Fish Keeper's Nursery (Closed) by cyberdragon725

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Fish Keeper's Nursery (Closed)

Postby cyberdragon725 » Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:55 am

Main Thread~[url]Customs[/url]~[url]Nursery[/url]~Species Info~Artist Search
Fish Keepers are semi-aquatic canines who were discovered deep in the oceans, normally near coral reefs or deep sea trenches. They spend a large portion of their life inside the water and they have adapted to such conditions, growing shorter and sleeker fur, fins, and gills. They will only begin to leave the ocean once they have reached full maturity, when their lungs have fully developed and when they are finally allowed to leave their parents behind to find their own home. They have a unique attraction to shiny objects, normally attempting to collect them, and they are almost always seen with at least one little fish companion. It is said that the little fish hold pieces of their soul and without them, the keeper would fall ill and possibly die. The creatures are omnivores, eating mostly seaweed and kelp, but also will eat the occasional crab or clam. The shark like fin and tail help the keepers to move swiftly through the water and to help them move in specific directions. On land, the tail also serves to keep them balanced.

Nursery Rules (WIP)
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