Offsite Trading Rules

Post here for trades involving items, pets, points or currency from other websites (FR, Wajas, mweor, etc)

Offsite Trading Rules

Postby Simon » Wed Jul 06, 2022 9:02 am

This board is for trading CS pets, items, and C$ for things from other sites.

Make sure to read our rules about off-site trading before you make a thread or attempt to trade: Forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4410814#p131726696

  1. Any kind of trades with Animal Jam are against our rules. We have banned trading with that site due to the sheer amount of scammers we have experienced dealing with trade disputes related to the game.

  2. The "Trade Forum" Rules apply in this forum as well unless specified differently here. Please read those before starting a thread.

  3. You may make multiple threads within reason but don't create duplicates containing the same information.

  4. Put the website name in the thread title so other users can quickly see if it is worth looking at your thread.

  5. You must put your username or link to your off-site account in your trade thread. If you are genuinely interested in trading, you should allow your potential future trading partner to take a look at your account to decide if they want to get in touch with you.

  6. Confirm ownership first! Never send a trade before you have confirmed your potential trade partner owns the off-site account they claim. Do that by messaging them on the other website and refer to the CS account and trade offer advertised. If they don't know what you are talking about the account probably belongs to someone else!

  7. Never trade with accounts which are less than a month old. If the account is brand new, they might have been banned recently on a previous account and rejoined just to scam more people. It's very unlikely that a brand new member would be willing to buy something on CS since they barely know the game yet.

  8. Check for suspicious posts by other users if they have a trade thread. Especially posts saying "I'm still waiting for you to send your side of the trade" or similar. If the player has a history of breaking their promises with other traders, avoid them.

  9. Don't engage in black market or 3-way trades. Not only are you increasing the risk to be scammed by adding another variable to the trade, you might also subject your account to a ban. If the site doesn't naturally allow the exchange or you have to involve a middleman, you are probably breaking rules (ours or the other sites').

  10. Document your deal in the trade messages! List the website, usernames/links to off-site accounts from both users, item/currency, amount, and other important information detailing your deal. If there is a mistake in the documentation don't accept the trade; resend it with the corrected information. Changes cannot be done in the accept message, you must resend the trade and give your partner the chance to read and either agree (accept) or disagree (cancel/edit) to those changes. You should do this on both sites.

    Please make sure to follow these steps as they contribute to safer trading. Off-site trades are almost always risky though. There's no way to directly exchange CS things for pets/items/currency on another website, so you have to trust that your trading partner is honest.

    If your trading partner is opposed to proper documentation or makes excuses why they can't do it, this could be a sign of scamming. The same is the case if they are able to take your side but are unable to send their side of the trade. If you send your part of the trade first, there is a risk that the other person will accept your trade and then disappear without ever giving you what they promised on another site. If the offer seems too good to be true, then it might be a lie!

    If the trader has very few pets on their account, or if you notice that the pets you sent them immediately got moved to a different account, then you may be dealing with a scammer who has multiple accounts.

    If you think you have been scammed by someone who promised something they never delivered, please contact us using the help system: help/gethelp

    Please avoid making off-site trades with friends and family, as these trades can look identical to cheating and you may put your account at risk.
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