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Customs (Fixed!)

Postby Twilight Prince » Mon Jul 02, 2018 4:33 am


The Pwik, or Mustela vulpes, are one of the few creatures that thrive in our world's darker counterpart. This gives people the impression that the Pwik themselves must be dark, or evil, themselves by influence of their home. That would be very inaccurate. The pwik are very coy creatures that scavenge food off of larger, less forgiving creatures, such as the human doppleganger in that realm, who are very similar to us, but have dark powers at their fingertips. How do we get the Pwik then? A long time ago, one of the alternate realm humans brought over a mating pair and sold them for a high price to a group who has since bred and distributed them. This is not their original home, but they do well as long as they are in captivity. They aren't quite used to being out on the streets yet.

The Pwik are signatured by their marked hand tail, which they adorn with some sort of bracelet of their choosing. The tail can stretch to up to 4 times its length. The mark on their hand tail has no relation to alliances or skill, but is a unique indetification, much like a human's fingerprint. Their build is much like a ferret's, although the face is closer to a fox's. The Pwik's infant to adult growth and sizing is very similar to a goats. (Here, the growth period is shortened from 12 months to 6 weeks til maturity.) Baby Pwiks are called quops. At most, 2 quops can be birthed from the same Pwik within 24 hours. A group is a skulk(like foxes).
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