All About WoI's

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All About WoI's

Postby Neara » Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:24 am


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Warriors of Isket
this breed belongs to TWG90 you need her permission to own one


How do you get a WoI? Compete in a form contest to adopt a puppy from a currentl WoI litter, of which links to all can be found below.

The Warrior of Isket ( WOI) live in a beautiful land but without any peace. They always fight against a big enemy.Their main rivals are chimera's who are a mix of horse and reptile. Both sides are at a constant fight for the reign of Isket; But neither side is strong enough to completely overrule the other. So the country is divided into 2 territories. One territory belongs to the Warriors, the other to the enemy otherwise known as, Kronadors. Even though both sides have their own areas, the Kronadors always the instigators of a fight against the Warriors, and even though it's been several years now, neither side is capable of defeating the other. Maybe in the far future, the Warriors will get back their Country and defeat the Kronadors once and for all.

The Unknown:
Next to the Ur-Woi´s there are ''Lost WoI'' who split on Isket (woi territory and hidden parts in Kronador Territory).These lost WoI are named The Unknown, because nobody of the WoI know anything of them. The only things they know are that the Unknown are ex-members of the first Ur -WoI in Isket ( why they split was an Death Secret). But they must breed and still life because always young pups walking atound Isket who aren´t from the WoI pack. (Pound pups and Teenies). But these young WoI always can´t explain something about The Unknown because they are to young or shocked, so that they mostly forget their past.

What are Warriors of Isket?
Warriors of Isket fight to find peace for the land of Isket, against the Kronadors.

What does a Warrior of Isket look like?
A warrior of isket could be a big wolf with Normal ears, Long ears or really Short ears and 3 other different tails as well.
Also A Warrior of Isket will always have really special Armor! their armor also must alway have a chest plate and a back plate.

Different types:

Big Wolf with long ears and a long fluffy tail.
Big wolf with normal ears and a long tail.
Big wolf with noraml ears and a normal (round ended) tail
Big wolf with short ears and a curled tail.

No other types!

Here are the Official Ref lines that have all of these traits available [click picture]:


Here is a Larger Ref sheet that was made for warriors with intricate and tricky markings, especially on their face:


Couple Lines by TWG90 <3:


Gift lines:

Image Image

Earning Armor:

The WoI's armor was found by the UR´s long, long time ago. The armor lay in a big cave deep in the old forest of Isket. Only the WoI's know the way and it´s one mission that every young WoI will have to go through to get their own special armor. It's a tough initiation because the forest is full of danger. The armor had been made from Humans 8,000 years ago, since then there have been no humans in Isket they became extinct due to the evolution the other animals had gone through.

Training Armor:
The teenies start with an wooden training armor and wear it until they become an Rank candidate, then they get their very own armor! The armors decide the ranks.


Armor Making Guidlines:
A basic more detailed description of what TWG90 means by the armor requirements for each role.

Heavy/Bulky Armor (paw to claw combat)
For warriors in direct combat with a Kronadors. They need their armor to fulfill these requirements to cover their vitals:

1) Helmet to protect the skull.
2) Back plates to cover the spine, starting from the base of the skull down the the base of the tail.
3) Shoulder plates to protect not just the shoulders but the collar bone and neck somewhat.
4) Chest plate to protect the sternum and ribs.
5) Side plates, these go on the sides of the wolf's body, They are usually connected to the back plate somehow and secured near the girth area with chain or thick leather straps.
6) Leg guards, what is most important is the ability to stay functional, and how you do that is stay mobile so you can live to fight another day, so protect them legs! and make sure no movement is hindered.

Hunters/Scouts (Light Armor)
For warriors in indirect combat with a Kronadors. They need almost the same, except less bulk and lighter materials built more for speed and agility:

1) Helmet
2) Back plate, usually smaller, covering just the back itself and not the neck.
3) Chest plate, if in any case they are attacked.
4) Side plates, are not mandatory but recommended.
5) Leg guards, leg guards, leg guards; But! make sure they don't obstruct movement!

Small Tips
things people seem to miss

1) Back plates need to be segmented, any solid back plate will not allow movement and is thus deemed useless and not allowed.
2) Leg guards needs to allow movement of all the joints, meaning no covering elbows, wrists, or paw joints unless you can create an idea that allows movement like the traditional knight armor's did.
3) Do not make any other piece of your armor clash with another in movement.
4) We do not hate Gays.. HOWEVER Warriors of Isket are a species without this trait. So no feminine looking armor for males and vise versa, example: putting glittery sashes on male armor.

The Dens appear to be normal caves but once inside it's a huge network of rooms and tunnels. The dens are kept in the redish Mountans that are made of special minerals that will not erode away easily. The warriors chose this high barren mountain scape to be their home so that they could easily see any intruders coming their way.

WoI Litters:

Currentl Litters:[updated: 5/15/2014]

-ImageKhem x Aesken

Past Litters:
-ImageNacht x Zain
-ImageLost Pups 2
-ImageTora x Rohan
-ImageGalen x Ariana
-ImageSigurd x Nexus
-ImageRegian x Athena
-ImageLorcan x Inari
-ImageIshanue x Raeya
-ImageVouno x Eskadai
-ImageHaestine x Luxyrus
-ImageJex x Mizuki
-ImageNauti x Luryes
-ImageLost Pups
-ImageMikró X Mink
-ImageSorren x Kafka
-ImageAjax x Foalan
-ImageTevron x Amandahy
-ImageRomulous x Lotis
-ImageRayo x Soraya
-ImageOdesseu x Tira
-ImageArkhantos x Kiamé
-ImageDarzek x Amanra

WoI Adoptable Pups:[updated: 5/15/2014]


WoI Adoptable Apprentices (Teenagers):[updated: 5/15/2014]


WoI Adoptable Warriors (Adults):[updated: 5/15/2014]


Pictures of the Chimerial Kronadors:
*Male Kronador
*Female Kronador
-They only come in colors of Isket
-They have no special powers or defences, they just have their teeth, claws, and tough skin.
-Usually you need 3 novice WoI's to take one down, 1 experienced WoI can take down a kronador by itself.
Attack Info:
They attack with their claws and teeth. Kronadors try to kill the WoI in which they trying to destroy the armors. Kronadors are mostly not very intelligent but the leader of them was intelligent and not able to kill he was bigger, stronger and an lot more aggressive them all WoI and 10 Kronadors together.Kronadors don´t have some special powers. They use their horns to pierce them through the throats of the WoI or any other body parts. The Tails are are dangerous weapons, heavy and massive. The power of their bite could splitt the bones or skulls in two pieces. Kronadors are eating raw flesh ( prey who was planned and the butterbirds)

Breedings are chosen every month by TWG. Also, WoI can only breed with other WOI.



Key wrote:{ul} = Ur-litter
{lp} = Litter pup
{c} = Custom/own Creation
{p} = Pound Pup

Ur- WOI´s

Laurona X Mardelius (parents from the first litter)

♂ Mardelius (without armor)
♀ Laurona (without aromor)

The Chief (Ultimate Alfas):
{ul} ♂ Rayo owned by TheWolfsgirl90
{c} ♀ Soraya owned by TheWolfsgirl90

The Subordinate Leaders (Alfas):
{c} ♀ Amanra owned by Lilian Nightshade
{ul} ♂ Dax owned by Neara
{c} ♀ Kiamé owned by Shy
{ul} ♀ Tira owned by Wolf&Dog Lover
{ul} ♀ Foalan owned by Alley96
{ul} ♂ Max owned by Ca Tai
{c}Feyson Loki (Traitor)♂ owned by Naori-Chan

High Guard Warriors (Deputy):
{c}Orb♂ owned by Friskusis
{c}Sly♂ owned by TheWolfsGirl90
{c}Winga♀ owned by Haestine&&Winga

Scouts (Spy):
{c} ♀ Donatella owned by apache~
{lp} ♀ Lotis owned by shy
{c} ♂ Loroth owned by Lilybug97
{lp} ♂ Odisseu owned by Lilian Nightshade
{c} ♀ Bagira owned by Zera
{lp} ♂ Donisherr owned by Metallic Dragon
{p} ♀ Swift owned by BK13
{lp} ♂ Kujaku by Vixengurl
{p} ♂ Quen owned by Patches101
{lp} ♀Amara owned by SpartanAmethyst

{c} ♂ Arkhantos-> general of patrol ''Osiris'' owned by Lilian Nightshade
{c} ♀ Halibell-> general of patrol ''Isis'' owned by Neara
{c} ♀ Valai-> general of patrol ''Sechmet'' owned by Ƀlitz
{c} ♂ Achilles-> general of patrol ''Horus'' owned by RukoDi
{c} ♂ Khantor-> general of patrol ''Thot'' owned by HollowedAngel
{c} ♂ Isolde-> general of patrol ''Bastet'' owned by Zephayer
{c} ♂ Adonis-> general of patrol ''Seth'' owned by Wolf-chan
{c} ♀ Kaliza-> general of patrol ''Maat'' owned by Taliska
{c} ♂ Tevron-> general of patrol ''Anubis'' owned by Sunset Boulevard
{c} ♀ Amadahy-> general of patrol ''Nephthys'' owned by Mirandamay
{c} ♂ Romulus -> General of patrol "Amun-Ra" owned by apache~
♂ Atu -> General of patrol "Re" owned by TheWolfsGirl90
[url]{c}"Unknown"♀ - >General of patrol "Hathor"[/url]
{c} ♂ Ajax - >General of patrol "Sobek" owned by Lilian Nightshade
{c}Hávarðr♂ - >General of patrol "Ammit" owned by Tundra


{c} ♂ Nexleos owned by wildwolfspiret
{lp} ♂ Caelis owned by On Ash Tree Lane
{p} ♂ Haxel Thayne Owned by Graystar51

{lp} ♂ Cain owned by shy
{p} ♂ Alec owned by moonlight_girl
{p} ♂ Ishanue owned by ~*kitsunea*~
{p} ♂ Haestine owned by Haestine
{lp} ♂ Mikró owned by Chasing Dreams
{lp} ♂ Khem owned by TheWolfsgirl90
{lp} ♂ Dimas owned by Skookum
{lp} ♂ Raiden owned by Ayramite

{lp} ♂ Calisto owned by Lilian Nightshade
{p} ♂ Iago owned by Verdana
{lp} ♂ Arivior owned by Suryatha
{lp} ♂ Galen owned by ~Galen
{lp} ♂ Atsu owned by Cider Chi.
{lp} ♂ Sotirirs owned by jern.
{p} ♂ Nacht owned by Silver Bullets

{lp} ♀ Wen owned by BlueEyedKite
{lp} ♀ Catori owned by CJ Shaw
{p} ♀ Zahabu owned by PitchBlack
{p}♀ Kiskateara owned by Pirenia
{lp} ♀ Mizuki owned by TheWolfsgirl90
{c} ♀ Alo owned by Xanga
{lp} ♀ Zesiro owned by mango sherbet
{p} ♀ Ariana owned by happy-stabby

{lp} ♂ Jex owned by Lilian Nightshade
{p} ♂ Kaim owned by Tяiρρ
{p} ♂ Lestat owned by Silver Bullets
{lp} ♂ Amin owned by backseatpanda
{p} ♂ Kepstel owned by randomzness

{lp} ♀ Synn owned by Holli
{p} ♀ Nexus owned by Tundra
{c} ♀ Eskadai owned by Deadly Nightshade'
{lp} ♀ Eowyn owned by KaiKenNatsuki
{lp} ♀ Raeya owned by Starry-knight
{p} ♀ Armina owned by BlueAura
{lp} ♀ Cadence owned by Panacea

{lp} ♂ Luther owned by Mirandamay
{p} ♂ Teslim owned by Becca~ash
{c} ♂ Sorren owned by Distant Planet
{c} ♂ Ying owned by Tennis.
{p} ♂ Akaru owned by Edwina
{lp} ♂ Lurtix owned by raven howl

{c} ♀ Alethea owned by Tennis.
{p} ♀ Fallon owned by dasher
{p} ♀ Fireflight owned by Zerg
{lp} ♀ Akantha owned by Sun Dappled
{lp} ♀ Mink by Corgi
{lp} ♀ Rohan owned by Wolfehh
{p} ♀ Leena owned by Andillion
{lp} ♀ Anana owned by Zera

{p} ♂ Vouno (Vou) owned by -Kiley-
{lp} ♂ Regian owned by Friskusis
{p} ♂ Aonair Realta owned by Darkbraken
{c} ♂ Sigurd owned by Lon.qu
{lp} ♂ Dalton owned by She Wolf Alpha
{p} ♂ Neal owned by Angel&Devil

{lp} ♀ Celandia owned by .imagination
{p} ♀ Katniss owned by Sapphy~
{lp} ♀ Tiszta owned by FeatherHandcuffs
{lp} ♀ Aponi by Soriams
{lp} ♀ Luxyrus owned by Lon.qu
[url]{c} ♀ Meeko[/url] - No Reference Found?
{c} ♀ Cadislunae owned by xSeraphimx
{c} ♀ Inari owned by TheWolfsGirl90
{lp} ♀ Aesken owned by Ralonica Thorondor

{p} ♀ Akiaterine owned by Raella
{lp} ♀ Kafka owned by Amigogirl
{lp} ♀ Leilani owned by Chii-sai
{lp} ♀ Senchi owned by shibakisses
{p} ♀ Athena owned by merci.
{lp} ♀ Namine owned by ~Nova~
{p} ♀ Durango owned by 狼RunningBlaze
{p}♀ Zain owned by Laces

{lp} ♂ Xerxes owned by Alley96
{p} ♂ Dezel owned by Vixen_Roe
{lp} ♂ Amorok owned by Osprey~
{p} ♂ Arcturus owned by RunningBlaze

{p} ♀ Seraphim owned by LostGosling
{p} ♀ Kismet owned by ~Willow

{c} ♂ Alysdair owned by PolarAzulTigris
{ow}Renegade♂ owned by Cry
{lp} ♂ Sangie owned by Lirrie

{p} ♂ Kitaij owned by moonlight_girl
{p} ♂ Ryuu owned by TheOakTree

Prey Hunters:
{c} ♂ Kunam owned by Ellisia
{c} ♂ Zephyr owned by (I Promise)
{lp} ♂ Titus or Hadrian owned by Tarkeli
{lp} ♂ Tora owned by RissyP
{p} ♂ Okpara owned by Tabby Bae
{p} ♀ Kilah owned by { .Lady Kat. }
{p} ♀ Blazer owed by Blazer.Peppermint

Hunting Companions (agitators):
{c} ♂ Aker owned by Laurice
{c} ♀ Sasha owned by Calphina
{c} ♂ Spectral owned by Calphina
{p} ♀ Glyndwr owned by Jelli
{c} ♀ Cordaiter owned by Shiko Hayashi
{p} ♀ Lyra owned by Wolves Run Free
{lp} ♂ Boaz owned by ~EnragedWolf~
{c} ♀ Loki owned by wajas.

Educator (♀ only)
{lp} ♀ Akela owned by shy
{lp} ♀ Lyre owned by Feonix
{lp} ♀ Seluk owned by The-Red-Wolfy
{p}♀ Sabuna owned by Shouzo

{c} ♂ Nauti owned by TheWolfsgirl90
{lp} ♂ Artouro owned by -Dark-Fire-Wolf-
{c} ♂ Lorcan owned by Mordacious
{c} ♂ Mugen owned by Alaska.
{lp} ♂ Zike owned by lemondropkitten
{ow} ♀ Creux owned by loveTHATwolf

Rank Candidates:
{lp} ♀ Zanni Owned by Sirio
{lp} ♀ Remyelle Owned by [ Maxwell]

Aprentices (Teens):
{lp} ♀ Aislin owned by ~Soul~
{lp} ♀ Sia owned by Fullmetal Crimsoned
{lp} ♀ Khaleesi owned by Kaylawolf
{lp} ♀ Sibylla owned by ~Faith~
{ow} ♂ Caelum owned by Spirit

Trainees (pups):
{lp} ♀ Kiri owned by ~MapleFeather~
{lp} ♂ Israfil owned by fantasy girl
{lp} ♂Dareios owned by Sewell

{c} ♀ Luryes owned by TheWolfsGirl90

Shaman (healers):
{c} ♂ Igino + Butterbirds owned by Mondii

{lp} ♀ Sigurd/Nexus Pup 3 owned by ...
{lp}♂ Sigurd/Nexus Pup 2 owned by ...
{lp}♂ Sigurd/Nexus Pup 1 owned by ...

{ow}♀December Female owned by ...
{ow}♂ December Male owned by ...

{ow}♂ Keitaro owned by Wolf's Spirit

{ow}♀Mary owned by Tripp

{lp} ♂/♀ Galen/Arianna Pup 1 owned by ...
{lp} ♂/♀ Galen/Arianna Pup 2 owned by ...

Mates for Life
Rayo x Soraya
Darzek x Amanra
Arkhantos x Kiamé
Ajax x Foalan
Odisseu x Tira
Max x Calisto
Cain x Zahabu
Romulus x Lotis
Tevron x Amadahy
Kitaij x Halibell
Adonis x Akela
Jex x Mizuki
Mikró x Mink
Sorren x Kafka
Nauti x Luryes
Haestine x Luxryus
Regian x Athena
Alysdair x Katniss
Lestat x Valai
Akaru x Alo
Regian x Athena
Galen x Ariana
Nauti x Luryes
Ying x Synn
Ishanue x Raeya
Lurtix x Namine
Ryuu x Sabuna

Lineage List (family trees):


*If YOU adopt a WoI and don´t be active for a long time it will be given back to TWG90 to give it another home! {in effect since 8/12/2013}

*Warrior of Isket are Wolf cross breeds and they should stay this way! NO Humans, or Anthro, and no Normal Wolves!

*Warrior of Isket could only be used in the planned RP!NO other RP except you have a permission from the whole WoI Board (Lilian Nightshade, Neara, TheWolfsgirl90, and apache~)

*If you don´t follow the rules, you will no longer a WOI Member or Owner.

Questions & Answers

1. Can I buy a custom W.O.I. ?
I don´t make customs of W.O.I.!

2. Can I have a permission to create one?
Nope. TWG stopped the permissions... because we have enough custom W.O.I. so do not ask!

3. Can I adopt more then one?
If you have adopted a WoI that is the only WoI you are allowed to have so be sure to choose wisely when you adopt because you aren't allowed to adopt again

4. I want to make a litter with two W.O.I..
Only the custom W.O.I are allowed to have pups! (Alphas, Leaders, and the Customs)
5. Can I create a W.O.I. without your permission?
Nope and if I do find one I will report.

6. Can I recieve/adopt a pup from a litter that comes from a another person?
I´m not sure...the owner and I will discuss about this..

7. What does the land of Isket look like?
blueish grass, plants, white rivers, redisch mountains, more night then a sunny day.

8. What is Rayo Like?
Rayo is the boss of all WoI (the ultimate alpha XD) he is not so active with the others except when he is needed in wars

9. Are the Ur's still alive?
UR-s( Laurona X Mardelius) I´m not sure

10.What are the Seasons of Isket?
Winter Summer and Spring

11.What is the usual age a trainee gets its armor?And What age does a pup become a trainee?
I we use real canine years so:
newborn (1-4 month)
pup/trainee (5 month - 1 year)
Soldier ( with 1 Year)

12.What is the WOIs diet consist of?
Well............ raw meat!( mabe of some special rabbit cross breeds and some deer cross breeds)<- not sure.

13.What other sorts of animals live in isket?
Actual: WOI´s, Kronadors, and the Butterbirds( no pics to time and they only listen to our Shamane)

14. Can i move my WoI up the Ranks? How?
No this is all determined by TWG on the special WoI site only to be known by WoI owners.

15. How do you tell the difference between a custom WoI and a regular WoI?
a {c} is put at the begining of all custom WoI's so you can easily recognize which ones are customs

16. Breeding:
Mottimuoto wrote:There are some new W.o.I. Breeding rules, TWG decided this:
    Customs can have max. 4 pups
    Ur-litter W.o.I. can have max. 3 pups
    Pound pups can have max. 2-3 pups
    Litter pups can have max 1-2 pups
    newer generations/ really young W.o.I. can have max. 1 pup

    Inbreed is NOT allowed.

17. How do I Win or fill out a form for a WoI?
Well im sure you know what a form is, but incase you don't here is the definition: it's a document or organized set of spaces in which to insert facts or answers. The form for WoI will request that you fufill answering/inserting everything it lists (fully complete the form) in order for you to be counted amoung the applicants. If you do not finish by the deadline you do not get counted as a possible winner.

Not every form we write has the exact same set of information you need to give, but we do have some set rules that are always included, i.e. Story, Art, and possible Armor concept. Personality would be good to come up with too, but it's mainly if you plan to RP.

the form will look something like this:

Code: Select all
Armor Concept:
Anything else you may want to add:

This will be placed on the first post of the picture of the WoI. What you will do, if your interested, is copy and paste this "form" and then fill it out and post it on the same thread as the WoI. Then wait for the judging to comence and deliberate. In a day or even a week we will have the results up of who won :}.

But how do you do art..
Well you can use Oekaki here on CS or if you enjoy or own some other program like Gimp, Photoshop, SAI... etc. etc. you may use those or you can do traditional art and scan it in then use the direct url code to upload it to your post that has your application on it. (to have or get a url code for art you do in Non-Oekaki art you need to upload it to an Image Hosting site, i.e.,, etc.)

What about armor?
As far as armor goes (this is covered on the WoI page) you have to have a side plate/s ,chest plate/s , back plate/s and no kronador will eat you! Do not copy or heavily reference from an armor that has already been made; I can't stress that enough. Though coming up with an armor concept would be a bonus you do not necessarily need to come up with it on your own if you dont feel comfortable. If you win the WoI you may ask anyone on the WoI board to help you design armor. But that is only After you win the WoI.

Well if you read about WoI's you'll know what is going on and have a better image about how they live. You can also check the WoI RP and read some of the posts (those are good to read). You may write about any stage (puphood, teenhood, adulthood) anything as long as it is related to the species and their history. If it doesn't match then you wont have a good chance at winning. :/

Does the age of a warrior have an effect on who they can be mates with?
[i]Love is Love...I don´t attack somone for this have fun! A really really BIG age-gap may sound creepy, but, it's allowed.

i think that just about covers it
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Re: All About WoI's

Postby Neara » Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:32 am

W.o.I. RP

Status: Moved Of Site!
You may get the site URL only if you already own a WoI

Helpful Form Information

Are you lurking around the WoI community, wanting to apply for your favorite warrior, but you cant manage to write a story without making up characters? Would you like to use a warrior but don't know who to ask?

Here is a list of owners that are willing to allow you to use their warriors! The links for the warriors,Owners is below. And while they're allowing you to use their characters, why not shoot them a PM and get to know them! It makes it easier to establish friends for both yourself and your warrior!

Wolfehh - Rohan
Haestine - Haestine
Lirrie - Sangie (She requests that you be sure to PM her when using her character!)
Alley96- Foalan and Xerxes
Ralonica Thorondor - Aesken (She requests that you PM her before using her character!)
Merci. - Athena (PM For information on her Personality, History ect before using her character!)
Neara - Dax and Halibell
Soriams - Aponi (She requests you send her your story if you use Aponi in it!)

If you own a warrior and are wanting to add it to the list, PM Wolfehh!
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Re: All About WoI's

Postby Neara » Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:32 am

WoI Board

Everyone who is involved with the creation of and management of WoI's

TWG 90

you can ask any of us to help you with your armor.

for questions about permission to breed please ask TWG
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Re: All About WoI's

Postby Neara » Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:35 am

Art of Isket

Here is some art of Isket that would give you a better feel for the land of the Warriors

by apache~

by apache~

by TWG90
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Re: All About WoI's

Postby TheWolfsgirl90 » Thu Apr 14, 2011 7:18 am

WOI- pup- Pound!


Aktiv Adoption:( random + Custom pups)

viewtopic.php?f=52&t=743762 (new)

Just in Work


Fanart of WOI!

by: ~Haunted*Dreams~ ... ed-1-4.gif


Scene 5-Angered by the news they head to the waterfall (Art by Neara <3)

Scene 6-Dax holding a Kronador in a Choke-hold (Art by Neara <3)

Scene 7-Rayo racing off to the battle (Art by Neara <3)

Scene 9-The whole group returning back from the waterfall with Nexus and Lyra now safe (Art by Neara <3)

Scene 10-Body slam! (Art by Neara <3)

Information Board!
If I see again 1 Warrior of Isket copie in any ways , because you can´t wait until you can get one or until we make a contest or something else!

Then I will take them off from CS, I´m not an idiot!

Usually the woi´s was planed for fun but now it´s a terror for me!

I´m sorry to all who love them or owned them.

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Re: All About WoI's

Postby Shiko Hayashi » Sun Apr 24, 2011 4:17 pm

So... I need a big favor. Im willing to pay for it but...

I need someone to go over all of my warrirors armors and touch them up. Make them look nice. Its a big task and I'm reluctant to ask, but I'm not vey good at drawing my armor and a few of my warriors armors aren't done yet.

Like I said, I'm willing to pay but... is anyone Willing?



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Re: All About WoI's

Postby Shy » Mon Apr 25, 2011 4:14 am

I hope I'm allowed to post ^^; I can delete if necessary.

I love how much this has evolved and grown. <3
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Re: All About WoI's

Postby Bk13 » Mon Apr 25, 2011 5:27 pm

I would really appreciate some help with Swift's armor as well- I think the back plate needs some touching up =3
Will do Breedings~
Check art thread for info

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Re: All About WoI's

Postby eternity. » Thu Apr 28, 2011 1:03 pm

I need armor, but wonder when your WOI get's it's armor. Is there a specific time for that...?

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Re: All About WoI's

Postby Tundra » Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:17 pm

Ok this may seem a little odd since I don't have a WoI yet, but I'm willing to help anyone who needs ideas for armors. I build some armors for my SCA group so i have an idea on how things could work without hindering the warriors in battle, which actually I've seen a few that did this lol. But anyway, if ya need help, i can give sketches and stuff. Probably would be in traditional since my digital is something that actually costs a little(Pets or money)

But anyway, I feel like I'm talking to much. I thought i would put this out there.
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