What this Board is NOT For [Board Rules]

Create a topic here to store adoptable/character competition forms.

What this Board is NOT For [Board Rules]

Postby Metallic Dragon » Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:09 am

The Forms for Adoptables/Try-outs board is for:
  • Posting WIP/completed thread-based applications for Oekaki and Usermade adoptables/character contests

What this board is NOT for:
  • storing signatures
  • storing font codes
  • posting colour schemes
  • storing roleplay/other characters and links/images
  • storing adoptables you've won
  • posting stories about adoptables you've won/random creative writing
  • Running adoptable contests

All forum rules apply to this board, content found to be breaking the rules will be removed.

Signatures, storage posts, font saves and the like will be removed from threads without forewarning, please use a word document or alternative online storage website for saving these materials.

Roleplay characters can be stored in the General Roleplay Discussion and Forms board. Sharing your creative stories/further stories about adoptables you've won can be shared in Discuss and Share your Writing. Characters you've won can be stored in Character Storage. Contests, including readopts, should be run in their respective oekaki/usermade adoptables/characters boards.

If you're unsure whether or not something is suitable to be posted here, or anywhere on site, send in a help ticket for assistance.
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