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Postby corvidous » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:14 am

{Welcome to the Doctor Who Fanclub!}

If you've ever heard of the T.V show, or maybe just picked up a bit of information about it, and you happened to be intrigued by the notion of a 1,000 year old TimeLord traveling throughout space and time in a blue British police box called the TARDIS, well, here's your personal little TARDIS of companions with the same interests! Feel free to discuss the show, its spin-off {TorchWood} and all the wonderful array of characters and legends. Even the old series, 1-8, will be warmly welcomed here.Even if you know nothing of the show, and have only seen one episode of any of the Doctors, feel free to post here~ We don't bite, and we certainly won't sonic you with our screwdrivers!

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Fanclub Members and Warning List
The Quotes of Doctor Who
Community Calender, Fanart, and Other Things.

Wyrd wrote:Sorry about the plain coding right now. I'm working on getting this all updated and up to speed before I actually start re-doing the front page entirely.

The Staff of the Thread;


New Fanclub Rules;

We've recently had a few issues with spam, fighting, and other various things that weren't well covered with our current set of rules.
Knowing this, I've decided on the following rules for the FC;

  • No Spamming;
    Spam is anything off-topic, not directly related to DW, double posting, pointless posting, or anything carries out a two-sided conversation between two users that drifts off topic. If you're conversing with someone about something in simple one sentence replies, take it off the thread.

  • Quote Posts that you're replying to;
    Meaning, if you're having an on-topic, lengthy conversation with someone, quote it! This will help encourage conversation, and allow the thread to flow more easily. CS does a have quote to post limit, which will prevent over sized replies and 'text walls'. Please, if you notice your post will be huge, remove a quote or two.

  • Keep GIFs down to two images per post/Three unmoving images per post;
    The topic can get very laggy when a large number of GIFs and images are within on post, and that can be an inconvenience. If you have more than the given number of images to show, use links to show them. {Also applies to large images}. The following will work for links;
    Code: Select all
    [url=IMAGE URL HERE]Link title[/url]

  • Spoilers need to be shrunken;
    Reading an unwanted spoiler- Or fact about an episode that someone has missed- can be upsetting and frustrating to some fans. Anything up to Eleven and Clara/Season Six of New Who must be shrunk to size forty font or smaller.
    Code: Select all
    [size=40]spoiler here[/size]

  • Have fun!
    Having a Doctor Who Fanclub is a privilege, and losing that wouldn't be enjoyable. Don't be afraid to have a friendly discussion here about your favorite Doctor, but don't bash others about their opinions either. Enjoy talking to others about your fandom, and have a good time while doing it!

  • No mini-modding;
    Mini-modding means to act like a moderator the thread, when you aren't appointed to that position. I do keep an eye on this thread, and I do see the issues when they happen. Replying to spam, or attempting to handle an issue that a Mod or I should be dealing with can be considered mini-modding. If an issue occurs on the thread, don't reply to it- PM me! I'll reply to you and handle the situation as soon as possible.

Now, you may be wondering if I'll be imposing warnings on this thread as well, considering that we've now got new rules.
And yes, I will be.
Warnings will be given out to members who break the rules. I will PM you, and will be able to discuss the issue with me before I decide to place a warning.

Five warnings will earn you a week long ban from posting on the thread.
Ten warnings will earn you a month long ban.
After those ten warnings, you will be permanently banned from the thread until the next version.
Posting on the thread while on a ban from the thread will bump up your time being banned.
Example; You're on a week long ban, and post two days into the ban on the thread. You now have to wait a month to post again.

[center]I'm Ready to Join!
Awesome! Here is the form. It's not formal, and you don't need to be accepted. This is so we get to know a little bit about you.
Code: Select all
Hi! My name is *username here*. I want to join!

My favorite doctor is:
My favorite companion is:
My favorite episode is:
I have watched up to: *Series, episode, or other details like that*
And finally, I am from *Insert country here. COUNTRY ONLY PLEASE*. {Not needed if you're uncomfortable with sharing this.}
I have read the rules and promise to follow them.

[size=50]Code: Nibblybibbles.[/size]

Don't worry about the code either. It makes it easier to find your form again.

Helpful links
Here be spoilers. A xat account for the fan club. Designed for major spoilers or more offtopic chatter.
Search for the Truth is a fan comic of Doctor Who. It's brilliant!
Looking for episodes online? CLICK ME!

A few Tumblr Doctor Who Blogs;
{I'm not responisble for the content of these blogs. There may be spoilers, so proceed at your own risk~ I will remove the links if anything inappropriate shows up.}
The OFFICIAL Doctor Who Tumblr
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The Doctor's Companions;;

Postby corvidous » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:14 am

Members List

Will be updating this as well- It may take a bit, so please, be patient. ^^;
This has been restarted, as of the new thread. As we had many inactive members in the old one, and it also hadn't been updated in a while, we thought this would be the best idea :) I'd appreciate it if you'd fill out a new form the first time you post here (although there's no need to make it your whole post - you can just include it at the bottom or something (: ). Thanks!
Also, if you ever change your username and want it updated here, please *PM me*

1. wickedwolfgirl
2. Scarf
3. Lasse + Sparrow (Rachy)
4. Sweet Release
5. Time Lord
6. .:Myth Lady:.
7. The Heart Never Lies
8. Mycorrhizae
9. ~Scotland's Pond~
10. Lemony Sniket
11. Russettfang111
12. I-Rachel
13. Vrazda
14. Weeping Angel
15. Ashwyn
16. Deerfoot
17. kitten;
18. ~TheSecondHermione~
19. zippyzoo77
20. Wildmagic_warrior
21. Speedy ♥ Tardis
22. AlbinoBroccoli
23. Amy Pond
24. EJsmallz
25. Magique
26. .:Rainie~Daze:.
27. Amazonboy
28. Sally Sparrow
29. Laevatienn
30. lioness99a
31. Sakyra73
32. Rivers
33. *~T~*
34. Gallifreyeans unite!
35. Misfortune
36. Lyra's Heartstrings
37. sapphire-rose
38. .:Always:.
39. .:Adelaide:.
40. Redwolf2000
41. DoctorWhoRocks
42. iBeeWho
43. Lixa
44. Snow-Leopard-Lover
45. Whovian
46. .:scenefox:.
47. volleyball3321
48. WinterRain
49. Twilight.Music<3
50. Atwood
51. GracieB
52. NimbleStep
53. Random Weirdness
54. Nouky
55. The Cat Did It
56. Imo
57. hellofreddy24
58. ~DoctorWho101~
59. YuKanda
60. Lakotah
61. Doctor_Who?
62. Cheers Mate
63. Lilith83
64. Rainy Days
65. Marquee Moony
66. AleatoryWarrior
67. BlueJillyBeans
68. Amaterasu~
69. InuKagndWolfsRaingrl
70. Ragani
71. vamprockstar
72. Willowtree10
73. PandaCobain-TM-
74. Geronimo.
75. Oswin
76. doctors no.1dalek
77. oakash
78. Nyrsvarth
79. Lilastray
80. benrox666
81. Nacht
82. Geode
83. Toroprincess
84. warrior cats rock
85. rainbowpanda101
86. Still Got Legs
87. bluesand1313
88. Saphira344
89. Jezi
90. meerkatgirl
91. Ronya
92. Winterpool
93. IrishBaritone
94. .:Jabberwocky:.
95. ~Kairavi~
96. whatserface
97. HollowSelf
98. g0ldii3 v4niity
99. Manx
100. Smurfette
101. Flame_Heart
102. Galaxy.
103. FM & Bluu
104. Lao
105. Doctor Whooves
106. ~AnimalAddict~
107. :Aryen:
108. TBB + Maple
109. Arianhe
110. asaki
111. Elfie
112. Steez
113. caterpillar
114. Tylis
115. lil28
116. Hoothead
117. ^KitKat^
118. stradivariholmes
119. Leopardclawxx
120. FourCrosses
121. Shizaya~
122. WillowXCrooked
123. Amberflame
124. ~|...Omni...|~
125. ShadowRoselia
126. [] folle []
127. ~ЄℓɛρнαитǤιяℓ2000~
128. Teleport
129. rhirhi76
130. ~FallenSwann~
131. Kuroyami
132. CarleySap
133. ::Tribal Otter::
134. LiebenWolf
135. swoomzie
136. Story Teller
137. Princess Luna
138. alphatoros
139. Ekio
140. Tru

290. .Dreamer.
291. . nightmare .
292. timelordemort
293. Cheesy34
294. LokiDragon
295. Valhalla.
296. ahopetucker
297. Breeze Beach
298. Kanaria
299. The Spinning Moon
300. Sound~of~Drums
301. Lochley
302. Glowbee
303. Penguino.
304. Cedaar The Mutt
305. Twilight Sparkle
306. Splash-Of-Marigold
307. CeruleanRush
308. SinIxto
309. Scorpius Malfoy
310. Oswin Oswald
311. thorrissia
312. Sommerwölfin
313. Time and Space
3.14. Dan Howell
315. Auxi
316. Wolf;
317. Emily xxx
318. Scoobydoo1021
3.19. -:shade:-
320. Ilanimage
321. TwistedTwizzler
322. belle.
323. Electra Heart
324. ~Are You My Mummy?-
325. erin2019194
326. Tinypony16
327. Yuki.
328. nerdyteengirl
329. the tenth
330. Ultri-Vira
331. ChristainAnimalLover
332. furrywarrior135
333. Theta Sigma
334. ~The Timelord~
335. Bad Wolf Kess
336. GʀᴀʏSᴛᴀʀ51
337. iRabid Coffee
338. localriot
339. Sherlocked Whovian
340. ~Alternia Dragons~
341. s e v e n
342. ♌ Nepeta Leijon ♌
343. allyna910
344. The Lion's Roar
345. the doctor's fez
346. w o n d e r l a n d.
347. leo.
348. Captain James Kirk
349. Showjumper101
350. hawkclaw191
351. escapism
352. xXStill SwingingXx
353. Astro Sloth
354. *~Nevermore~*
355. ChemicallySleeping
356. Nikolina
357. .Cryaotic.
358. .:: MacGyver ::.
359. Armageddon
360. Paper-Thorn
361. omeraci
362. The Dormouse
363. >Spychedelic<
364. Agent Washington
365. Leroy Dragonchild
366. KitixUnrest
367. ~*Exterminate*~
368. MadameEquinox
369. Optimistic Kitten
370. Sapphire~
371. Lucy Heartfilia
372. Keero
373. Sparrowspam
374. Tamashī
375. BrokenRecord-skip
376. fas513
377. Radioacтive
378. FrostyShinigami
379. the bad wolf
380. .:~Trinity~:.
381. PrizonerZero
382. StarkidFrost
383. kαílσlu
384. Spiritstar3
385. mindfreakmagic
386. ¤Camicazi¤
387. ~Luke'sGirl
388. Akiko_
389. wolfdragon89
390. Your Highness
391. SheBrony
392. ☾ᴄʟɪᴘsᴇ
393. •ѕтяι∂єя•
394. Fiira Coralavus
395. thunderwave
396. Taco & California
397. Lady Enchanted
398. Matt Miller
399. Kingston

141. Tealeaf
142. Outlander
143. love8188
144. X break
145. Gold
146. Ninja Jedi
147. .:kermit:.
148. Gherit
149. Wyrd
150. lollipuppy
151. luminesque
152. Pig Lover
153. Santinel
154. Rainsaye
155. Soccer&ghost
156. Pickle Cat
157. Lena
158. thedoctor~shinigami
159. LeeRoseMary
160. Moriarty
161. Dark_Amethyst
162. silver~wolf
163. lillylove90
164. ~The Whovian~
165. Time Lord Cassie
166. Music Moves Me
167. Oswin.
168. LadyTesla
169. The Riddler
170. Lorien
171. Bowties
172. Wakpa
173. Erdpfote
174. Vio Meow
175. homeworkfan
176. ~TheAdmiral219~
177. Doctor Rabid
178. Ryukin
179. Cняιsтιиɛ Ɖααé
180. Loch Ness
181. G Chord
182. T A R D I S
183. Gentle Monster
184. Poppeh;
185. RPFLightMyFire
186. Nyota Hyena
187. The Lone Star Ranger
188. Neelix
189. onedirectionfan
190. Cervidae
191. twilyghtpanda
192. The_Professor1011
193. SummerLoveZ
194. ~DuskAndDawn~
195. Sarill
196. Shibakisses
197. .:Miny:.
198. VivaLaGloria!
199. WolvesRunFree
200. red•panda.
201. Bluepup
202. Idris
203. Ath3na675
204. Tyler~Rose~Oswin
205. { artistic }
206. bo.
207. Obi
208. StealthFire
209. ๔єςєקtเς๏ภ รקคгк
210. Zoka
211. The Doctor.
212. AwkwardFox
213. Grey Fox
214. dark dragon
215. Discorded TARDIS
216. ~Just Imagine~
217. Alaska.
218. Linneh
219. ɾïṿεṉḋεll
220. Raxacorico
221. Zookrates
222. Lonin
223. LittleDove
224. -Solembum
225. TerraChu52
226. brittupton
227. Kristalli
228. Artywolfy
229. Song of the River
230. kittt
231. T o o t h l e s s
232. Liz+Blue
233. Rockfire
234. Universal Police Box
235. Squiddy
236. Gandalf the Grey
237. sailboat123
238. The Doctor..
239. The Narwhal
240. GotSalt?
241. Ashai
242. TawnyDestrange
243. Vriska S
244. It'stocoldoutside<3
245. Stormageddon
246. Cel&Jazzy
247. Cararararara
248. Animallov3r
249. Glint.
250. AnneSophie
251. Charcoal Master
252. Skyhaven
253. TurnTechMaster
254. Castielle
255. LavaFizz
256. ShadowingThunder101
257. Xiao_Jian
258. Waspsting
259. Lil'Tiger
260. the•purple•box
261. Rachelhi
262. Araxima
272. .Wombat
273. Shadow by Night
274. Mysaren
275. dream553
276. Thin Mint
278. MusHaveTang
279. ~Just Imagine~
280. Amy Pond
281. HSoup
282. Smurfette
283. Imo
284. Don't Blink
285. Holmes & Watson
286. ɾïṿεṉḋεll
287. rattus
288. Monofriend
289. Whouffle

Members on Warnings;

BlindHeart16144;; One week ban starting 4-24-14, ending 5-1-14

PokemonPikachu188;; One warning as of 4/27/14;;
Brightstone;; One warning as of 4/29/14;;
snugglepony67;; One warning as of 5/19/14;;
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The Infamous Quotes of Doctor Who;;

Postby corvidous » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:14 am


I'll display all your favourite quotes here :) Sarah Jane Adventures/Torchwood/Confiential? are allowed.
But please:
-Don't send me a quote that's already up here.
-PM me it. I don't want loads of requests spamming the thread, and I don't want to look through 50 pages either :)

This may/will contain spoilers.
Daleks in General: "EXTERMINATE!"

New Who;

Series 1:

Episode 5, World War Three:

Doctor: "Thing is, if I was you, if I was going to execute someone by backing them against the wall, between you and me, a word of advice... Don't stand them against the lift!"

Episode 10, The Doctor Dances:

Captain Jack Harkness: "Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, 'Oooh, this could be a little more sonic'?"
Doctor: "What, you've never been bored? Never had a long night? Never had a lot of cabinets to put up?"

Doctor: "Keep the banana."
Jack: "Why?"
Doctor: "Good source of potassium!"

Doctor: "You want moves Rose? I'll give you moves. Everybody lives, Rose. Just this once, EVERYBODY LIVES.

Episode 11, Boom Town:

Margaret Blaine (Slitheen): "What are you captain of? The Innuendo Squad?"

Episode 12, Bad Wolf:

Captain Jack Harkness: "Okay, defabricator. Does exactly what it says on the tin. Am I naked in front of millions of viewers?"
Robots: "Absolutely."
Captain Jack: "Ladies, your viewing figures just went up."

Series 2:

Episode 4, Girl in the Fireplace:

Mickey: "What's a horse doing on a spaceship?"
Doctor: "Mickey, what's pre-revolutionary France doing on a spaceship? Get a little perspective!

Reinette/Madame de Pompadour: "It is customary, I think, to have an imaginary friend only during one's childhood. You are to be congratulated on your persistance!"

Squire: "Who the hell are you?!"
Doctor: "I'm the Doctor, and I just snogged Madame de Pompadour!" *Laughs crazily, then pulls lever and spins out of sight*

Episode 13, Doomsday
Dalek Thay: "Identify yourself!"
Cybermen: "You will identify first!"
Dalek Thay: "State your designation!"
Cybermen: "You will identify first!"
Dalek Thay: "IDENTIFY!"
Mickey Smith: "It's like Stephen Hawking meets the speaking clock."
Cybermen: "That is illogical. You will modify."
Dalek Thay: "Daleks do not take orders."
Cybermen: "You have been identified as Daleks."
Dalek Sec: "Outline resembles the inferior species known as Cybermen!"

Cyber Leader: "Daleks, be warned. You have declared war upon the Cybermen."
Dalek Leader: "This is not war - this is pest control!"
Cyber Leader: "We have five million Cybermen. How many are you?"
Dalek Leader: "Four."
Cyber Leader: "You would destroy the Cybermen with four Daleks?"
Dalek Leader: "We would destroy the Cybermen with one Dalek! You superior in only one respect."
Cyber Leader: "What is that?"
Dalek Leader: "You are better at dying. Raise communications barrier!"
[video link with Cyber Leader cuts out]

Cyberman: "Our technology is compatiable; although your design is less elegant."
Dalek: "Daleks have no concept of elegance!"
Cyberman: "This is obvious."

Doctor: "Isn't anyone going to ask me what's with the glasses?"

Doctor: "Who ya' gonna' call?"
Rose Tyler: "Ghost Busters!"
Doctor: "I ain't 'fraida no ghost!"

Series 3:

Episode 9, The Family of Blood:

Timothy: "He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And... he's wonderful."

Episode 11, Utopia:

Doctor: "Hermits United. We meet up every ten years. Swap stories about caves. It's good fun... For a hermit."

Series 4:

Episode 17, The End of Time Part One

Doctor: "Hold on, better lock the tardis. *beep beep*
See? Like a car... I locked it like a car... That's funny... No? A little bit? Blimey, try to make an ood laugh..."

Series 5:

Episode 1, The Eleventh Hour

Doctor: "Beans are evil. Bad bad beans!"

Doctor: "Can I have an apple? All I can think about, apples! I love apples. Maybe I'm having a craving! That's new, I've never had cravings before."

Doctor: "Well then. I'm the Doctor. Do everything I tell you, don't ask stupid questions, and don't wander off."

Doctor:"You know when grown ups tell you everything's gonna be fine and you think they're probably lying to make you feel better?"
Amelia: "Yes?"
Doctor: "Everything's gonna be fine."

Amy: "I thought, well I was starting to think, that maybe you were just like, a mad man with a box."
Doctor: "Amy Pond there is something you better understand about me cause it's important and one day your life might depend on it. I am definitely a mad man with a box."

'Meanwhile in the Tardis' extra scene

Doctor: "It’s camouflaged. It’s disguised as a police telephone box from 1963. Every time the TARDIS materializes in a new location, within the first nanosecond of landing, it analyses its surroundings, calculates a twelve-dimensional data map of everything within a thousand-mile radius, and then determines which outer shell would best blend in with the environment. And then it disguises itself as a police telephone box from 1963."

Amy: "So you're like a... space... squid, or something. Are you like a tiny little slug in a human suit? Is that why you walk like that?"

Episode 2, The Beast Below:

Amy: "It came because it couldn't stand to watch your children cry. What if you were really old, and really kind and alone? Your whole race dead, no future. What couldn't you do then? If you were that old, and that kind, and the very last of your kind... You couldn't just stand there and watch children cry."

Doctor: "Sorry. I'm checking all the water in this area. There's an escaped fish."

Amy: "So is this how it works Doctor? You never interfere in the affairs of other peoples or planets, unless there's children crying."
Doctor: "Yes."

Doctor: "Say 'Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!'
Amy: "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!'

Doctor: "I think a lot, it's hard to keep track"

Amy: "And what're you gonna do?"
Doctor: "What I always do...stay out of trouble. ...Badly."

"A horse and a man, above, below,
One has a plan but two must go.
Mile after mile, above, beneath,
One has a smile, one has teeth.
Though the man above might say hello,
Expect no love from the beast below...
In bed above we're deep asleep,
While greater love lies further deep.
This dream must end, this world must know,
We all depend on the beast below."

Episode 6, The Vampires of Venice:
Doctor: "Rory! That's a relief! I thought I had burst out of the wrong cake. Again. That reminds me, there's a girl standing outside in a bikini. Can someone let her in, give her a jumper? Lucy. Lovely girl. Diabetic. Now then, Rory, we need to talk about your fiancée. She tried to kiss me. Tell you what though, you're a lucky man; she's a great kisser! ...Funny how you can say something in your head and it sounds fine."

Doctor: ", she kissed me."
Rory: "And you kissed her back."
Doctor: "No, I kissed her mouth"

Episode 10, Vincent and the Doctor:

Mr Black: "Well... big question, but to me, van Gogh is the finest painter of them all; certainly the most popular great painter of all time: The most beloved; his most command of colour; the most magnificent. He transformed the pain of his tormented life into ecstatic beauty. Pain is easy to portray, but to use your passion and pain to portray the ecstacy and joy and magnificence of our world... no-one had ever done it before. Perhaps no-one ever will again. To my mind that strange wild man who roamed the fields of Provence was not only the world’s greatest artist, but also one of the greatest men who ever lived."

Doctor: "The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant. And we definitely added to his pile of good things."

Amy: "You do have a plan, don't you?"
Doctor: "No. It's a thing. It's like a plan, but with more greyness."

Episode 11, The Lodger

"It's art, a statement on modern society. Ooh, aint modern society awful"

Episode 12, The Pandorica Opens

Rory: "Well, I died, and turned into a Roman. It's very distracting."

Doctor: "Aaaah! But we've got surprise on our side. They'll never expect three people to attack twelve thousand Dalek battleships. 'Cos we'd be killed instantly, so it would be a fairly short surprise. Forget surprise."

Doctor: "There are fruit flies, live on Hopton Six, that live for twenty minutes and they don't even mate for life. ...There's going to be a point to that, I'll get back to you"
Doctor: "Come on, look at me! No plan, no back up, no weapons worth a damn, oh, and something else; I don't have anything to loose. So, if you're sitting up there in your silly little space ships with all your silly little guns, and you've got any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight, just remember who's standing in your way. Remember every black day I ever stopped you, and then, and the smart thing...let somebody else try first."
Doctor: "The universe is big. It's vast and complicated and...ridiculous, and sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles. And...that's the theory. Nine hundred years, never seen one yet. But this would do me."

Episode 13, The Big Bang:
Rory: "I could do with a ridiculous miracle right now..."
*Doctor appears*
Doctor: "It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool."

Doctor: "Aw, you can do loads in twelve minutes...suck a mint, buy a sledge, have a fast bath..."

Series 6:

Episode 1, The Impossible Astronaut
President Nixon: "You were my second choice, Mr. Delaware."
Canton: "That's okay. You're my second choice for President, Mr. Nixon."

The Doctor: "Fellas, the guns? Really? I just walked into the highest security office in the United States, parked a big blue box on the rug... You think you can just shoot me?"
River Song: (Bursting out of the TARDIS) "They're Americans!"
The Doctor: "Don't shoot. Definitely don't shoot."

The Doctor: "Rory, would you mind going with her?"
Rory: "Yeah. A bit."
The Doctor: "Then I'd appreciate it more."
Rory: (sighs) "Hang on, River. I'm coming too."

Amy: "But why? If you can make it all the way to Earth, why steal technology that could barely make it to the Moon?"
The Doctor: "Maybe because it's cooler. Look how cool this stuff is."
Amy: "Cool aliens?"
The Doctor: "Well, what would you call me?"
Amy: An alien.

The Doctor: "Jefferson isn't a girl's name. It's not her name, either. Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton, River!"
River: "Surnames of three of America's Founding Fathers."
The Doctor: "Lovely fellows. Two of them fancied me."

The Doctor: "I'm your new undercover agent, on loan from Scotland Yard. Code name: The Doctor. (indicates Amy, Rory, River) These are my top operatives, The Legs, The Nose, and Mrs. Robinson."
River: "I hate you."
The Doctor: "No you don't."

River: "Richard Milhouse Nixon. Vietnam, Watergate. Some good stuff, too."
The Doctor: "Not enough."
River: "Hippie."
The Doctor: "Archaeologist."

The Doctor: "I'm being extremely clever up here and there's no one to stand around looking impressed. What's the point in having you all?"
River: "Couldn't you just slap him sometimes?"

Episode 2, Day of the Moon
Canton: "Welcome to America" shoots

River: "What are you doing?"
Doctor: "Helping!"
River: "You've got a screwdriver, go build a cabinet!"
Doctor: "That's REALLY rude!"

Doctor: "You can let me fly it!"
River: "Or we could go where we're supposed to!"

President Nixon; "So we're safe again."
Doctor: "Safe? No of course you're not safe! There's about a billion other things out there just waiting to burn your whole world. But, if you want to pretend you're safe just so you can sleep at night, ok, you're safe, but you're not really."

Nixon: "This person you want to marry. Black?"
Canton: "Yes."
Nixon: "I know what people think of me, but perhaps I'm a little more liberal-"
Canton: "-He is."
Nixon: "...I think the moon is far enough for now, don't you Mr Delaware?"
Canton: "I figured it might be."

Old Who

The Macra Terror, Season 4
Doctor: "Confusion is best left to the experts"

Doctor: "I can stand an operation on its head quicker than anyone"

Robot, Season 12
Doctor: "You may be a doctor, but I'm the Doctor. The definitive article you may say"

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Calender, Fanart, and Other Things.

Postby corvidous » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:15 am

Community Calender;

Feel free to PM me to suggest something for the calender! This can include anything from a contest to a Fanclub event!

  • We need events for the year of 2014! If you have any ideas, please send them my way.

Fanart and Fanfiction Features;

    Every week or so, I'll be updating and changing this with new features. I suggest you go read the fan-fictions, and take a look at the art!

Fan-Fiction Features;

    The Mysterious Blue Box; A Crossover Fanfiction written by member Scoobydoo1021.
    The TARDIS goes out of control, causing the past and the present to morph together. When The Doctor and Clara lands, Clara goes for a stroll until she spots a man, just about to die, on the side of an abandoned warehouse. The murder grabs the attention of Sherlock Holmes, who is determined to find out just who exactly Clara Oswald is.

    Sarah Helps Save Gallifrey;An fanfiction written by member SarahJaneSmith.
    A fun plot-twist on the Day of Doctor, where Sarah Jane Smith returns and helps the Doctor.


    Digital drawing done by /Divergent\

    Traditional drawing done by .:: John Denver ::.

    Digital drawing done by 221b baker street

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Re: Doctor Who Fanclub;; Open for Posting

Postby MacGyver » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:21 am

Yay! New thread smell!
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Re: Doctor Who Fanclub;; Open for Posting

Postby tacocat. » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:22 am

Hi! My name is Taco & California. I want to join!

My favorite doctor is: Ten, no contest there c:
My favorite companion is: Rose Tyler
My favorite episode is: Midnight, Smith & Jones, or The Bells of Saint John
I have watched up to: Everything NewWho but a few specials
And finally, I am from United States of America.
I have read the rules and promise to follow them.

Code: Nibblybibbles.
    It's good to be back.
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Re: Doctor Who Fanclub;; Open for Posting

Postby Scoobydoo1021 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:23 am

New thread.... weird... and still not ginger!

Welcome to the club!

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Re: Doctor Who Fanclub;; Open for Posting

Postby FLYBOY » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:24 am

I just realized I'm member #300
Nice timing, self.
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Re: Doctor Who Fanclub;; Open for Posting

Postby Dylan Klebold » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:24 am

New thread smell, and a new Doctor on our way!
Dylan Klebold
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Re: Doctor Who Fanclub;; Open for Posting

Postby Kiesen » Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:28 am

Oh yes, new thread. Still not ginger.

You can find me on Deviantart. I don't use this website anymore.


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