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Dargon Fanclub

Postby Scottish9 » Tue Apr 24, 2018 11:27 am

Welcome to the Dargons Fanclub!

Main Page

This is a Fanclub for all Dargon lovers and owners! Here, you can:
    ~Show off your Dargons politely
    ~show off fanart/fanfics
    ~Post advertisements for Dargons you want to trade or give away (a give-away is not an eviction, as the Dargon will not be owner-less)
    ~Find mates and other relationships for your Dargons
    ~Chat about the species and it’s events!

The Rules are simple, and of course, all main page rules apply
    ~Please no harassing, bullying, or anything like that
    ~no begging for trades without offering something in return. Items, accessories, and Dargons can be traded, but no sales at all. Not even SC.
    ~no art or writing that has 13+ gore or romance
    ~no spam or advertising non-Dargon things.
So, I am no longer really playing. I am sticking around to collect pets which I will exchange for art. Please only contact me about art or if you need some advice or a listening ear.
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