Flo's Challenge to me

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Flo's Challenge to me

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:35 am


Yay, another challenge. Someone please stop me.
I changed prompts 1, 3, 16, 22, 27, 28, 34, 48, 50, 57, 80, 82, 83, 91, and 96 to something I was a bit more comfortable working with since most of them dealt either with pop culture references or just things I wasn't totally certain what they meant.
Also I have the adventures of two or three generations mapped out in my head so if you read one prompt
and a character has just gotten married and the next they're grandparents, don't question it.
Link back to challenge thread

50 shots wrote:1.// "Did you steal my tart?"
2.// "We could be hero's!"
3.// "We should be friends..."
5.//"What do you mean, NO?!"
7.// "Maybe, just one more slice."
8.// "You can't leave! You'll die..."
9.// "I was a fool to believe..."
10.// "It all ends, today."
11.// "You must..."
12.// "You're just a silly girl!"
13.// "The show must go on..."
14.// "Just one more day, please..."
15.// "You can't just kill people!"
16.//"Seriously, who ate my tart?!"
17.// "I only speak the truth."
18.// "Don't let go Jack! Wait... you already did... rats."
19.// "I did not want this!"
20.// "What do you mean he's dead?!"
21.// "I haven't eaten in three days!"
22.// "Who am I? "
23.// "Did you just..."
24.// "Do. Not. Touch. That."
26.// "I would never say that to you."
27.// "The stars have been blessed.."
28.// "You have beautiful eyes... I would know."
29.// "Dude, chocolates are bomb."
30.// "Could you... stay with me tonight?"
31.// "I can't loose you!"
32.// "Please... marry me."
33.//"I can't hug you..."
34.// "Was that a kiss?"
35.// "Since when did I ask for it to snow?"
36.// "I'M BATMAN" "No... no you are not."
38.// "I HAVE TB!" "No you have a cold!"
39.// "Can you not?!"
40.// "Tis only a flesh wound!"
41.// "Could you stop jumping for one minute?!'
42.// "Please repeat that, I wasn't listening."
43.// "You love me?"
44.// "Never do that again."
45.// "I dare you to lick that..."
46.// "What do you think of children?"
47.// "I like, like you."
48.// "BY HEAVEN ABOVE..."
49.// "I just wanted you..."
50.// " I died again!"
50 more shots wrote:51.// "I'm a mess."
52.// "Hey! Little ears are around!"
53.// "Please, don't cry..."
55.// "Since when did Disney add this?!"
56.// "It only get's worse"
57.// "Oh no..."
58.// "Please tell me that is not what I think it is."
59.// "What did you think I was doing?"
60.// "ALL HAIL ...!"
61.// "Now why did you do that?"
62.// "You have beautiful eyes."
63.// "Let's travel the world!"
65.// "Whatever happened to Joel?"
66.// "No way in, no way out."
67.// ""I will have my vengeance."
68.// "Grow up!"
69.// "I found the ring!"
70.//"We should run... like now!"
71.// "Can you please shut up?" "No."
72.// "I found that cliff..."
73.// "Are you sure that is safe to eat?"
75.// "Who died and made you queen?!"
76.// "Ich Sprechen Deustch"
77.// "Now wait a second, buster."
78.// "I would kill for you."
79.// "The greatest thing, is you."
80.// "I am a literary heretic."
81.// "A stake through the heart would kill anybody..."
82.// "I like your music the best."
83.//"What now?"
84.// "I seem to have lost my contact."
86.// "DON'T SHOOT!"
87.// "Oh no... he has a sword too."
88.// "Are you sure it's dead?"
89.// "Ummmmm..."
90.// "I can't write anything good."
91.// "We aren't in our own country!"
92.// "Please, stay with me."
93.// "He's not breathing!"
94.// "I...love...yo-"
95.// "She's gone."
96.// "Sir, where are your clothes?"
97.//"I can't even."
98.// "I believe in you."
99.//"What can I say... you're welcome."
100.// "The sea... it calls me."
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Tue Jan 17, 2017 11:31 am

What do you think of children?
644 words

Fern Rose slowly walked down the small dock that led out a short way into the pond, her fingers laced together in a nervous bundle. The sun poured out it's heavy hot beams down onto her head and out across the reflective surface of the water that bounced the obnoxiously bright light back into her slightly blinded eyes.
The boards that were usually slippery with slime and cold water had dried out and begun to crack, offering a splintering surface for her to pick her way across as she approached the figure at the end of the dock, leaning back on their elbows while their feet dangled in the dark grassy green water.
They turned as she reached them, a smile on their face.
She tried to return the smile, but her face contracted into a grimace as a stray sunbeam made a stab into her eyes.
"You alright, Rose?"
She sighed "Yes, Skipper."
He nodded and slipped his arm over her shoulders "It's hot today, isn't it?"
"Mm-hmm." She ran her fingers along the hand he'd laid against her, wishing she could simply lean into his embrace, closing her eyes into a sweet cool fantasy and not bother about how to break her news to him.
But she couldn't. The longer she let it lie, the harder it pressed into her mind and soul.
Skipper deserved to know the moment she gathered enough courage to tell him. But how did she begin? Diplomat she may have been, bandying pretty words with high browed officials in cold passages of power, yet this was one thing she'd never imagined trying to tell someone, much less her husband.
"Are you feeling alright? Yesterday you said you had a headache."
She drew in a long breath of the hot air, filling her lungs with a coarse dryness "I feel fine, Skipper... Though... I do have a question for you."
"What is it?"
She closed her eyes in a tight line against the sun and against his gently worried gaze while she forced the words to come out of her clenching throat.
"What do you think of children?"
He laughed, with a bit of confusion bleeding into the sound "They're great, Rose. I mean there's certainly nothing wrong with them..." His voice trailed away as he noticed her clenched expression "Is everything alright?"
"I-I need to tell you something," her voice trailed away into a raspy breaking whisper.
His grip tightened on her shoulder while with his free paw he cupped her chin, guiding her face upwards.
"Fern Rose open your eyes," he breathed softly and she complied by narrowly squinting up at him.
"What's wrong?"
She swallowed hard and leaned out of his embrace, pulling her knees to her chest and steadying herself against the edge of the dock.
"There is nothing... wrong. I need to tell you something."
He stared at her, confused by her tempestuous stream of behavior, so contradictory to her usual calm and collected pool of controlled emotion.
Then something slowly dawned on him, the realization breaking across his face like a gentle wave touched by the rising sun.
"You need to me something.... about children?"
She nodded, her chin dipping down to brush the top of her shirt's collar.
He took in a deep breath as nervous disbelief and excited incredulity began jarring together in his head "Do I know this child?"
Briefly tersely she nodded again.
"Do... I have to guess? You know I'm not very good at guessing."
He could see her throat contract as she swallowed, trying to force down the unruly feelings that were controlling her. Then she opened her mouth and in a soft, gently breaking voice whispered out a couple of words. A simple collection of sounds that actively changed so many things, that hot day down at the dock by the pond.
"It's our child."
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Thu Jan 19, 2017 12:26 am

"I...love...yo- "
500 words
Acel Lorange crawled across the floor, over broken glass and splintered furniture, towards the locked closet door.
The shattered remains of his home cut into his sagging body, but he ignored the fragments that sliced through his fur, because really, he couldn't be bleeding much more than he already was.
He reached the closet door and managed to lean his back against the wall, the iron wrought key clutched in his hand as if to keep him from falling away. But he couldn't make his leaking body rise far enough to reach the lock.
Inside the closet something scratched at the floor, then a sweet voice that brought Acel to bitter tears asked in a fearful whisper.
"Acel, is that you?"
Swallowing hard to clear the agony from his throat, he replied "Adelaide are you two alright?"
He could hear the soft relief in his wife's voice as she answered "Yes. We're fine. Can we come out now?"
He looked down at the key, stained with dark red, then at his stomach. At the ragged gaps in his shirt where their weapons had pierced him. His life was flowing away, a bit quicker with each heartbeat.
"I can't find the key, love. But help is on the way. They'll help me get you out."
"Alright." Adelaide's concern had melted away at her husband's reassurances "We'll be fine."

Panting, Acel smiled at her sweet tones "Good. Good.... You know I love you, right Addie?"
"Of course, Ace. I love you too."
He closed his eyes against the tears, his smile turning into a grimace of grief.
"Tem, son?"
"Yes, Dad?" the young boy's voice still held tremors of fear, but he sounded as though he was recovering from the shock.
"Do you... remember when you said... you wanted to be a sea captain?"
"Yes... You didn't like that idea."
A spasm of pain reached through Acel's middle, forcing him to gasp silently for air before he could answer.
"... No... actually, I think it's... I think it's a very good idea. You be a sea captain."
"Ace," Adelaide caught some of the pain that Acel couldn't keep hidden in his voice "What's wrong? Are you hurt?"
"Addy," he swallowed against the copper taste rising in his throat "My love... I love you... I've always loved you..."
Darkness swam in swirling currents before his eyes, unconquerable, irresistible, his throat tightened against the air he so desperately needed while liquid crept up to fill his mouth.
"Look after your mother," Acel choked out, sending spatters down his face "Promise me, Temrec, promise..."
"Promise me, Tem..."
Shaking with terror, Tem replied through tears that he didn't understand "I promise."
"Acel!" Adelaide had begun trying to force the door open "Acel!!!"

He could hear the voices on the floor below, those stirred up from the raucous fight only moments before. They'd find the key in his paw, they'd let his family out. But he couldn't do anything.
Except say his farewell.
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:12 pm

"Never do that again."
358 words

"So, Lady Aberdeena," Darkmoon collapsed into the nearest chair with a thankful sigh "You glad not to be Queen anymore?"

The vixen smiled at her old friend, who had worn the same weathered hat, old gloves, and fraying vest to Rusty's coronation as she had to Abberdeena's.
"It is a relief to be out from under every judging eye," she admitted, settling herself in a seat next to the cat "And I pray it will make my relationships less strained."
"Yeah. You're going to have a lot more time to spend with Terrimine."
"All my friends, I hope," Aberdeena smoothed down her skirts several times before looking over at Darkmoon "Actually Vale, that is something I would like to improve upon. Just now you called me 'Lady'."
"Yeah," Darkmoon looked at her from underneath the curled brim of her hat "So?"
"Over the years you've either called me Lady or Queen, with a few exceptions in situations where my plain first name was warranted. I on the other hand have always called you by your untitled name."
"Maybe because I don't have a title."
Aberdeena let a breath of amusement flow out through her nose "Not that you've never deserved one. But my point being that as our friendship has grown beyond the constraints of any such thing I would like to dispense with your habit of calling me 'Lady'."
For a quiet moment Darkmoon stared at her, then tipped her head back and uttered a short stuttering laugh towards the ceiling.
"You want me to call you by your first name? Is that what your trying to say?"

Aberdeena laughed with her, though with a much more demure chuckle "I'm afraid so. My language has turned frightfully grandiose over the years, hasn't it?"

"You can bet your tail it has," Darkmoon gained control over her merriment "Oh. I'd be honored to call you by your given named, Abbe. You've certainly never had any qualms about using either of mine."
"No. It did have the desired affect though."
"It got my attention, you mean."
"Yes and I only did it because your attention was so hard to attain."
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:20 pm

"Hey! Little ears are around!"
432 words
"Halt, thou beast of slime, thou thing that risest from the mud beneath good creatures paws, thou shalt not turn thy vile maw upon this land for I defend it against the monsters such as thee. One step upon these clean stones and I will spill out your black heart on it, bring spilling out your unclean blood over the fresh morning kissed grass. Stay now or die!"
Luke waved the prop sword over his head, gesturing with his free paw towards his cousin, who was draped over in a blanket.
She imitated a long wheezy voice as she raised her arms over her head, giving the blanket form an extra foot in height.
"Stay me not, ye mortal of base design for my power is beyond even thy imagining. Thou weak and brittle steel has no affect against my hide that is ten times the thickness of the forest vale. So move thy sagging carcass or upon my word I shall turn ye like unto the moldering leaves and shall suck the spirit from your body to feed my maddening heart."
"Never!" Luke shouted and pretended to hack Elvie into shreds. She reacted as if she had truly been severed in half, slowly doubling over while making loud choking noises.

There was a strangled squeaking noise that suddenly cut through their rehearsal. They both turned to see Raven who was standing in the doorway, his eyes popping out of his head while his mouth hung so low it about brushed the floor.

"What is going on in here?" Lily demanded, storming up behind her shocked grandson.
Turning to her, the little dark otter burst into tears "Luke killed Aunt Elvie!"
Lily scooped Raven up into her arms, hushing him gently.
"Now, now, Aunt Elvie isn't dead. Luke was just playing pretend," she soothed, shooting a glare that could've melted glass towards her daughter and nephew "I'm sure he didn't mean to scare you."

Swallowing hard, the squirrel nodded vigorously, hiding the sword behind his back "Yeah, Raven. I was rehearsing... for a play..."
Raven sniffled, rubbing his paw across the tears that had spread down his face "Promise?"
"Yeah. Hey, the sword is fake, see?"
Luke held out the wooden sword, but Raven buried his face into his grandmother's shoulder and began to cry again.
"That's enough, Luke," Lily said in a cold voice "In fact I think that's just about enough rehearsal for one."
Elvie sighed and folded the blanket up "Yes, Mum."
Luke set the sword down on the side table, his head hanging in shame "Yes, Aunt Lily."
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:44 am

"T'is only a flesh wound."
602 words
Lily shrieked as hot agony, indescribable and inexapable, would itself around her ankle like a crushing chain. She couldn't stand against the horrible pain punched against her chest, driving the air from her lung in a long tear filled wheeze.

through the gasps and shrieks that fell from her mouth alternatly, she could see her enemy, a mace wielding Garuda, approach, his weapon swinging in for the fatal blow.
Death was descending over her head and all over she could think was that it was going to hurt and she couldnt stand it.

But before the metal smashed into her skull a lightening bolt of tawny feathers shot towards the Garuda, knobby talons reaching towards the cold dark eyes, making contact with a horrible crunch.

Wheeling around from her swift kill the eagle bumped to a land next to the shrieking otter.
"Lil? Lily? Hang on Lily, we'll get you help," the snake, clinging to tue eagle's back with short coils waved his head in and out her gaze.
"I can't, " she gasped "Can't, too...hurts too much."
"You're only bleeding a little bit and it's just your ankle. We'll get help."
"Please...please dont leave," she begged, her voice turning gutteral with the pain "I can't..."
But Adrian and Avery seemed deaf to her pleas, taking to the air with a dusty whirl wind.

The pain refused to abate, keeping her suspended in reality. If only some darkness would claim her.

But there was only pain.

An eternity of groveling in the dirt passed before Avery returned, a medic trailing behind her.
Their voices where lost in a wave of fire and driving spikes as the medic, heedless of Lily's screams, lifted her roughly in his arms and with a hard jolting gait dashed through the dispersing lines towards the tents, Avery hovering alongside him.

Lily couldn't take in a breath for the agony raging up her leg every time the medic took a step, couldn't focus her eyes on anything or wrench her mind away from the screams echoing in her bones.

She was laid onto a pallet amidst a storm of hurrying feet and the sounds of others, screaming, groaning, shouting, in pain just as she was.
The medic hurried away as soon as Lily was on the ground and Avery fluttered away.
She returned a few minutes later, Lionel and Freeta in tow.

Lionel crouched by her head, reaching for her paw. She responded by locking every muscle around his paw, causing him to gasp slightly as Freeta touched her ankle.

"It's just a fracture, I can't treat this right now, Lily. It's not critical, there are-"
"Please," Lily sobbed "Please, I can't... I can't."
"I'm sorry," The little fox dashed off, lost in the crowd of patients.
"Lionel, please-"
"I'm sorry Lily," with his free paw Lionel gently stroked the side of her head "People are dying. You've got a fracture. I know it hurts, but you're not going to die."
"Please," tears streaked down her face "Please, I can't. I can't."
"Yes, you can, Lily. Just don't move and keep taking deep breaths."
"Lily. Lily. Listen. People are dying. Dying Lily. Please try to understand, you're going to be ok. You'll just have to wait," He continued smoothing down her brow "I have to go, Lil'sis, I have to help. You'll be alright."
"No," she refused to let go of his paw. If she let go, the pain might swallow her.
"I'm sorry, Lily. I'm sorry, but I have to go."
He forced her fingers apart and he too disappeared, leaving her wailing, clutching at the pallet.
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Re: Flo's Challenge to me

Postby Ranger of the North » Tue Jan 31, 2017 1:03 pm

Ahahahaha. #52 was /amazing/ :lol: :clap: XD

Ooohh... that ^^ is nasty *sympathetic shuddering* OUCH

I'm allowed to post, right?
The world is quiet here.
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Re: Flo's Challenge to me

Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Wed Feb 01, 2017 8:54 pm

Sure. I think it's fine.
52 is my favorite so far. Grandmum Lily XD
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sat Feb 11, 2017 5:45 pm

"It all ends, today."
1,092 words
"Remind me why you're doing this and not important royal, official stuff?" Lily asked as she measured out the flour into the bowl.
"Because," Aberdeena replied, tabling a spoonful of oil in with the flour "I'm sick of being queen right now. I wanted a break."
"So, you come over to my house and make muffins," Darkmoon flicked a patch of flour from her shirt and tried to stack the pile of used measuring instruments into the sink "Brilliant."
"Well hey, it's better than annexing Storm Coast or something," Abedeena tried to snatch the mixing bowl away from the otter, but Lily danced out of the way, whirling the spoon about madly.
"Wait, why would you need to annex Storm Coast?" Shyshie asked from the floor where she was entertaining Skipper with a pile of building blocks.
"Oh, there's some issues with the Crest Order having it's base of operations there."
"More issues with the Crest?" Darkmoon sighed "Can't we just shut them down?"
"Unfortunately no. It's complicated as I'm sure you're aware. So, after wearing me out for the past three weeks, I've come to the decisions that I need to bake muffins."

"Quite an intelligent choice if you ask me," Lily said, setting down the mixing bowl "Where's the sugar?"
"Why didn't you put in the sugar before you started mixing?"
"I... Have no clue."
Darkmoon sighed began rifling through the cabinets beneath the counter.
"Why is everything down there?" Lily asked, joining her.
"I don't keep everything down here, just the cooking supplies. The dishes are in other ones."
"Yes but only on the first shelf, there are three-" Lily sucked in a breath and started giggling "Oh no."
"Yeah, neither of us is tall enough," Shyshie answered "So it's bending over whenever I need to eat food."
"Well, I'll not have you standing on the counter for a piece of bread."
"You mean you won't have the both of you standing on the counter for a piece of bread."
Darkmoon shot a glare upwards at the vixen as she pulled out a small sack "You keep your long mouth shut, Madame. You can just tell someone to fetch you food and like as not it's someone tall."
"That's true, but I have to ask someone to get food because I'm elbow deep in paperwork, it's not because I'm lazy."
"But if you where lazy you could still do it," Lily pointed out, spooning the batter into the pan.

"Yes, thank you," Aberdeena sighed, starting another mix.

"That's way too many muffins," Darkmoon sighed, paws on hips as she viewed the baked goods festooned atop the counters and the kitchen table.
Darkmoon glanced down at Skipper, who had the remains of a 'muff' spread through his whiskers "Exactly."
"We could take some over to Viper," Shyshie suggested, pulling out a plate.
"Good idea," Aberdeena began stacking muffins onto the plate.

"Hey, Skippy," Lily brushed the crumbs from her son's whiskers "Do you want to go see Tim?"
"Yes!" He squeaked bouncing up and down "Timmy!"
"Well, Skipper approves."

"Shall we try the kitchen door?" Lily asked, after several knocks failed to bring a response "This house is huge, y'know. She might not have heard us."
"Anything is worth trying to get rid of the overabundance of Lady Aberdeena's stress relief," Darkmoon sighed, turning and marching around the house.
There was a warm glow leaking through the windows and a response as soon as Darkmoon rapped her knuckles against the door.

Viper peeked around the edge "Oh. Hello. What's going on?"
"We brought muffins!" Shyshie beamed, holding the plate up.
"Oh," there was a tremulous smile forced across the pale whiskers "Thank you... Please, come in."
"Is everything alright?" Lily paused by the door while the rest of her friends crowded into the kitchen.
Viper ran a quick paw through her turban, straightening it back from her face "Rough day. Tim's missing his dad."
Lily reached out to touch the weasel's shoulder "And you?"
Viper sighed heavily "I'm missing him as well. Anyway, muffins?"
"Aberdeena's form of stress relief."

Skipper bounced over to Timothy, who was sulking in the corner next to the door. The little otter waved cheerfully, but only received a slight growl in return.

"Oh, what's wrong?" Aberdeena sat down next to Timothy, her skirts pooling around her "You don't want to play with Skipper?"
"Why not?"
He mumbled something so soft that the vixen was forced to tilt her ears hard forwards to hear.
"I miss my dad."
"Oh, oh dear," Gently she touched his shoulder "Three months is a very long time."
He nodded morosely.
Aberdeena looked down at him, her mouth pressed in a thin line of sympathy, then snapped her fingers.
"I know what might cheer you up. How about a game?"
"Yes a game. Do you like games?"
He nodded dubiously "Yes... But don't you... have to do Queen stuff?"
"For today, I am taking a break from Queen stuff. What you like to play?"

Viper glanced over at them anxiously while her son replied.
"Well, if you're not going to be the queen today, can I be king?"
"Brilliant. Where shall the throne room be?"
"Umm, I think... the sitting room."
"Good idea. Nice comfortable places to sit," Aberdeena stood up with a businesslike twitch of her tail "Now then, Your Majesty Timothy Whisk, what shall become of your mother and subjects?"
"Can they be the guards?"
Aberdeena lifted an eyebrow "Better ask them. Politely."

Giggling, Tim dashed over to stand in front of the others and clasped his paws behind his back while adopting the nearest thing he could manage to solemnity "Will you please be my guards? Just while we play king?"

Grins spreading across their faces, Lily and Darkmoon unsheathed their swords and held them up in a salute, Shyshie snatched the banshaw from her mother's belt and held it in front of her, and Viper, with a genuine smile slowly tugging at her cheeks, marched over to the cupboard and hefted a rolling pin.

"I believe you've got yourself a wonderful set of guards," Aberdeena laughed, scooping up Skipper and holding him against her hip.

Rolland stumbled into the front hall, relieved to be home and out of the cold.

From around the corner he heard a collection of giggles and whispers.
"What's going on in here?" he asked, tossing his hat onto the rack.

Suddenly he found himself affronted with Darkmoon's needle raipier hovering an inch from his face.
"It all ends, today. Doctor."
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Postby TheSongOfTheStars » Sun Feb 12, 2017 11:34 pm

"You can't just kill people!"
637 words

Bewildered, the ring-tailed cat was marched through the halls, protesting loudly at being accosted in his own home.
"This is ridiculous! I have no idea what you think you're doing but-"
Lily silenced him by pressing her fingers against his lips.
"Hush, Doctor."

He was forcefully ushered into the sitting room and groaned heavily when he entered.
"What on earth-"
Timothy had a small towel clipped to his shoulders and wielded a candlestick "Doctor! It's the Doctor!"

Lily bowed elaborately "King Timothy! We caught this trespasser on the border! What shall be his fate?"
"Seriously, I have work to do."

Tim glared down at the Doctor, his eyes narrowed in delight "Kill him!"

"Timothy Whisk! You cannot just kill people!"

From across the room, Viper fell out of her pretend character with a warning on her brow "Timothy, that's not nice. You don't just kill someone for no reason."

With a sigh he fell back into the chair with a glance at Aberdeena.
She smiled "Can you think of another punishment?"
"How about you let the poor ringtail go and he can start doing his very important paperwork?"

Timothy's brow furrowed up in serious thought "Lock him up forever and never let him do any paperwork!"

"Right!" Lily snagged the doctor's arm and was about to drag him off, but turned back towards "King" Timothy "Where's the dungeon at?"
"Umm... The schoolroom!"

Rolland tried in vain to convince the girls to see reason, but before he could argue back his freedom, he was tied with several sheets and left with Shyshie as a guard.

The newly established monarchy ran smoothly with no further intrusions, until late in the evening.

The guards of Kingdom Timothy where posted by the front door, chewing happily away at warm muffins slathered in jam, when there was a heavy knock on the wood.
Lily's face lit up with slightly insane delight as she hurried Viper and Darkmoon off into the sitting room and shoved Shyshie towards the door, indicating that the cat should open the door.

Adopting a perfectly innocent smile, Shyshie opened the door to find Rusty leaning against the frame.
"Hey Kitten, is my mum here?"

She beamed at the fox prince and nodded "Yup, in the sitting room. You want a muffin?"
"Hey, sure, did-"
He was cut off as Darkmoon flicked her rapier out and held it a hair's breath from his forehead.
"Uhhh wh-"

"Hush and accept your fate," Lily hissed pinning his arms behind his back, not out of any feat of strength but rather through advantage of his surprise "You must come and bow before the King."
"Come," Shyshie said in a mock deep voice "Bow before your king."
"Aww come on, Mum!" Rusty moaned as he saw his mother seated next to Tim "What sort of game is this?"

Aberdeena's eyes flashed with amusement and a smile curled over her mouth, but before she could remark on her son's predicament, Shyshie stepped forwards, waving her arms around "Oh, High King Timothy, we have caught another dubious trespasser on the borders! He has been brought here so that you may pass your infallible and gracious judgment upon his head!"
"Trespasser?!? What do you mean trespasser? You opened the door for me you little ball of traitorous fluff!"

Timothy raised his candlestick and waved it wildly while shushing them. He turned to Aberdeena with a slight slump of his shoulders "Should we lock him up with the doctor?"

A devious smile played over the lady vixen's muzzle.
"This trespassers bears weapons your majesty. Surely he is a mercenary and a spy- far too dangerous to allow to live."
Delight lit up Timothy's eyes "Can we execute him?!?"
"It would most certainly be the safest course of action."
Timothy danced around the chair, waving his makeshift scepter, then he stuck it as far up in Rusty's face as he could reach "You gonna die at dawn! We're gonna chop your head off!"
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