovered a distance from the grave, tasting a sea wind and feeling the gravel beneath her feet, the finality in her soul.

"You came here without permission."
Friskya jumped at her mother's voice and spun around.
Shyshie's mouth was tucked into a shaky line of disaproval and her paws were fisted on her hips, but her eyes were swollen thickly, tears leaking out silently.

"I....I was afraid that you'd say no," Friskya tucked her ears back guiltily "And I just... I had to come."
Shyshie tilted her head, sniffling "Why would you think that I would say no? To this, Friskya?"

Friskya looked down at her feet, creating furrows in the gravel path "You said no last month."
Shyshie seemed to crumple under Friskya's quiet defense.

"I shouldn't have," she said, stepping closer and reaching out to her daughter "I should have let you go. I should have gone with you."
"Then we could have said goodbye," Friskya whispered, letting Shyshie wrap her arms around her.
Shyshie swallowed with great difficulty, her fingers trailing against Friskya's arm "Come on....let's go sit down."

The bench was small, but it made no difference as the young girl curled up against her mother, resting her head on Shyshie's shoulder and closed her eyes.
She could only remember two other times she had seen her mother cry.
The first time when Coe laid so still on the beach, his chest not moving, his fur matted from the salt and the sand.
The second when Grandmama told her that everything was going to be alright and sighed deeply as she fell asleep.

The only times Friskya could remember her mother being sad was when she was thinking of the land. The sea, the selkies, the salt tha ran through their blood, it never seemed to grieve her.
"Did you...ever...regret not leaving when you first found out that you were a selkie?"
Shyshie blinked and frowned "What do you mean Seawillow?"
"You're so sad," Friskya's voice faltered "You stayed here and it made you sad. Didn't you regret that you didn't leave sooner? You spent all that time hiding who you were, pretending to just be a normal cat."
Shyshie paused, her eyes focusing on the middle distance as if she could piece the veil of time and see backwards.
Many things flew around in her mind, but she could only see one clearly.
"No," she whispered "I don't regret just being a normal cat. I don't regret all that time I spent divided."
"Why not?"
Shyshie looked down at her with a bittersweet salty-tear smile "So many reasons. So many, sweetheart, but the first one is you."
The genuine stunned look on Friskya's face made Shyshie's heart twist.
"Yes," she slipped her hand gently along Friskya's face, gently wiping away the tears "Frisk, you are the most important thing to me. Ever. That has never been different and it will never change."
Friskya managed a shaky smile and ran her fingers over her mother's hand.


The moment was broken by a rough old voice filled with grief and surprise.
"Martin," Shyshie stood up, her hand dropping away from Friskya.
"I-I didn't think you were coming," the old otter took a heavy step towards her, eyes watering "I didn't see you."
"I'm sorry," she said quietly "I just didn't know what to say to everyone. To Sonya."
He nodded slowly, then looked past her "Hello Friskya."
She slipped off the bench and ran up to him, flinging her arms around his stomach.
"You remember me?"
She looked up into his face, almost the same as she remembered it, save for the deep lines of sorrow.
"How could I forget you, Uncle Martin?"
He managed a faint crumpled smile and returned her hug.
He stopped Shyhie with a single look in his eyes and a single request.
"Come have tea with me."
"Martin I don't want to-"
Again he stopped her "Just me, kitten, no one else, I promise. Please."
Shyshie glanced down at Friskya, who looked back with pleading eyes, then met Martin's look with a soft sigh.
"Alright, let's have tea, Martin."
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Re: ~Breathing Through My Mouth~ Stormy's Challenge

Postby Ranger of the North » Thu Jan 18, 2018 1:19 pm

ngl, the feels

poor Ashy and sweet Churva <3
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:47 am

maybe i'll just shoot you

"Now I understand why people paid for that," Ava said, as they exited the theate "It was amazing!"
Hiram smiled at her "It wasn't too loud?"
"It was awesome!" Logan broke in "All the explosions and the fighting."

"There were like two explosions and one five minuet segment of fighting," Walter said drily, obviously not as impressed by the film as the twins had been.
"Yeah! I could feel the ground shaking when they blew the car up."
Marvin whacked Walter lightly with his wing "Stop ruining their fun."
"I'm just saying, not that exciting."
"They thought it was exciting," Jessica laughed, following the boys down through the tiered seats and out into the lobby that connected in turn to the rest of the mall.
"Can we see it again Hiram?" Ava asked, bouncing up and down, eyes sparkling hopefully.
"Maybe," he smiled at her excitement "Maybe we can find another movie to play."
"Hey, where is everyone?" Walter asked, frowning as he looked around the completely empty place "I thought they were going to wait around for us."

"They wanted to, they really did," a gravelly voice rumbled and from out of nowhere Gahner seemed to appear, a terrifying smile stretched across his face "But I'm afraid they're otherwise occupied."

Hiram and Tallulah's hands flew to their guns, but before they had even drawn they were surrounded by creatures clothed entirely in black and toting guns considerably larger than their own.

"I highly suggest you put those down," Gahner hissed, stepping forwards with his own weapon in hand.

Tallulah looked towards Hiram.
The otter's shoulders sank in raging defeat and the gun slipped from his hand and clattered on the floor, followed shortly by Tallulah's.

Immediately the gaurds were on them, pinning arms back, snatching up the guns.
Hiram couldn't see straight as the twins screamed, Water yelped, Jessica gasped, and he was pulled in a circle.

When his vision cleared his heart pitched into his stomach.
Unconsciously he fought against the rough handa pinning his arms back, as he saw Gahner's arm wrapped around Jessica's neck and his gun pressed against her stomach.

"No," Hiram's voice was rough with fear "Gahner, no... don't..."
"No?" Gahner's lip curled up in a sneer
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Wed May 02, 2018 4:31 pm

"un, duex, quatre..."
388 words

Coe didn't look up from his book as he heard a tiny pair of feet come pattering into the room.

The pattering stopped for a moment, then continued as a cautious quiet glide, until it stopped again, this time directly in front of him.

He smiled, but didn't look away from the page.

Then tiny cold fingers pressed like needles against his hand and he set aside the book to find Friskya staring up at him.


She reached out to touch his hand again, squinting with worry as she hovered over the black scarred stumps where his fingers used to be.
"You have less."

He smiled at her concern "Yes, Friskya, I'm missing a few fingers."

Her brow scrunched down and she pulled her hand away "Does it hurt?"

"Not anymore," he assured, holding his hand out "It's okay, you can look."
She studied his hand with the same frown, then held up her own for comparison.
"So...how many do you have now?"
"Well, here, you can count," he held out his other hand and spread his fingers out.
"Okay," she bit her lip in concentration then slowly started counting "One....two....four..."
"Three," Coe corrected, quickly.
"No, Friskya, three, then four, got it?"
She stared up at him in confusion.
"Here, start over and I'll help you this time."
She shrugged and started over, this time echoing him.


"No, Friskya," Coe stopped her again "One, two, three, four. Understand?"
She gave him a blank look and shrugged.

"Alright, watch," slowly he began holding up one finger at a time "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, see? Eight."

"Eight," she beamed as if she'd figured it out herself "How many do I have?"
"Ten," Coe said, not bothered to try and make her count "Need anything else?"
"What book are you reading?"

"Nothing you'd be interested in."
"Can you read it to me?"
"No, you'd be bored. Why don't you ask Shyshie to read you a book?"
Friskya blinked "Who's Shyshie?"
"Your mother!" Coe sighed "Mama. Go. Ask. Mama."

"Okay," she turned and trotted towards the door, but halfway there stopped with another question "Does Mama have eight fingers or ten?"
"Why don't you go look?" Coe suggested with an exasperated sigh, then he melted into a smile as the little girl disappeared
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Re: ~Breathing Through My Mouth~ Stormy's Challenge

Postby Ranger of the North » Wed May 02, 2018 8:19 pm

Ahhhh, baby Frissssk ! XD <3 So cute c':
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Mon Jun 18, 2018 3:37 pm

"she just stares at everybody."

742 words
Fire and blood mixed in her lungs, forcing oxygen to her brain and dumping her unceremoniously into painful consciousness.

Her fingers tore at the sheets covering her, wildly fighting against everything that touched her.

“Easy,” a low male voice rumbled from out of the darkness “Easy, you're alright, you're safe.”
She pried her eyes open, despite the stinging tears that swelled in her vison.
“Where….where am I?” she rasped, struggling to sit up “Who're you?”
“I'm Cletus and you're in my home. You're safe here.”
“I'll be the judge of that,” she growled, searching the shadows for the speaker. She jumped a little as she realized he was sitting inches away, his dark fur blending a little too well with the dim light.
“How does your head feel?” the ferret stood up “Would you like some water?”
“My head is fine,” she snapped, her head raging with pain “I don't want any water.”
“Nonetheless you should rest, for a few more hours,” Cletus turned to step out of the room and immediately heard a thump. He turned to find her in a pile on the floor, struggling to free herself from her blanket.
“Ideally on the bed,” he said, stooping down and pulling back the folds of fabric away from her face “If you are who I think you are then you probably don't want to stay around very long.”
She tensed, her face curling into a scowl “And just who do you think I am?”
“Pardon me if I'm wrong, but, Captain Calypso Nix?”
She stared hard at him, her jaw tensing.
“If that's who you think I am then why'd you even bother…”
He shrugged “It's not my place to question the past, only aid in the present.”
“You're bloody mad,” the pirate said after a second of silence.
“I've been accused of worse,” he shrugged and extended his hand to her “Are you sure about that drink of water?”
She shrugged and let him pull her to her feet “Can't hurt me anymore than I already am.”

He helped her out of the room and settled her on a rickety three-legged stool.
“I've keelhauled more creatures then you've had hot meals,” she remarked as he busied himself around the room “I've hurt more creatures then you could ever hope to help. Why are you doing this?”
“So that one day I hope to help half as many creatures as you've hurt,” he smiled and held out a small wooden cup.
She accepted it and took a tiny suspicious sip “I don't trust creatures who're nice for the sake of being nice. You never are quite what you say you.”
“Perhaps not,” Cletus rolled his eyes towards the ceiling with his back turned to her “All the more reason for you to regain your feet and be off.”
He turned to face her “By the way, word of mouth has it that the majority of your crew has been captured and is due for execution within the week.”
“Blasted idiots,” she muttered into her cup but she seemed worried.

There was silence between them for several minutes, broken by a quiet creak.
Calypso whipped her head around and struggled to her feet.
"What...what is that!?!"

Cletus turned quickly to find the pirate staring into the shadows, where a pair of yellow eyes stared back.
"Oh, that's Tea. To be perfectly honest I'm not sure what she is,"
Cletus stepped closer, extending a small chunk of bread to the shadow.

The eyes blinked and the form shrank away shivering.
"She never lets me get close enough," he sighed and set the bread down on the ground, then motioned for Calypso to step back "Never says anything, never lets anyone gets close to her, I have no idea where she came from. Just washed up, like you."

"And you just let it stay here?" Calypso stared as the shadow knelt and snatched up the bread and retreated into some dark corner.

"She doesn't have anywere else to go, unlike you. How're you feeling?"

"Uncomfortably superstitious," Calypso fingered the small dagger stuck in her belt "I'll be off right away."

"Best of luck," Cletus held out a small satchel.
She shook her head, about to refuse it.
"You'll want it for the pain," he said, continuing to hold it out "Trust me."

She frowned then took it and slung it over her shoulder "Don't expect it back."
"I don't," he smiled "Goodbye Captain."
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Re: ~Breathing Through My Mouth~ Stormy's Challenge

Postby Ranger of the North » Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:40 pm

Ooh, I liked that one a lot! ^-^ Are you planning more with these two? :D
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