{ INKLINGS v.4 } A Thread For Writers

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{ INKLINGS v.4 } A Thread For Writers

Postby watermelon. » Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:00 am

` inklings
There are all kinds of talents and amazing things out there. Some of us can sing, some of us are math whizzes, and others have a unique talent that no one else possess - but there's ones specific set of skills that catches the eyes, minds, and hearts of many. Writing: one of the most tasking, creative, gut-wrenching fields in existence. Some would argue that writing really isn't that difficult, but those of us who practice the unappreciated art know just how tough being an author can be.

Whether you simply enjoy writing, reading, or even just spinning up roleplay plots, this is the place for you. Inklings welcomes all things literature and it's soul purpose is to celebrate the beauty that the English (and other) language is. We would like to welcome you into our little corner of the library.

Welcome home, dear author. Grab a cup of tea and stay a while.
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Re: { INKLINGS v.4 } A Thread For Writers

Postby watermelon. » Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:01 am

` rules

      i. all of tess' rules apply.
      -- this is obvious, but still some people decide to break these guidelines. This rules apply everywhere, meaning they apply in Inklings as well.

      ii. take personal arguments to pm
      -- debating literature is a'okay, but do not bully, banter, or harass another member. You will be banned without question.

      iii. my mini-mods and I have the right to ban you.
      -- we strive for a community that is open but punctual. If you continously cause trouble/break our rules, we do have the right to warn you, pm you, or remove you from our list entirely. Please, don't come here with the intentions of hurting someone. It's very rude and very uncalled for.

      iv. be kind in your critique
      -- I cannot stress enough that you must be kind when sharing your opinion. "lol this sucks" is not an acceptable statement. Be constructive and helpful, or do not say anything at all. Failing to obey this will automatically earn you a slot on the ban list. Being respectful with others work is only curteous.

      v. people have a right to their own opinion.
      -- it is not a crime to think a certain way. Do know that everyone has their own opinion, as do you. You have the right to voice yours along with everyone else here.

      vi. plagiarism will not be tolerated.
      -- this is pretty self-explanatory.

      vii. you must give feedback to get feedback.
      -- it is not kind to come onto this thread begging for a critique, while not giving anyone else anything. if you want a critique or opinion of any kind, please provide some means of feedback to someone else beforehand in your post.

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Re: { INKLINGS v.4 } A Thread For Writers

Postby watermelon. » Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:02 am

` members

The founder, co-founder(s), and mods are set apart from members for easy access.
Members are put on by date. I'll sort by year and month. Just look for when you joined!

username / what they prefer to be called / story(ies) / available for critique?

When joining, be sure to go to our contest thread for even more fun viewtopic.php?f=43&t=2408557

GO HERE TO JOIN --- viewtopic.php?f=57&t=2596539 do not post your forms here.

      original founder
      rosemarrie/rosemarrie/ / Yes.

      current owner
      watermelon. / mel, melon / nope / Yes

      January 2015
      merliotfedora/merilot, fedora/ Still working on them / Yes c:
      qwill. / just qwill. / / yes c:
      Albert Hammond, Jr. / Albert / / always
      kagey / anything c: / / yess :33
      *Bad Wolf* / - / / yeah please critic.
      Aliria / No nicknames / / Yes!
      Zoethian / Zoey, Dust / / Eh, sometimes
      e-l-s-a-b-a / elsaba without the dashes is fine .u. / wip / Yes
      Silverhart / Silver / (none) / When I have time
      elizabethhher / liz, afro / / yes, of course ^-^
      Megaguirus / Mega / / Yes please!
      elf-of-the-hollow / Elf / None posted / Yes, always
      Greenleaf / Legolas, Greeny / none yet :P / Yes
      Runningrace / Run, Running, Race / / When I ask for it
      WilloweWolf / Willowe,Wolf, WW / / yes
      Vazchu / Vaz or Caius / / Yush, both giving and receiving. :3
      saltwater veins / salt / / open to critique by pm
      Salt 'n Pepper / Salt, Pepper / / Always!

      February 2015
      hachster54 / hach / No stories yet. One is in the works, though. / Totally open for critique! Just be constructive about it.
      meowool / meow / / Yarp!
      *ajayRed* / Red, Ajay. / / always.
      Glimmercat24 / Glimmer / ➹ / Sometimes.
      Asherwy / Ash / / Yep!
      Tea_Leaf / Tea / / I'm open to critique!
      Stars of Tomorrow. / Star, Kacey / none at the moment. / Yes.
      leela / munni and chameli / ➹thrice ➹maktub ➹candle / totally open for critique ouo
      Mrs.DeanWinchester / Westy, Dean, Mrs. Dean / / i am open for critique
      teacher's pet / Bambi / / Of course
      .Arrow. / Arrow, Archer / Not active online / Sure

      March 2015
      TheFacilePoet / Poet / / All open for critique
      Minxious / Minx or Minxi / / Always!
      skemma04 / skemma / / Any critique is gladly welcome!!
      -verso / ver, sophia, umbreon / / always c:
      Pappillons / Pappi Papps Pappsters, anything you'd like! / / Yes c:
      the japanese wolf. / wolfie / / yes please
      ~nan~ / nan / No stories until now but maybe you can link my challenge thread: / always

      April 2015
      Minimire Galfindo / n/a / / Of course
      Merlin's Heir / Merlin, Mer / / Sure
      Nightfury_Rider / Night / I don't have nay stories up yet, but I write a lot!! / Always :D
      casimir / Casi / I've none posted here, sadly. / Absolutely.
      Need For Speed / Koe, Agera, One:1, (Anything like a fast car!) / / Yes, I am working on Fanfiction right now...
      a l l u k a / mells, luka / haven't posted any on cs yet, sadly / Always!

      May 2015
      dancing in circles. / evie / none yet :c / completely open to constructive critique!
      Doctor Allons-y / Nothing, call me whatever ya feel like / I got a completed book but it isn't really linked to anything just a Word Doc / Sure if I have anything.
      sakari / sakari / no stories c: / certainly
      merenwen / meri / / always cx
      tumble, / tumble cx / / yes, and an editor
      Eire./Irish/No stories yet/Yis
      civility. / rosey or civi / ➹ 1oo scenes?? does this count? (i'm working on a legit story too i swear) / critique & comment away c:
      Piefan/ Pie, Pi, Nurin/Nothing I can really call a story/ Yes
      beadingbritt / britt/ / Absolutely!
      m r . s k i t z / Skitz, Skittie. / basically everything I work on is in a document on my computer xD / yes, but I'd prefer if you asked before just giving critique each time I post something ^^
      Harunan / Haru/Ashleigh / has some / sure, I don't mind
      The dreamer. / dreamer/ I have no stories on CS as of right now /
      type. / ty, but you can call me anything / 100 scenes challenge - does this count? / of course. c:
      corrupted dreamer / corrupt/ / Yes :3
      Hunter X Hunter / Call me anything you want. :3 / / Yep!
      Lucilla / Lucy / No submitted stories / Yes
      p a r a в a т a ι. / parabatai, par, bat/ / Definitely open for critique... I need it.
      Master Of Nightmares/ call me anything bruh / /I would love critique
      carrot./ - / / yep
      Petlover552 / Amber / Princess Layla / yes
      Rosepaw101 / Rosy, Rose./ No stories. / I need it.
      snownina / Snow/ Not yet, currently planning one / yes. yes, please!
      vigilante / vigi / got none / sure
      carrie911 / WIP / Yes
      .chamomile. / cham, chammy, jay / / always c:
      Queenxz / Q / / Definitely! It's encouraged!

      June 2015
      s h a t t e r e d / I don't really have any/ I haven't written any on here➹ / Of course!
      Keyes / No nicknames/ sometimes you don't have a story but maybe someday / Yes
      #Dewfur / Dewey, Dewfur/ / Yes
      SkyBug / Skye / not available
      Stonefly / Stone / None currently posted.
      smileyalways / smiley/ / yes please
      lucas. / just lucas / none at the moment. / when i make a story, yes.
      ρεã¢ë ßε ϣϊth ϒδϋ / peace / / i'm always open for critique, as long as it's reasonable/sensible. ^u^
      susurri / surri / none quite yet c; / yep!
      MythicalRaindrop / Myth and Rain / / Always.

      July 2015
      ~WolfGirl~ / Wolfy/ None yet / Defiantly
      yellowwfangg / yellow / none yet :3 / sure!
      Jam Buds / Jam / Currently working on them/ Sure ^-^
      [aly] / aly / / yes!
      Anthropology / Anthro, Flower, Gargoyle / / yes!
      Shakespeare / Shakes, Shakey / working on it! / always open for critique c:
      benexo / nex, nexie, etc. / ➹ very old! / if i'm online, sure c:
      BinaryBC / Binary, BC, BBC, etc / None yet / Yes please!
      elizabeth. / (Preferably) Hana ; Elizabeth ; Liz / / I don't really care, but sure, why not
      s h i b i t o . / shi-chan, deathly / / OPEN FOR CRITIQUE?
      leifa / lei / / sure

      August 2015
      dalmatian. / dalmy / / sure
      Chemicello / Stormy or Chemicello/ none yet / absolutely
      Lillybear / Lilly, Lil, & Lil' Bear / If challanges count, then here. Otherwise, I haven't posted any of my stories. / Always!
      techey // / of course c:
      Speardance / Spear, Whirl / none on here yet / depends, but please ask!
      A. Pseudonym / Nym or Pseudonym/ / Yes, of course!
      Arche / Arc, Dean / / Yep c:
      Kim Jongdae /Kim, Jongdae, Dae / / Yes, always :) [though through pm and not on the actual thread^^]
      CJClaire / CJ; CC/ No story links yet!/ Yes please!!!

      September 2015
      Aries-Queen of All / Just call me Aries / Haven't posted any here yet. / Sure, whenever I get around to posting anything. :3
      riptide ; / izzy, ebb, tide / not yet / sure, if i have time!

      October 2015
      ➳ hoot / anything you want haha / no stories posted here yet ;u; / yeah totally open for critique! only if i ask though, please <3
      rnalnstream / mad, maddix / nothing currently on CS! / Definitely!
      SunlightSong / sunny, aki / work in progress. >//< / in the process of steeling myself, that is to say, CRITIQUE WANTED
      arthurandscones. /Art/ /On weekends and breaks I am always open!
      underfaker / novi / wip / as long as it's friendly qwq
      Rijo / Wolfy/➹/ yes
      little.lilly.elf / Lilly/Lil/Elfie / no links available yet / I'm here to critique and be critiqued. I was a published author.

      November 2015
      .: ||Static||:. / Don't really have any, so Static is fine/ / I'd love to have some critique! It's how we learn, right?
      Nitro Indigo / Indigo/ / I want some critique, or at least input of any kind on my writing.
      I am Sher-Locked / Sherlock / no links available yet/ yes, absolutely!
      riverbirch92 / Anything! / Not yet! / Please!
      black • røse / rose / no stories yet / open for critique?yes please!
      meow or never / fere, fere-chan, meow, husky / / always open for constructive critique c: [[note; i am more into poetry than writing stories <3]]
      cmu9899 / cmu, bunny, pencil / / Yes! Very open! Just PM about suggestions
      FrostySlushyAJ/ Slushy or Frosty / ➹ No Stories Yet :3/ OPEN FOR CRITIQUE? Yes please :3
      Believix / Belle / Working on a chapter book now! / OPEN FOR CRITIQUE? Yes!
      EncyOf/ Enc, EO, E/ The Ice Cream Shop / OPEN FOR CRITIQUE? Yes please! <3
      WolvesLionsCats / wolfie / none yet. / of course :3
      .rosey./rose/none able to link. usually don't post them anywhere till finalized!/definitely!
      :.Duplex.: / Dupe, Duplex / / Of course!

      December 2015
      Thewriter / Writer /Train Tracks - (based off a prompt.),- The Ghost Of Now and Forever ➹ / Yes, I am open to critique.
      Colour54 / Colour or Dark / No stories I want to share ➹/ OPEN FOR CRITIQUE? Yes
      Klain / Klain, or if u remember it Coni / I just start again to write, and I'm looking for a internet side to publish it, so if you can recommend something? ._. / Sure, but don't be mean
      kartharon / karth.karthy.kar / none currently / willing to critique/be critiqued
      ultrakittyquinn / Kitty or Quinn/ My Writing Corner on here / Kinda when I ask for it :)
      Tianuki (previously Trex) / Tianuki or Trex(if anyone remembers me as that) / none currently / definitely
      Alliant / Sander or Lynx / / Always open for something constructive!
      Mahaut/ Math or Mama/ I swear to god I have a few story coming!!/ always! But I prefer PM :3
      pinotrenoir. / pino, pine, pinto, anything you come up with! c: / nothing yet, sadly! working on it c: / when i post a story, yeah !
      crystals. / call me anything / boop / yes, will be a bit busy

      January 2016
      wallflower; / / definitely. c:
      Severus Snape / Snape, Severus, or Sev / / Certainly I'd prefer in a PM
      Error/Error/ N/A / Yes | However I need to post something first before that option becomes available.

      February 2016
      ScorchedEarth41501 / Scorch or K work/ I need to edit and rewrite most of them, then upload them. (Sorry!) / I'm always up to critiquing!
      The Pirate Dragon / Pirate, Dragon, TPD, whatever you wanna call me / No stories published yet (SOON) / Totally open for critiques
      grapefroot / just grapefroot, nothing special / don't have any stories yet / once I share, absolutely!

      March 2016
      DuckyMomo / Ducky / None yet. / Yep
      ~Red Ribbon~ / Just call me Red/ / Any time! I'm always looking for ways to improve my writing!

      April 2016
      --I am Sherlocked-- / Sherlocked /Nothing written yet... / Yep if I do, though.

      May 2016
      LaurelLeaf / Laurel/ / Yep, always looking to improve
      Livini / n/a / I haven't shared any stories on CS, unless my "create a fandom together" club counts (the link to that is in my signature), but I like to discuss my stories and characters: maybe I'll show something some time ^^ / Usually open to friendly critique.
      Lavender Lullabies / Lee / ➹ / not open for critique at the moment (especially considering I don't have any stories posted yet).
      Krenko / K or Potassium/ / OF COURSE!
      empathea ;; / emp | Bee/ Incomplete, though I do have a Diary / Yep!

      June 2016
      OutlawQueen/ Queenie/ I write only on wattpad. My stories are here: / sure
      Ice580 / You can call me anything, but I prefer Ice / No stories yet, but I have ideas. I might be starting one right after... / Yes, as long as you're polite about it
      etcetera / just etcetera/ ❝ [♛] quotation marks ❞ / yup! (^v^)b

      July 2016
      gunpowder. / Captain, Cap'n, Gunner / I do not wish to share any / None here to critique
      Phanisnotonfire. / Rain/Phan, whatever is fine/ /Any time

      September 2016
      Robyn Hode. / Robyn / / yes
      GoldenSpice / Goldy, Spicy / / Yes, always!

      October 2016
      eggsavior / xavier / (i don't have original works online, but i do have my ao3) / yes!
      >>Skeletor<< / Ava or Skeletor / [url=no fiction stories published officially yet c: soon though]➹[/url] / yes definitely
      Bill Ciforce / Garnet / Two early-stage original fiction novels (Unpublished) / Open to requests for critiques, but no promises on my availability, hah. Always open to constructive criticism on work I post.
      dove./ dove/ / forever
      Obsessed / Sessy / Children's books and fanfiction. Original work is not posted; too shy for fanfiction links➹ / As long as it remains constructive and unbiased.

      November 2016
      frostykitty / frosty / none on CS / gentle criticism is perfectly fine
      Nocte Luna / NL, Nocte, Luna / / Yes, I will take all critique

      December 2016
      100 Minus 1 / 100, Minus, Negative / Big ol' WiP / Definitely.
      Demonic Rooster / Rooster, DR / n/a at the moment / Yes c:
      shybiscuit/biscuit/ none at the moment, but i'm getting ideas every day! / gentle criticism would be nice
      serena, / rena / any of my writing would be found here [ none posted atm ] / undoubtedly
      Ranger of the North / Ranger / / Yes, thank you, I am open for constructive critique c:
      The Succulent Queen / Kitty or Queenie <3/ / Always open <3
      Fortunea / Fortune/ none atm / yes c:
      Moonblaze-Angel/ Angel or Moon/ Nothing yet / Well...these are? My 100 One-Shot Challenge

      January 2017
      The Worst Username / Anything works: The Worst, The, Cactus...I'm not picky. / I've got nothing on CS yet! / If I ever post anything here, yes.
      Bunnyflashwing / Flashwing/ / I'm fine if you critique my work - I'm a young writer who only starting writing around 2/3 years ago
      beardeddragonfire / Nutella / Currently have none.➹ / ~
      Pyjaks / Py / none / yes, open for critique :)
      MagicSpyglass/ Spy, Magic/ /Yeppers!
      liontamer321 / Lion / / I accept critique through PM c:
      .mist / mist or misty c:/ None atm / Always
      Lotus Petal / Lotus, Petal, or Issy/ None at the moment c: / Yes!
      KING of ELI / Ricky, Luck, Eli, Otabek / / I am open for critique
      samo7777 / Sam or Samo/ / Of course :3
      reverie, / rev / / yes!
      anime_lily / Lily / haha... some day... / sure ^-^

      February 2017
      ᎪᏞᎬuᏒᎥss / Riss, Rissy / / Yep!
      lexthedestroyer / Lex / No completed stories yet, just my ao3! here / Open for gentle critique, but all of my writing is pretty trash. I'm working on it!
      Carpe Diem (for now/Randy/Raven/Magic ➹ /Of course, everyone should be :)
      inconspicuous; / inc. / one-shots [do these count??] / sure :>
      Politic! / You can call me Politic, Poli or Lior / It's a wip, 1 chapter per week or so / Always open for critique!!
      jared leto / idk um trash or whatever floats your boat / / yes !
      sweet sweet! / sweet / / depending
      blackbird. / bird / ➹ (does a one-shot challenge count?) / yes i am!
      HP is a potato / HP / ➹ a gross sappy poem / sure, why no
      Aᴛʟᴀs / Aᴛʟᴀs, Atty, Aussie, Alex, Doctor / ➹ Prompt Writings and For Fun / I'm Open For Critiques!
      ryunosuke akutagawa / whatever floats your boat / / yup
      munchqueen / munch, munchkin, etc. / (my latest story) / I'm definitely open for critique! I want to improve my writing, always. c:

      March 2017
      RodeoHorseGal / Erm.. whatever you want to call me xD as long as it's not mean o3o/ I don't have any stories on CS yet.. I'm a little self-conscious about that.. / Yep! c:
      Peachycupcake525 / Peachy, Peach/ I don't really post my stories anywhere that much, and the only stuff I've posted on cs is really bad / I'm open for critique
      Clover-Palette / call me Clover please x / / Ask before giving critques please, I'm very senstive.

      Bans and Suspensions:
      None yet- can we please keep it that way? How to keep it this way? Follow all the rules- Don't make any of us mad - if we ask you to stop, please be kind and stop! Warnings are where we want to stay. No further!

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Re: { INKLINGS v.4 } A Thread For Writers

Postby watermelon. » Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:04 am

` other + questions

follow the link below to join. questions may also be asked at the forum linked.

All new members are automatically accepted.
If you post a form, you are a member.

please check out our contest thread as well:

please use the joining thread to post your forms, thank you.
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Re: { INKLINGS v.4 } A Thread For Writers

Postby watermelon. » Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:04 am

for a directory of stories visit the CS Library

I strongly strongly strongly encourage you to utilize it. This is a magnificent idea.

please use the joining thread to post your forms, thank you.

An inklings exclusive stamp c:
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Re: { INKLINGS v.4 } A Thread For Writers

Postby narwhalchan. » Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:18 am

Hey, first poster, guess I need to re post my form huh?

i'm a new member!
;;Cherry Blossoms;; / Cherry, Blossoms/ / Possibly
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Re: { INKLINGS v.4 } A Thread For Writers

Postby Amethyst The Gem » Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:19 am

Oooooo, shiny new thread!

Can I rejoin? I think my info get deleted from the members list.
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Re: { INKLINGS v.4 } A Thread For Writers

Postby watermelon. » Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:20 am


I am really busy until about Friday, then I should be able to do the list.
I think I'll make a separate form for joining/rejoining, so hang tight for a bit
pm me any time, seriously. i'll be your friend haha
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Re: { INKLINGS v.4 } A Thread For Writers

Postby luminescence. » Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:21 am

        yay, new thread! i'm just marking this so i don't loose it. c:
i'm not active here on cs anymore.
thanks for the years of memories & friendships.
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Re: { INKLINGS v.4 } A Thread For Writers

Postby Woogwoo Wren » Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:24 am

i'm a new member!
Spanner339/Anything/ / OPEN FOR CRITIQUE? Yes please!
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