H lots W cs

Post here for trades involving items, pets, points or currency from other websites (FR, Wajas, mweor, etc)

H lots W cs

Postby DaDwarf » Sun Jul 10, 2011 9:15 am

Please read everything carefully
I have lots to trade on different sites. Please post here for more info.

Currently interested in trading my decorated snowphoenixes!

DaDwarf #74768
2mil FC & 300FD

I have LOTS of pets that i can trade/sell in my shop.
Please ask about items!
45,783,026 BP and 0 GP.
DaDwarf & Pideaux #30018

Lots and lots and lots of items.
$224mil WC and 0 CWP.
DaDwarf #110308 and #110499

I also have around 350 Training Sessions every day. I can easily max out a custom within 10 minutes (in kennel training.) Training can be included in trading for pets C:
I also have LOTS of items, rare ones, useful ones. Companions, backgrounds, everything. (Aviator caps, rejuvs and scholar collars, fox cub) Feel free to ask about items!
I have $19,836,635 mil cash and 9 bones on my main account!
I have $592,077 cash and 0 bones on my side account!

DaDwarf #17535 and #28206

Flight Rising;

I have 5 mil treasure and 100 gems
I also have a lot of old items i don't really need.
DaDwarf #10942

I've got way too many pets. Looking to get rid of all but my favs group (which is locked lol) I am in the process of quitting eldemore.

1000+Common's and lower
Almost 610 uncommons
Almost 550 rares!
19 Ultra rares! Inclu.
Image AND Image
1 Legendary pet (excluding bazaar pets)

A Complete 2nd year set of Bazaar pets 101 bazaar pets from 2014 until now! only ones missing are the wyrms. INCLUDING!
The fairy rune dires from the 1st elde year!
Please do not underestimate worth of bazaar pets. They were worth real money so no, they arent worth a late 09 rare or two.

I'm mostly interested in trading large quantities at once, so please do ask about that!
DaDwarf #406
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