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goobies [an arpg] customs and myos [dnp !!] by byyrde

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Artist byyrde [gallery]
Time spent 27 minutes
Drawing sessions 2
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goobies [an arpg] customs and myos [dnp !!]

Postby byyrde » Mon Aug 05, 2019 4:41 am

w e l c o m e xxx t o xxx t h e xxx g o o b i v e r s e

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massive fractures spread from the core to the crust of omicron-06, in a galaxy many thousands of light years from earth. as a red dwarf star set for the last time on the ruptured planet, the last of its former inhabitants fled on starships and refugee cruisers, forced to watch their home disappear into the darkness of space. no one among them is quite sure how or why the planet splintered, but the surface wasn't the only thing that splintered. refugees from the lost omicron-6 broke into separate factions as a result, and now live spread far apart, on many different planets, space bases, and even starships throughout the known universe.
now they seek a new home, or revenge for what happened to their planet, or just a new purpose to call their own.

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