Dusa 28 | Wild Red Dun Pinzgaur by Dia.

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Artist Dia. [gallery]
Time spent 23 minutes
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Dusa 28 | Wild Red Dun Pinzgaur

Postby Dia. » Thu Jul 09, 2015 2:50 pm

"Dusa" is the name for any of 5 similar species in the closely-related genus Dusa. They are small antelopes, closely related to the Duikers, but they have several distinct characteristics which make them unique among bovids. The greatest difference of all is their diet - all species of Dusa are nearly exclusively carnivorous. They are notoriously difficult to keep in captivity due to their shy nature and strong social bonds, and very few captive packs have ever been kept sucessfully - until now. A sustainable captive population of Dusa dusa, known as the Striped Dusa or Common Dusa, has been established, and are ready to be adopted out.

Owner: Dia.
Name: Finch
Gender: Female
Coat Colour: Wild Red Dun Pinzgaur
Genotype: E+e/aa/Dndn/Spsp
Social Personality: Dominant, Intelligent

This Dusa is dominant, which means she will most likely occupy a social rank at the top of pack hierarchy.

This girl is my custom. ^^ She's nothing super special genetics-wise, but I really love dun on these guys!
All four of my GA adopts have been posted. This was fun! I can't wait to see where this species goes <3

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