[W] WL [H] >4500 pets

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[W] WL [H] >4500 pets

Postby Tanybrid » Sat Apr 14, 2018 3:46 am

Hey there!

Looking for WL pets and items! (=

Achieved/Want wrote: The "Main" Rares List
Sunjewel = UR Tiger Dog
UR B-Wolf
Plains Zebra = Grevy's Zebra
Mountain Zebra = Dogtag
UR Cat
UR Banana = UR Cucumber
July PPS = Coontail Dog = Sunback = UR Bee
Ur Aussie/Cookie dog = UR Phoenix
UR Lion
Nonjewel Sundog = Non-Coon Dog = Non-Swirl Moon Dog = Non-Tag
Ur Flower Pot = UR Holly Dog
Growing White July = UR Pineapple
Nick Unicorn = UR Mint Horse
--- Big Gap ---&
Spotted Tribal = BE Galaxy = UR Malk
Purple Toxic = UR Foal
CE Galaxy
Blue Toxic = UR Rat
Blue Sorbet = Green Sorbet = Yellow Sorbet = Pink Sorbet = UR Grapes
UR Butterbun* = Gearback Tribal
Red Toxic = 09 UR Dog
Green Toxic = Yellow Toxic
UR Grapes
Nonballoon = UR Bengal Cat
Line Tribal = Joker Bunny = UR Ice Cat
Rainbow Mane
Pink Balloon = Blue Balloon = Winged Wood Angel = Orange Cerberus
Light Speckled Rat = Medium Speckled Rat = Heavy Speckled Rat
UR Purple Horse = UR Apple = Dark Heart Rat
Skeleton PPS
Rose PPS = Dark Pink Shima B-Wolf = Blue Dragon PPS
Red-X PPS = Wolf PPS

The September List
(note that there is a notable gap in worth between these pets and the July/Augusts)
click for pictured list
Dark Leopard = Black Advent
Grey Dragon = Devil/Blood PPS = Blue Ice Rat = Skelebun
Blue Rose = Red-X = Angel Advent
Purple Batdog = Drink Me
Lime Ice Rat
Cake Dogs*** = White Dragon =Dark Pawprint Rat = Dark Heart Rat = Skull Rat
Flop-eared Pink September = Palomino Tess Horse
Red Rose = BMD = Sunjewel Bunny = Light Pawprint Rat = Light Heart Rat = Flower/Toxic Rat
Pink Striped September = Pink Patchy September = Eat Me = Winged Blood Dog = (???) Blue Rat = Brown Sleipnir
Scarf PPS
Target Dog
Light Leopard = Grinner [s] = Halloween Cat = Green Liontail

Red Dragon = Red Cerberus = Jeweled Liontail = Nonjewel Liontail

The Advent List
Sockdog, Green-fronted Holly dog

Hyena, Timberwolf, White Lolita Dog
Teal Butterbun, Red Butterbun

Grey Border Collie, Brown Border Collie, Brown Cookie, Pink Cookie, Dark Grey Tag husky, Vixen, Celestial PPS, Bone PPS, Desert/Orange-swirl PPS, Heart PPS, Light Grey Speckled husky, B&W Pointy-eared Border Collie, Ice Blue Swirl, Blue Flower dog, Purple Star bobtail, Purple Heart/Husky, Mustard Heart/Husky, Cream Advent, Pale Pink/Blue-spotted, Pink Heart, Hollyfox Dog, Boar PPS, Dice PPS, Green Android, Seal Store Dogs, Raven Dog, Patchwork Dog

Hyena Bun, Royal Bob Bun, Blue Sorbet Bun, Green Toxic Bun, Pink Balloon Bun, Spotted Tribal Bun, Moonswirl Bun, Dogtag Bun, Heart Advent Bun, BE Galaxy Bun, BMD Bun

Peppermint Eared, Christmas Tree dog, Cream Santa Hat Advent, Red-fronted Holly, Hollyfox cat, Snowflake B-wolf, Candy Cane B-wolf, Elf Rat, Brown Santa Cat, White Santa Cat, Nick Cake Dog, Kiss PPS, Evil PPS, Flop Blood Dog, Tufted Blood Dog,PPS Cocoon, Orange, Yellow, Pink Punk Dogs, Yellow, Red, Blue Androids

Grey Mini Husky, Snowflake Lion, Brown Red-String Horse, White Tinsel horse, Rudolph Rat, Santa Rat, Tinsel Lion, Roadkill PPS

Peppermint Bun, Raver Bun, Ornament PPS, Emerald Bwolf, Clockwork Bunny, Marionette Dog

Candy Cane Horse, Pink/Purple/White string horse, Pink Mini Husky, Buckskin PPS, Roadkill Pony, Zombie Pony

Grown White Scarf dog, Blue Snowflake Scarf dog, Fireworks PPS, Rose Rat, Jack 'O Lantern Rat, Dark Wood Dog, Bumblebee Spider,Malk PPS Pup, Chocolate Bun, Lilac Bun, Black Dutch Bun, Grey Dutch Bun, Spiderwing Bwolf, Ghost Cat, Purple Sleipnir, Cobweb Bun, White Arabian, Bay Arabian, Chestnut Arabian, Clydesdale, Brown Basilisk, Tan/Shy Basilisk, Angry Basilisk


gap list
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