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Kitties UFA based on this drawing by Tealea
by horrible bear bear @ Fri Aug 23, 2019 10:21 am [Reply]

uhh not sure how to price these??

6 c$, 1 rare (any date) or 4 uncommons for numero 2
first come first serve

after adopting they're yours. no need to credit me

horrible bear bear @ Sat Aug 24, 2019 7:34 am


Error: 707 not found @ Sat Aug 24, 2019 7:34 am

Could i snatch number 1? ^^

Bookcase @ Sat Aug 24, 2019 7:40 am

Sent the trade for 1 <3

FELAIRS - breeding event! based on this drawing by tiny
by EmberWolf @ Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:30 am [Reply]


    Welcome to Felair adopts! This is a collaborative species between EmberWolf and tiny. An ancient species, Felairs tend to their environments and produce a lasting legacy of keepers through their heirlooms. Take a look around, and come chat with us on our Discord!


    Breeding Event

    The reason for a Felair’s existence is to ensure their biomes are taken care of properly, and to produce heirs to continue their legacy. Breeding is essential to the species. When two heirlooms are brought together, the pairing produces 2 offspring.

    You may have noticed something else come up on the info for your Felair… we are now including genomes! This will help determine traits for your Felair’s offspring. We will be having some fun games throughout the day to provide you with some extra traits and autopasses you can use in your breedings!

    In this event we are opening up breeding as well as introducing you to family tree threads. There will also be more foundation Felairs released throughout the day for people to adopt. You may only adopt one from this event. If you adopted a Felair from our origin event, don't worry - you can also adopt one from this event!


    Find a willing mate! It can be two of your own or another Felair, with both parties in agreement. A great way to do this is through our breeding channel on our Discord! If we have open breeding slots, you can fill out the breeding request form and post it on the main thread. While more foundation Felairs are being created, breeding slots may be very limited.

    An artist will then do your breeding, producing two offspring! Each parent passes their heirloom on to their child, and the parent Felair loses their heirloom permanently. This change will be reflected in their official reference as well. Because of this, Felairs can only breed once- choose mates wisely!


    Family trees are the official way to keep track of your Felairs! Create a character storage thread, and your main post will be your foundation Felair, and you will create a post underneath for each breeding. Your offspring will then have a separate post under the breeding, and that will continue down the line!

Backgrounds + text by tiny
Lines by EmberWolf

tiny @ Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:31 am


    ✧ what is a felair? ✧

    Felairs are a species of cat that are little-known but far spread. They have been around since ancient times, with a powerful legacy passed down through each cat’s heirloom. They exist as keepers of their biomes, nurturing growth and acting as a caretaker for their environment. Their presence is vital to the natural world, and they have maintained their strong legacy with a family heirloom.

    ✧ rules ✧
    - don't claim Felairs as your own, and always give proper credit (offsite use is allowed)
    - there is no limit on number of Felairs you can own, but special event Felairs may be limited
    - do not add any additional items to Felairs as it would go against the lore

tiny @ Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:31 am


    ✧ the importance of heirlooms ✧

    heir·loom [ˈerlo͞om/]
      · a valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations.

    Each Felair has an object that is held near and dear to them: their family stone. Depending on their biome, they treasure a beautiful stone that their ancestors gathered and passed on to them, be it a beautiful emerald from the desert, striking granite from the mountains, or anything in between. They’re more than just a rock, though – these heirlooms contain the souls of their ancestors, and therefore, their entire family history.

    Keeping their heirloom close to them is of vital importance to every Felair. Some have chosen to have their stones crafted into jewelry, while others have chosen to keep the stone in the raw as their ancestors discovered it. If a an heirloom became lost, the cat would lose their entire family legacy and lose the ability to pass it down. Should a Felair not be able to continue its legacy, the environment in which it lives would suffer without a keeper to inherit it.

    Heirlooms allow each Felair to breed and pass on their legacy to their offspring. Since they only have one heirloom, each cat may only breed once. Their stones drive the breeding, and each breeding produces two offspring, one to inherit each heirloom.

    Since the heirlooms are the main factor of breeding, and pairing of any gender is allowed but once their heirloom is passed, they may not breed again and permanently lose their stone so that their offspring may begin to carry on their legacy.

tiny @ Thu Jul 18, 2019 7:31 am


    ✧ where felairs live ✧

    A Felair's primary purpose in life is to preserve and protect the environment they live in, and to continue to ensure that it is taken care of for eternity by passing on their heirlooms. Each biome has unique traits and heirlooms.

    ✧ forest ✧

    Temperate in climate and conducive to lots of life, forests are the most common place to find Felairs. Most cats in this area are seen with standard fur, standard tails, and standard ears. Their heirlooms may be stones such as quartz, emeralds, amber, and garnets.

    ✧ mountains ✧

    At higher altitudes with chillier temperatures, mountain-dwelling Felairs are a hardy bunch! They are slightly less common, and can be typically seen with standard or long hair with the potential for bobbed tails or tufted ears. Their heirlooms may be stones such as granite, limestone, aquamarines, or sapphires.

    ✧ desert ✧

    To thrive in the hot and arid desert, Felairs living in this biome typically have shorter hair and are lighter in color to avoid absorbing heat. They are uncommon to see, but their presence is felt across the desert. Their heirlooms may consist of things such as gold, copper, and opals.

    ✧ coastal ✧

    Felairs that reside on the coast enjoy sand, sea breezes, and ocean air. These rare cats are hard to spot, and typically have shorter hair with longer tails. Their heirlooms may be items like seashells, pearls, or sand dollars.

    ✧ arctic ✧

    Equipped for the harshest temperatures and deepest snow, Arctic Felairs can almost never be found. They have thick coats to weather them through the cold and may have tufted ears and any length of tail. Their heirlooms may consist of ice crystals, spectrolite, and diamonds.

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Aureole Bear Adopts based on this drawing by sun bear
by sun bear @ Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:49 pm [Reply]

Archive | Fanclub | Discord | Nursery | Growths | Customs | Artist Competition | Mod Applications

please pardon the wip and mess of a coding

    What Are They? wrote:The Aureole Bear, or Aurebear, are a unique species of bear. Physically, they resemble the common black bear, but they are truly nothing like their sister species. The Aureole Bear's are called such because of the aureoles, or rings of light, around them, which are a reflection of their individual souls and give light to their personalities. The Aureole Bears come in a wide range of colors, with a long list of possible unique edits that make no two bears the same. These bears can be found all over cold regions and adapt well to their environments. They are a very open community; no ranks hold one bear above another, and all sexual orientations are accepted. So, let's begin.


      • 12/14/17 Welcome our new moderator Koily.!
      • 12/13/17 Welcome our new moderator Red Weasel!
      • 12/11/17 Applications for moderators are currently open! Click here to apply!
      • 8/16/19 Rebooting the species (maybe)

sun bear @ Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:49 pm



    Rules + Guidelines

      • Chicken Smoothie Rules
          • All site rules are expected to be followed.
      • Ownership
          • Aureole Bears are owned by sun bear and may not be recreated.
          • Aureole Bears are a closed species, and no one may create one without permission.
      • Respect
          • Any participating user is expected to remain respectful when participating in any Aureole Bear threads or discord. This includes respect to staff and fellow users.
          • Unkind sarcasm and remarks will not be tolerated.
          • Bumping unjudged adopts will also not be tolerated.
          • Being respectful to other members includes not begging or whining for bears, mates, art, etc.
          • Mini-modding will not be tolerated.
      • Transfer of Ownership for Bears and Items
          • Users may not sell Aureole Bears for any type of currency, art, or pet collectibles.
          • Users may not sell related items for any type of currency, art, or pet collectibles.
          • Aureole Bears may be traded for other bears only.
          • Aureole Bears and items may be gifted.
          • Transfer of ownership must go through the archivist.
      • Currency
          • Borealis Berries are the official currency for Aureole Bears.
          • Borealis Berries may not be traded for other currencies (including pet collectibles and USD).
          • Borealis Berries may be used to buy art and species-related items.
          • Borealis Berries are earned through developing your bears through either art or writing, prizes, HMs, or being part of staff.
      • Honorable Mentions
          • Honorable Mentions must be earned through official adoption competitions for great effort on forms or through other official competitions.
          • Honorable Mentions transfer into 5 Borealis Berries.
      • Adoption Limits
          • Every user starts off with 5 ownership slots. Additional slots may be purchased at the store.
          • Each user may own an unlimited amount of additional slots.
          • Each user may adopt up to 2 bears each week.
      • Bear Characteristics
          • Each bear must have at least 1 aureole.
          • A single bear may possess no more than 2 mythical traits.
          • Bears may be any combination of colors (in good taste).
          • Aureoles must circle around a part of the bear (halos are not aureoles).
      • Adopting
          • To adopt, a user must have enough ownership slots.
          • Adopting requires filling out the specifications for the artist's form.
          • Incomplete forms will not be counted.
          • Coding is optional and will not increase your chance of winning (on the contrary, forms that cannot be read because of coding may be disqualified)
      • Problems? Questions? Concerns?
          • Bring them up to me or other staff members!
          • Failure to bring important problems or concerns up in a private manner may result in consequence.
      • Other
          • Failure to comply with rules may result in a warning.
          • 2 warnings will result in a temporary ban of 1 month.
          • 3 warnings will result in a permanent ban.
          • If the issue is severe enough, users may be banned upon the first warning.
          • Should I feel it necessary, I have every right to repossess any bear.
          • I have every right to add more rules.

sun bear @ Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:49 pm

res (3/6)


    Common edits:
      • longer (natural) tail (still short enough to just hit the ground without curling)
      • shorter (natural) tail
      • no tail
      • ear edits
      • fangs
      • additional minor aureoles

    Uncommon Edits:
      • long natural tail (long enough to easily touch the ground when uncurled)
      • short hair edits
      • backmane
      • 3 or less horns on head
      • longer fur
      • shorter fur
      • additional major aureoles

    Rare Edits:
      • Abnormal tail edits (not furry/not same pattern of fur)
      • long hair edits
      • extra limbs (up to six)
      • missing limbs/organs
      • extra ears
      • 2 tails
      • More than 3 horns on head
      • Custom pupils
      • Custom tongue
      • body glow
      • no fur
      • scales (<10% body covered)
      • feathers (<10% body covered)
      • Ridged back (like a dino)

    Very Rare:
      • wings
      • fins
      • munchkinism (cannot occur with gigantism)
      • gigantism (cannot occur with munkinism)
      • additional eyes (on head)
      • body horns
      • broken aureole (broken when it doesn't make a ring)
      • 3 tails
      • scales (10-50% body covered)
      • feathers (10-50% body covered)

    Mythical Edits: (Up to 3 max per bear)
      • 2+ sets of wings (up to 4)
      • 4+ tails (Up to 9 total)
      • scales (<50% body covered)
      • feathers (<50%+ body covered)
      • multiple heads (up to 3)
      • Mermaidism (includes no back legs, fins, and mermaid tail) (cannot occur with Gryphonism or Wyvernism)
      • Gryphonism (includes beak, talons, wings, and tail edits) (cannot occur with Mermaidism or Wyvernism)
      • Wyvernism (includes dragon-like wings, dragon-like tail, no front legs, covered in scales, optional back ridge, optional edited back legs) (cannot occur with Mermaidism or Gryphonism

Edits to be added as they appear

sun bear @ Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:49 pm

res (4/6)

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Species UFS based on this drawing by Black.Wings
by Black.Wings @ Fri Aug 09, 2019 1:00 am [Reply]

Taking all offers but an instant auto will be 2000 DA points! Interested in art, species trades, rares+ etc

Black.Wings @ Mon Aug 12, 2019 1:22 am


Black.Wings @ Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:56 am


Lady Mascaraed @ Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:40 am

Oof I want to buy these but I only have 2 rares for trade and 31 C$, I’m working on getting more rares+ & C$

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Free Lines
by crowleyy- @ Sun Aug 18, 2019 6:50 am [Reply]

Hey y'all! I wanted to contribute to the community, so I made some for-legged creature lines! Feel free to manipulate these or make adoptables with them-- but please keep my watermark! I appreciate it! :) Remember to keep your adoptables at a fair price and to be nice to your customers <3

crowleyy- @ Sat Aug 24, 2019 3:19 am


Bookcase @ Sat Aug 24, 2019 3:19 am

Finna mark

Pauggles -- WIP
by .henloimmabirb. @ Fri Aug 23, 2019 3:05 am [Reply]

Wanted to make a species based off my character, Harry!

So here are Pauggles! c: Duck-like creatures who live in flocks!

Still a few thinks to work on and make, but is there any interest in them? <3

------Notes for about Pauggles and for finishing up the Pauggles;
--Horse, cat, dog, and bird genetics can all be found in Pauggles as they are a mash up of creatures.
--Three sizes of Pauggles are current (tall/medium/short) but they are no bigger than runner ducks.
--Known to sometimes be 2-3 headed. This deformation often causes them to be sterile.
--Pauggles will be breedable after the first 100 Pauggles are adopted out.
--Each Pauggle comes with a leg band. Rescue Event Pauggles come with a cheek tag.
--Snuggly and cuddly, Pauggles are very laid back.
--They are companion creatures.
--They live in flocks or families of Pauggles, Pauggles without a family or flock often don't survive.
--When Pauggles are ready to be released to the CS community, there will be a Rescue event!

separate ideas as far as lines go;
--3 sizes (tall/medium/short) -- at least 6 different layers
--Optional 2-3 headed lines (classified as RARE)
--Optional wing lines
--Optional ...
--Optional ...
--Optional ...

SputnikSplash @ Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:10 pm

I would literally die for one of these <3 <3 <3

DragonOfEmber @ Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:26 pm

Uhm HeLLO I need One NOW
They're adOrable

GrimmKitty @ Sat Aug 24, 2019 3:13 am

maarrkkk♡♡♡ ahhh need one♡♡♡

I dont know what I did based on this drawing by aloe.
by MissRabbit2 @ Fri Mar 22, 2019 1:57 am [Reply]

All I know is that this thing can be adopted

Wolfumus @ Sat Mar 23, 2019 3:46 pm

*kicks down door* I WILL TAKE THEM!

MissRabbit2 @ Sat Aug 24, 2019 3:06 am

you can have them for free!

Easter Adopts!
by MissRabbit2 @ Sun Mar 10, 2019 5:58 pm [Reply]

Bunny is C$ 1, Chick is C$2. They are part of eventables, they happen depending on what event there is, if there is no event, then I will go on season

marigoldz @ Sun Mar 10, 2019 6:22 pm

this is the cutest freaking thing i have ever seen. thank you for blessing my eyes

didelphi @ Sun Mar 10, 2019 7:59 pm

how cute!! ^^

MissRabbit2 @ Sat Aug 24, 2019 3:00 am


I started this species off as a entry for a competition, but I've decided to withdraw them and sell them instead.

Meet the Vusia. These guys are completely lined, along with quite a few traits!
Total list of what this species comes with is as follows::
Species and Nursery Covers
Complete Pup Lines
Complete Adult Lines
Spikes and Floof for both ages
Basic, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary Ears for both ages
Basic, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary Tails for both ages

Should you win them, you can do whatever you'd like with them. I'd prefer it if they were made into an adoptable species, but hey, as long as you credit me for the lines, they are yours and you can do whatever.

Will end in two months, unless the auto is met before then.

Auto Bid: 250+ C$ ((just that high to encourage bidding, but like...if anyone wants to pay that much i will take it.))

Bid Boosters:
Rare + pets
Some characters (im very picky about characters though)

Current Bids:
Bid One **

The more *'s a bid has, the more i like it. Best bid at the end (unless auto is met, which is unlikely) will win.

Savannah-the-Caracal @ Wed Jun 26, 2019 2:43 am

You can post bids below, or send them via trade

Savannah-the-Caracal @ Fri Jun 28, 2019 2:32 am


dragonmina @ Tue Jul 02, 2019 5:02 am


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Nyxys adopts based on this drawing by Otterstar
by Otterstar @ Mon Aug 19, 2019 5:29 pm [Reply]

Welcome to Nyxys adopts!

Please note:
-Nyxys are a CLOSED SPECIES, meaning you can't make your own. Currently, the only way to get one is to adopt them here.
-The Nyxy shown above is an adult female. Males have a larger build, bigger antlers, and have manes. Pups are small and do not have horns or antlers, and have stubby tails.
-Copying other peoples Nyxys and tracing or heavily referencing my work will NOT be tolerated.
-Colours in order may not be the exact shade you want unless a reference is supplied

Nyxys (pronounced Nix-eez) are wolf-like creatures that are often found in forests. They have two horns that are used for battle and securing deer skulls to their face. They are omnivores that generally eat grass, rabbits and birds, but will eat anything in an emergency.

Colours currently available for standard order:
-Dark grey
-Light grey
-Fox red

A standard custom Nyxy costs two chicken dollars

Nyxy fur colour(s):
Nyxy fur markings (optional):
Nyxy markings colours:
Hoof colour:
Age (pup or adult):

Additional costs:
Horn, antler or skull tattoos or markings: One chicken dollar
Accessories (currently flowers and gems available): One chicken dollar
Other colours (blue, green, purple): One chicken dollar
for an additional please add a section at the bottom of the order saying what type and colour you want

Nyxy fur colour(s):
Nyxy fur markings (optional):
Nyxy markings colours:
Hoof colour:
Extra (e.g accessories) :
Extra colour:

Most orders will be done in 24 hours depending on the complexity

If you have any issues with your order please pm me and I'll try to sort something out

Otterstar @ Mon Aug 19, 2019 5:40 pm

bump ^^

Otterstar @ Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:03 pm


leopardspots142 @ Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:28 pm

Username: leopardspots142
Nyxy colour(s): brown, dark grey (patchy)
Nyxy markings (optional): none thx
Nyxy markings colours:
Hoof colour: black or deep dark grey
Accessories: gems, dark purple and black please

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art by jennfreckles
discord // nursery // growths // scrap/item vouchers // junkyard // customs/myos // archive


      Thace Rippers are a carnivorous species that live in all climates. Scientists with the help of animal rights activists came across this species when word that a native species was being wiped out. The locals that lived there called Thace Rippers "Gator Maws" and worshiped them as gods. Thace Rippers are normally aggressive and wary of strangers, but have been known to befriend some of the locals and watch over them. Their are incredibly strong and are able to hold their own in a fight. It has been said it took 7 locals to take down a Thace Ripper that was causing problems in a near by hunting ground. They prey on rabbits and larger animals, and generally live in a pack of 2-4. They weigh 500 pounds as a female and 750 as a male. Their poison sacks hold properties similar to acid that melt and rot away anything it touches. Their gel sacks on their back are harvestable and are used as cures for wounds inflicted by the poison (if treated within the first 30 minuets of exposure). Many Thace Rippers are being tamed in the region and are being used as watchdogs, hunters and medicinal aids.

      -- gel sacks are the bumps on the sides of the back and contain agents that help remove effects of a TR's poison
      -- poison sacks are the neck belly, tail and cheek sacks that contain a potent poison used for defense
      -- a tr can expand the bump on their neck to seem bigger
      -- harvesting a TR's gel sacks does not hurt the TR,, they grow back and if they grow too large in the wild they fall off.
      -- a tr can spit poison 15 feet and are accurate in hitting their targets
      -- TR "trust" is how much a TR trusts you, all TR's start at 0 trust and you the user must get them to trust you
      -- TR "Taming level" is how much experience you the user has to tame TR's. The higher the level the better the TR you can tame.
      -- the frills on the tr's head aid in hearing and prey detection, the larger the frills the older the TR
      -- Tr's can live to be 100 years
      -- TR's live in all climates but do not depend on human support,, tamed Tr's become companions
      -- Tr's have 4 heat sensors on the bridge of their muzzle that aids in prey detection and pack finding

      -- when a tr is posted they have 0 trust,, each attempt you make to gain their trust gives you 1-5 trust.
      -- be the first user to reach 10 trust to take them home,, users who are 3 or more trust behind you can gain scrap or another tr
      -- once you get a TR they have [10/1000] trust,, once they hit 500 trust they gain a bonus
      -- taming experience is a way to tell if your ready to take on a higher level TR. Taming level 1 users can get level 1 and level 2 tr.
        -- when you hit [2000/5000] tr you are at taming level 3 and can access level 3 tr and own up to 50.
        -- at level 4 [3000/5000] you can tame/access level 4 tr,, and level 5 [4000/5000] you can access level 5 tr
        -- at level 6 [max] [5000/5000] you can own unlimited tr and access level 6 tr available in events.
      -- treats from the shop can be used to increase taming and get you your tr faster.
      -- once you tame a TR you must level it to 500 to breed them

Alavii @ Sun Nov 25, 2018 11:11 am

      - you may not remove the head sensing pads on the bridge of their nose.
      - ALL TR's need to have ear insides AND Poison sacks.
      - TR's may not have hair, spine formations to look like hair is accepted.
      - TR's aren't meant to have fur, but can be done if approved by me.
      - TR's DO NOT speak the human language, or are dependent on human needs.
      - TR's have their own language, and cannot digest human foods.
      - Poison Sacks MUST be a bright color, NEON BASES are not accepted.
      - There are 8 Gel-sacks (4 on each side!) the gel in these sacks can be harvested to cure poison effects.
      - TR's are primarily carnivores, but rare few are known to eat metals, ores and glass [must have it on their profile to be accepted].
      - You, the user, is the owner/handler of the TR, you must interact with your TR to increase their trust, mainly by posting art, writing stories or roleplaying (owner must confirm through valid screenshots).
      - TR's dont have paw pads!

      - there is a 3 day cooldown once you adopt a Thace Ripper.
      - you agree not to edit the lines, colors or designs of a TR without my and the artist's permission.
      - you may only obtain 3 TR's (includes, Newborns, and Non-Staff Customs/Myos) if you are under Taming level 3.
      - once you hit Taming level 3 you can own up to 50.
      - you may not EVER transfer a Thace Ripper into another species. you MAY transfer a character into the species but it must fit into the species traits.
      - you agree that if you are banned free adopts, and all items/currency/myos/customs can be revoked. paid adopts may be kept.

      - you agree to be respectful of all to all.
      - Artists may only create Level 1 and Level 2 TR's until further notice.
      - Artists must make 2 TR's a month to stay on staff.
      - staff customs can be sold for 500 scrap max
      - staff get an additional 3 TR slots to their limit
      - If something happens I, Alavii, MUST be DIRECTLY informed (pm me or dm me on discord) of your absence.
      - Runner up's are not allowed for Level 2 and below TR's. Unless you get permission from me.
      - Staff may do 1 solo breeding a month with their OWN TR.
      - If staff do a breeding with other staff, they are both subject to the 2 week cooldown regardless.
      - artists get paid through species activity, payment is of the owners will. You may get at max 1 Level 2, and 2 Level 1 tickets per month.
      - Staff MUST post when they are open for a breeding slot REGARDLESS of if it was discussed on here or not. PM Tickets are NOT ACCEPTED, and Discord Tickets MUST be approved/verified by myself before carrying on.
      - staff customs dont count towards the limit and your customs can be levels 1-4 your choice
      - staff may give out at max 10 scrap per users as a HM,, you may only give out 2 RU's max
      - scrap vouchers can be given out [20 scrap max] if there was a good form but didn't count for an hm
      - in a scrap auction some scrap goes to you some goes to the species
        you keep the scrap if it's under 20
        10 scrap if 20-50 goes to the species [you gain the difference]
        20 scrap if 50-100 goes to the species [you gain the difference]
        30 scrap for 100-150 goes to the species [you gain the difference]
        40 for 150-200 goes to the species [you gain the difference]
        50 for 200-250 goes to the species [you gain the difference]
        60 for 250-300 goes to the species [you gain the difference]
        70 for 300-350 goes to the species [you gain the difference]
        80 for 350-400 goes to the species [you gain the difference]
        90 for 400-450 goes to the species [you gain the difference]
        100 for 450-500 [MAXIMUM] goes to the species [you gain the difference]

    TRAIT LIST - [approval] marked traits must be approved by me [before posting]
      --Available to All-
        Level 1: standard gel sacks (8), 1 color poison sacks, claws, fangs, expression, sclera color, accessories without magical/godly properties.

        Level 2: 2 color poison sacks, facial edits (maw/mouth, nose, eyes, goop/drool), less than 8 gel sacks, backmane, hair [approval]

      --Available after Taming Level 3--
        Level 3: Horns, Multiple Eyes (10 max) [approval], more than 8 gel sacks (14 max), shaped poison sacks (cannot grow larger than standard) [approval], tail edits, vent edits, glow

        Level 4: 3 colored poison sacks, additional limbs (heads+mouths with approval)[approval], Tongue edits, "Ear" Edits[approval], halos, different sack properties [approval], unlimited gel sacks, munchkinism/reverse munchkinism, missing limb

      --Available after Taming Level 5--
        Level 5: wings (1 set max), body edits (length, fur) [approval], spines, additional poison sacks [approval], dual missing limbs [approval], genesplicing [approval], godly abilities [approval], plant growth [approval], gem growth, scales

      --LOCKED-- Available for events only.
        Level 6: wings (more than 1 set)[approval], wanderer status, segmented parts [approval]

Alavii @ Sun Nov 25, 2018 11:58 am

        All users start with [0/5000] Taming Experience
          - each unsuccessful taming encounter gives 20 taming experience
          - each successful taming encounter gives 50 taming experience
          - inorder to move up levels participating in events is key
          - free taming experience is given out regularly,, simply by filling a prompt form
        Taming experience can range from 100-500 in terms of amount
        Max level tamers get special bonus to all owned TR

      TR TRUST
        All Thace Rippers start with [0/1000] Trust
          - 100 trust can be gained through writing [minimum of 100 words max of 500]
          - 300 trust can be gained through art [minimum must be a colored sketch of the tr]
          - 500 trust can be gained if the owner uses them often [posting updates, art, etc]
        Inorder to breed a TR the TR must have at minimum of 500 trust.
        Higher level TR's can have more trust.

Alavii @ Sun Nov 25, 2018 11:59 am

      Open to ADULT TR's ONLY
        rng hunts
        merchant gives scrap for pelts earned
          mouse pelt - 5 scrap
          rabbit pelt - 10 scrap
          fox pelt - 25 scrap
          badger pelt - 30 scrap
          deer pelt - 50 scrap
          moose pelt - 100 scrap
          bear pelt - 250 scrap
        wild TR encounters are common [can be tamed]
        an active tr at the end of the event gets a trust boost [100-600] if not max
      open to all
        wild encounters only [can be tamed]
        active users at the end of event gain 1 taming level [if not max]
        level 6 TR are available to be tamed [rare]
        scrap for unsuccessful encounters [5-20 scrap]
      if you max out your trust at the end of the event you get
        +1 breeding slot to the TR used
        on the next breeding auto guarantees 4 pups
      if your a first timer to the event
        you get a 10% boost in rolls
        you get 500 trust for your TR
      Open to ADULT TR's ONLY
        +500 trust to any TR entered that are not Max Level.
        you may enter raffles for scrap and items
        each user entered gets (1) level 1 myo/custom
        rng gel sack merchant
          5 scrap for each sack rolled

      Vouchers types are these:
        - Custom/Myo -> I alavii will make your custom/myo for you
        - Revamp -> You may revamp a pre existing TR
        - Transfer -> You may transfer another NON CLOSED SPECIES character into the species within reason**
        - Scraps Voucher -> Take these to the store to gain the scraps inside!
        - Store Item Voucher -> Allows you to pick 1 item from the store for free no matter the price

      Vouchers are non transferrable,, which means they can't be sold and do not expire.
      Vouchers of the same type are stackable -- you ma hoard vouchers like a savings account
      Myos/Customs of a higher teir than your current taming level cannot be redeemed until you have reached said level. BUT you can EARN myos/customs of a higher taming level as well as adopts. Adopt TR's gained that are above your taming level cannot be used until you have reached said level [will not respond to commands].
      Edit Items do not expire. Experience items expire after 1 month, breeding items do not expire.
      Experience/Taming Experience should be used as soon as you get it to avoid expiring.
      Starter TR's cannot be traded/gifted/sold,, they are yours to keep.
      The shop opens twice a week for users to spend their scrap,, vouchers can be redeemed at any time.

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by punkopup @ Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:15 am [Reply]

Register your Guild! | Create your Founder!
Prompts | Raids | The Library | The Blacksmith | Foraging | The Market | Crafting | Exploring | MYOs
Discord | Roleplay Discord

Have you ever been curious to know what lays under you in the thousands of kilometres of the earth below your paws?
Of course you may already know, there are bones and bugs and bothersome things that you wouldn't normally twitch a whisker
about, but what about the ancient stories of cats that are whithering with old age, that speak of a palce of tendrilous size?

The catacombs are a vast underground network of tunnels, only accessible by a few select spots on the surface. Ancient
cats carved and explored these tunnels through centuries of hard work. At the heart of the catacombs is a nook bustling with life: Catalena.
Here cats live harmoniously in groups called guilds, in which every member has it's own special role. There are merchants, barbarians,
witches, foragers, every type of citizen you could imagine. Everyone contributes to Catalena in their own way and keeps it safe
for the cats that live there.

But the catacombs aren't only home to cats, no.. they harbour other things as well. Horrifying monsters and ghosts which
haunt the tunnels day and night. Catalena is only a small speck of light in the grand scheme of things, and there are always
threats.. threats of impending doom in the air.

Are you prepared to enter the depths of the catacombs?


punkopup @ Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:15 am

Catacombs is an ARPG that involves completing prompts and small tasks to maintain your guild. You will begin with a guild founder.
You will be able to adopt other cats through the regular adopts page!

Getting Started

    Step 1) In order to start playing, you must form your guild, you must create them a thread on CS or a folder on toyhouse and get the guild registered on the guild registration thread. All guilds must have a special name, said name can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it is appropriate for CS. Proceed here to register your guild!
    Step 2) Create your founder! Your founder will be your first cat, and they will have the "FOUNDER" role. The FOUNDER role is a custom role that combines one of the combat roles and the forager role. Proceed here to customize your founder
    Step 3) Create a post in your guild including your founder's name, gender, and other necessary information required!
    Step 4) Explore Catalena! There are a lot of things to do in the catacombs. You can recruit new cats to your guild through the main adopts, or participate in prompts and events.

The roles of your cat are what dictate what your guild is capable of doing! Having certain types of cats will allow you to
participate in different aspects of the game. Do you want to participate in raids, explore the catacombs or make money off
of what you have foraged? It's important to select the roles for your cats wisely in order to participate in the ARPG to the fullest!

There are different types of roles: custom, civilian, combat and misc. You may distribute 10 cats among the different roles, however
you may only have certain numbers of cats that fall under a specific role. When adopting a cat, you must choose roles for them, so choose wisely!

    Custom Roles
      The founder role is reserved for your first cat only.
      The founder role combines the abilities of the FORAGER role and one combat role. Your founder may be either a FORAGER/MAGE or FORAGER/FIGHTER.

    Combat Roles
      A mage is a cat who participates in the magic arts. They are capable of learning combat spells and wielding them through their a magic object, such as a wand, necklace, ring etc. Mages can participate in raids and explore the catacombs. The level of their magic object dictates the power of the spells. Mages can go to the library to upgrade their charmed object and study.

      Level Path: Mages have lower hit point totals than fighters however, they are more powerful in combat.

      A fighter is a cat who fights to defend catalena. Fighters are capable fo weilding a weapon such as a sword, axe or throwing knives. They may also use their claws or teeth to fight enemies. Fighters can participate in raids and explore the catacombs. Fighters can upgrade their weapons by visiting a blacksmith.

      Level Path: Fighters have higher hit point totals than mages however, they are less powerful in combat.

    Civilian Roles
      You may only have one merchant in your guild.
      Merchants are capable of opening up shops and selling items that their guild has foraged for currency! You may sell to other players in the ARPG, or trade with other players. Items must be sold for in-game currency, or exchanged for other in-game items and may not be sold for external currency. Merchants can sell items at the market.

      Foragers are capable of finding necessary herbs and materials for creating certain concoctions to be used in combat. They can also find items for the merchant to sell and more. As a forager levels up, their knowledge of foraging does too, making them more likely to find rarer and more valuable items! Explore the catacombs to forage items!

      Level Path:

    Misc Roles
      Retiring your cat removes all civilian, combat and custom roles and gives them the retired role. They may not participate in the activities of catelena anymore including prompts, foraging, blacksmith, crafting, exploring, the market and the library.
      At any point in time, a cat from your guild may be retired to make space for a new cat. There may only be 10 active cats in your guild at once, cats who are retired DO NOT COUNT towards that number. Once you retire a cat, you may not un-retire them unless they are being given away to another guild. A cat must have been in your guild for at least 4 months from the point of being adopted / created before being retired. If you wish to retire your founder, you may make a new founder. You can retire your cat on the registration thread.

punkopup @ Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:16 am


    • Be kind and respectful to everyone in the community at all times!
    • Please read all of the information on the how to play post before beginning!
    • Catacombs is a closed community, meaning you cannot bring in OCS and join unless you've registered. You cannot make your own
    cat to participate in the community with unless they are your founder, in which case they must follow the founder creation guidelines.
    • Much of Catacombs mechanics rely on the honors system. Please do not abuse this. Any fraudulent activity including faking the amount of currency, resources, EXP etc. that you have will be penalized.
    • Please do not steal the idea, artwork and lore of the catacombs arpg.
    • Please keep everything CS appropriate as this is a CS based game.
    • Read all of the information on designated pages before participating to be sure that you understand all of the rules and instructions
    • If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask!

    • If you wish to dissolve your guild, please PM punkopup so that your cats can be re-adopted.
    • Any bannable offences will result in the automatic dissolution of your guild.
    • The rules and regulations are subject to change at any point in time without warning.
Catacombs has 3 tiers of edits!
Tier 1
Preset tails, preset ears, scars, accessories, facial expreission, minor claw and teeth edits

Tier 2
Custom tail (feline-esque), custom ears (feline-esque), custom fur length, custom hair, missing apendages,
major claw and teeth edits, horn edits, tongue edits, pupil shape / eye type edit, glow, mechanical implants,
natural mutations (polydactyl, munchkinism, four-ear, bicaudal etc.)

Tier 3 (reserved for special adopts only)
Wings, halos, more than 2 tails, up to 4 eyes, up to 3 heads, up to 3 sets of limbs, non-feline atributes

punkopup @ Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:16 am

Here are our lovely staff!


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by astral. @ Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:42 am [Reply]

Big tails and even bigger hearts, this new breed was found by a popular youtuber!
The breed's popularity spread like a wildfire and they're now available to adopt!

Little bit of a wip..
I just wanted to draw sparkle dogs tbh

astral. @ Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:42 am


astral. @ Fri Aug 23, 2019 1:43 am

Feel free to post <3

saraphena @ Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:12 am

      mark :o

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PG. 5 Announcement


Owlies are a species of griffin known for their owl like faces, unique tails, and thick, fur coats . They have a playful temperament with those they trust, but they also strongly bond to their owners. They can be anywhere from the size of a house cat to the size of buses. The more space they have, the bigger they will grow. Their diet consists of meat, but they are also known to eat berries and fruits. They prefer to live in snowy areas, but they have been seen around the world in many climates. What sets these creatures apart from other owl griffins is that they have thicker fur coats that keep them warm in colder climates. They are usually great companions for adventurers since they can be taught magic! since they are a bit bulkier than usual griffins, they tend to stay closer to the ground. They glide and fly to low altitudes but are not commonly seen too high in the air.

Owlies have their own set of traits that are considered Standard, Rare, or Legendary. Each adopt will have a chance to get these traits due to the artist process for each adopt. Because It can seem a little complicated, I will explain it step by step below:

Step One: Your Owlie #
If your Owlie number is a multiple of 5 (5,10,15...) You can roll for a Legendary Trait!

Step Two: Trait Roll
Each artist will roll a 6-sided die to determine the outcomes of their Owlie. (Even the Artist don't know what the Owlie may look like at first!)
Standard Traits
Rare Traits

Step Three: How Many Traits
One Rare Trait
4 or 5
Two Rare Traits
Three Rare Traits

Legendary Trait Roll
Must roll a 5 or 6 for a Legendary Trait
Each Artist is only allowed 1 Legendary Trait for each 50 Owlies, unless a special Owlie is released. If an artist didn't get a legendary trait during the last 50 Owlies, they will get 2 Traits to use in the next 50. The max legendary traits an artist can have is 4.

1. An Artist Must roll a virtual die (provided on our discord) if they want a Rare or Legendary trait.
2. Die Results must be screenshot and sent to Tatangi for approval.
3. Artists are allowed a maximum of 4 Legendary Traits at a time.
4. Each Artist is allowed one custom Owlie with Standard Traits.
5. Artist of the Season* is allowed One Rare Custom Owlie.
6. An Artist is only allowed one custom. If you get Artist of the Season, you may either pass on the Rare custom, add a rare trait to your original custom or re-adopt your standard custom.
7. As of Right now, all Owlies are free. You may not charge for an Owlie. This may change in the future.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx*Artist of the Season is selected by Tatangi every 50 Owlies.

1. Species credit must go to Tatangi
2. Owlies are a Closed Species and has an official Archive to keep track of real Owlies
3. Owlies can be used in RPs or on RP sites as long as you credit Tatangi for the Species and the Artist for your Design.
4. As of right now, you are not allowed to sell your Owlies to others or create Owlies to sell. These may change in the future.

Tatangi @ Tue May 21, 2019 5:31 pm

Owlie Staff

Tatangi OWNER
Bio | She/Her
Tatangi started the species in the summer of 2019 after falling in love with owls. Because of her previous love of cats, she decided to combine the two and create the Owlies! Through a Lineart contest, the species was officially born! She prefers to be contacted through the Discord, however a message here will also get through to her!

Professor Kermit#2346
Bio | preferred pronouns
Hi! I doodle and and I like soup. excited to make some adopts for the species :''0

Bio | she/her
I think Owlies are a cute species and I hope they receive more love. I decided to become an archivist because I love keeping track of things and keeping them organized. It's actually pretty enjoyable for me. If you ever need to contact me immediately you can add me on discord at saralaxy#3636!

Bio | She/Her
Hey, I’m Lady Mascaraed! I joined the Owlies archivist team on July 11,2019. I joined because I love to help organize and maintain a way for both staff and the community to find who each Owlie belongs to. Being an archivist helps me to maintain my coding skills as well!I’ve been browsing the okekaki adopts for awhile now and saw Owlies, I decided to join this wonderful community. I am easygoing, friendly and helpful, if you ever need help, feel free to PM!

Yuroshi ARTIST
yuroshi #8880
Bio | Any are Fine
I’m a person who really loves animals of every sort, as well as writing! I’m always happy to talk about anything you’d like. The best way to contact me is through discord private messages though I try to keep up with everything. I became an artist because I absolutely adore this species, and I love to create and share new designs in general~

Tatangi @ Tue May 21, 2019 5:31 pm

Artist Shops

Each artist for the species has their own shop that they run. Each shop below will list the artist, their items, their prices (in feathers), how many they have of each item (slots), and if they are open or closed! You will also be able to click on the artist's avatar to see their CS profile so that you can PM them, or you can find their shop in our discord and message them there!

Feathers. Our Community Currency
Feathers are used to warm Owlettes (baby Owlies) when they are first born. Feathers are so valuable to Owlies that they have become currency for their communities. The more feathers you have, the better your chances are at getting more Owlettes! You can read more about our currency by joining our discord and going through the guidebooks we have there! You can even get a job within the community that awards you feathers!

Tatangi's Shop; OPEN
Waiting List
Shop Items
Tiny Tot Gene - 100Fs - 1
Custom Owlie - 10 Fs - 2

Artist's Shop; OPEN/CLOSED
Discord Name;
Waiting List
Shop Items
Item One - $$ - #
Item Two - $$ - #
Item Three - $$ - #
Item Four - $$ - #

Artist's Shop; OPEN/CLOSED
Discord Name;
Waiting List
Shop Items
Item One - $$ - #
Item Two - $$ - #
Item Three - $$ - #
Item Four - $$ - #

Artist's Shop; OPEN/CLOSED
Discord Name;
Waiting List
Shop Items
Item One - $$ - #
Item Two - $$ - #
Item Three - $$ - #
Item Four - $$ - #

Artist's Shop; OPEN/CLOSED
Discord Name;
Waiting List
Shop Items
Item One - $$ - #
Item Two - $$ - #
Item Three - $$ - #
Item Four - $$ - #

Tatangi @ Tue May 21, 2019 5:32 pm


Discord Members INACTIVE
May 20-31
Event Info
Right now we are kicking things off with the species! I'm hard at work getting things ready for you all, but I want everyone to get a chance at a few extra feathers to start off with! (feathers are our community/species currency that can be used to buy items from artists shops like custom lineart, accessories, re-designs, etc...) By joining our discord this month, you will be awarded 25 feathers!

Artist Search ACTIVE
Always Active
Event Info
We are always on the lookout for some talented artists! Official Artists of the species must have a discord so that they can manage their shops. However, Guest artists do not have to have a discord but will not reap the benefits of being a full-time artist such as a shop and a bi-weekly payment of feathers!

Advertising ACTIVE
Always Active
Event Info
We love to grow our community, but we also want to give our members some Feathers to use in shops! By using our Feathers Claim channel in discord, you can earn Feathers for advertising our adopts! You earn 10 Feathers per friend referred, 20 for a link in your signature, and 50 for a DA journal!

July 12-30
Event Info
Our first MYO Event is here! Each season (per 50 owlies) we will have one of these events! This is your chance to make your own Owlie and register it for our archive! How exciting!

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Foxifae Adopts based on this drawing by Canis2954
by pearlcollie @ Thu Feb 21, 2019 3:53 am [Reply]

Join Our Community Server!
main page • nursery • customs • fanclub
bankarchivenursery archivecustoms archive

▸ 7/28/18 - Officially open
▸ 2/20/19 - Thread Transfer


Foxifae are fox-sized mammals that have been recently discovered in many different environments around the globe. Usually shortened to “foxi,” the furry marsupials typically are found to keep an item in their pouch that has special meaning and value to them. While there is a common and ‘default’ breed of foxi, several different subtypes with traits adapted to their specific environments have been observed and more are being discovered all the time! They produce a fairy-dust of sorts that allows for brief flight and levitation despite their wing stubs not being fully developed. They are social animals that exhibit very human-like emotions, and even more surprisingly, perform selfless and heartfelt acts of kindness for and to support not only their fellow foxi, but other animals and even humans as well. They thrive off the affection and care of each other and it seems that family is by no way limited to blood in their communities. In fact, it seems that they've even began accepting complete outsiders into their communities, allowing for unprecedented opportunities for research of these fascinating creatures. Will you join us in our research of this amazing community?

none discovered yet..
Check back for future development and discovery!

Code: Select all

Official Foxifae stamp designed by Golden-Boy!

pearlcollie @ Thu Feb 21, 2019 5:56 am

General Rules wrote:
▸ Community and staff members are to be treated with kindness and respect at all times.

▸ Bans can be issued without prior strikes.

▸ Banned users will have their foxifaes readopted.

▸ Community members are permitted to own six foxi (three adult & three nursery). Staff are permitted to own nine foxi (five adult & four nursery).

▸ Co-owning is not considered legitimate. You may develop a foxi with someone else, but only one person will be considered legitimately able to breed and trade the foxi.

▸ Bribing staff in any capacity is not permitted.

Breeding Rules wrote:
▸ Community members may have one breeding ticket accepted per calendar month, and must own the foxi for one week before breeding.

▸ Artists can choose to accept or not accept poly breedings if they believe the breeding is beyond their skill level.

▸ When foxi are bred, the resulting faeling is only purebred if it has all and only the required edits of that subtype.
Wings + halo = Angel
Wings + halo + horns = Mixed breed

▸ Two purebred foxi of different subtypes will not result in a purebred. Purebreds only come from purebreds.

▸ Breeding related foxi is not permitted, nor is breeding adults and faelings permitted.

▸ Discrimination by artists against same-gender foxifae is not permitted.

Trading/Gifting Rules wrote:
▸ Community members can submit one trade every calendar month, and unlimited gifts.

▸ Foxifaes may only be traded for other foxi, custom slots, or foxi credits. Trades for foxi credit must be approved by staff.

▸ Community members must own a foxi for at least one week before trading. There is no ownership requirement for gifting.

▸ Gifting to nonowners is worth more credits than gifting to owners.

Custom Guidelines/Rules wrote:
▸ Customs can only be created with the proper proof of custom slot or make-your-own (myo) slot.

▸ Falsification of custom slots may result in banning.

▸ Customs must be approved by staff before public use.

▸ Custom slots do count toward the total number of owned foxi.

▸ Permanent staff are allowed three customs or equivalent credit amount upon hiring.

▸ Guest artists and writers are allowed one custom slot or equivalent credit amount at the end of their term.

pearlcollie @ Thu Feb 21, 2019 5:57 am


xxxxxxx bulletcorgi xxxxxxxxxx


Image Image Image ImageImage
kiffellxxxxxxxx Larkspur1678 xxxxxxxx.lucifer xxxxxxxxastral. xxxCooperthecatX


Image Image Image
xxxxSplatter xxxxxxxxxxxxdimi. xxxxxxxxxx♡Chocolate♡


Image Image

pearlcollie @ Thu Feb 21, 2019 6:13 am

open for posting ! glad to have foxis back active <3

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Wolf dragons!
by Night-fire & Wolfy @ Wed May 08, 2019 4:37 am [Reply]

->main page, discord (staff and members with permission ONLY!), [url]artist search[/url], [url]Myo[/url], shop, nursery & breeding, growths

(edit: sorry if the discord thing sounds rude... it's just that I need to regulate the amount of people due to the fact that we have not set a rule in discord to keep the talking to a minimum... I might change this later, but right now it would lag a lot if a bunch of people joined and started talking)

what is a wolfon? wrote:A wolfon (more commonly known as "wolf dragon") is a wolf-dragon mix. it has the horns, wings, power, and long tail of a dragon, but the snout and fur of a wolf. they are commonly found on "wolf & dragon world", a world hidden from humans. it is almost just like earth, but with a few difference. for example, it is made of 16 different islands for the 16 different types.

Night-fire & Wolfy @ Wed May 08, 2019 4:40 am

there are many types and elements, including:

fire- red/orange/ "Warm color" base/theme common
cave- brown-tan + grey theme (but no other colors) uncommon
earth- brown/grey/green/ "natural color" theme common
nature- green/ "outside" theme common
floral- flower/ "outside/ forest" theme uncommonish rare
electric- bright yellow with electric blue highlights common
hunting- red + grey theme common
water- blue/ "cool color" theme uncommon
ice- light blue-white theme uncommon
night- just picture a night sky? uncommon
poison- pallette= any shades of grey or purple uncommonish rare
dark/dark matter- dark colored pallete rare
no element- (get permission first. includes customs) N/A
illusion (off limits) very rare
galaxy (off limits) rare
all-elemental (off limits) so unbelievably rare that it doesn't have a name
More to come!

commonish uncommon (for when you mix common + uncommon in breeding)
uncommonish rare
rare-ish very rare (for when you mix rare + very rare)
very rare
very rare-ish s.u.r.t.i.d.h.a.n (so unbelievably rare that it doesn't have a name)

Night-fire & Wolfy @ Wed May 08, 2019 4:46 am

Owner(s): Night-fire & wolfy, __________
Guest artists: bookcase,Animal345, dawnlightz., squarewheel, Gadgetrocks
artists: Zonbitaigā, redbirdtrooper12, Bachata, -_Recovery_-, Nixon
Moderators: bluekittyhorse, Nixon
nursery artists: Anime4Ever
nursery guest artists: SunScratch
other: None yet!

Night-fire & Wolfy @ Wed May 08, 2019 5:52 am

1. Rules!
-don't claim art or species as your own
-if you are making adopts, don't use the off limits types without my permission
-no gore, extra powers, (will add more later)
-Follow CS rules! (ex. nothing inappropriate... think about all of the people 12 and under that might look at your drawing!!)
-I believe this is considered a closed species, so you cannot make adopts/ your own wolfons without being an artist/ having an MYO ticket

2. "need to knows"
-this is more of a beginning adopt, but you may add layers if needed
-you should use lock-alpha when coloring (trust me, it makes your coloring easier!)
-you CAN add lines
-You CAN NOT put blood/gore (this does include missing limbs and other parts of the body with gore. for example: you draw a missing leg with a bone sticking out, that is not allowed. if you just draw a missing leg, it is fine)

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Werewolf OTA! 005 based on this drawing by Kageyenora
by Kageyenora @ Thu Aug 22, 2019 5:05 pm [Reply]

    ota = offer to adopt!
    mostly looking for C$ and / or DA points,, <<<< huge boosters,

    items are futile, i rlly dont want them
    pets are alright !!
    art offers,, ehh
    character swaps / offers??? majorly depends

    leading bid(s) will have ** next to it

    owned by Tree.

Kageyenora @ Fri Aug 23, 2019 3:37 am


Kageyenora @ Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:00 am


Kageyenora @ Fri Aug 23, 2019 9:18 am


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Bear Adopts Page ♥
by KyotoKyoto @ Fri Aug 16, 2019 5:48 pm [Reply]

Huh, this background looks a little familiar, it's almost like I can only draw two things

What can I say except bear? Not sure what I'm doing with these but here they are.

Added: Baby bears ♡

Customs are available! Send a trade request and if you want feel free to DM me :D They'd be PWYW for the sake of simplicity

.River. @ Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:07 pm

Im in love with this omg

KyotoKyoto @ Sat Aug 17, 2019 4:42 am

.River. wrote:Im in love with this omg

I'm glad you approve River ♡♡

sun bear @ Sat Aug 17, 2019 6:00 am

Very cute! <3 I can't wait to see what you do with these!

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Both of these adopts are OTA!
They're not first come first serve- please either post your offer below or send it as a trade and state which dragon it's for ^^

I'm looking for multiple rares from before 2019, C$ or art of human characters.

    Some 2019 rares are welcome as long as they're not the main aspect of the offer<3
    If you're offering art please post examples.

#1, snow dragon: Open
#2, toxic dragon: Baconcat Creations

Base: Forum/viewtopic.php?t=4066398

Minecraft @ Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:36 pm

Bump! :3c

Baconcat Creations @ Thu Aug 22, 2019 10:28 am

Sending offer for 2!

Minecraft @ Thu Aug 22, 2019 12:59 pm

thanks for the offer! ill give this a little while to see other offers~

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this is a closed species please do not replicate.
upon request i can add in a human form/character to go along with the creature

trade/payment ranking is as follows:
Store pets > WL Rares/Very Rares > Rares > C$ >Uncommons

after the first trade offer is made the pet will be up for auction for 24 hours(give or take a couple hours because i might not be able to get on chicken smoothie with perfect timing), the highest bidder gets the pet.

if you have any thoughts or anything please leave a comment and i will have fun reading them!

highest bid:


Main Page || Leveling Archive || Dog and Pack Archive || Discord
Get Started || Leveling || Staff Search || Nursery


Following a series of odd weather phenomena, the human population is decreasing by the minute. Only a few human towns remain across North America and most are already overran with wildlife.
Will your dog pack survive?

Welcome to Wild. Wild is an arpg. The goal is to build your own pack and build up your characters through writing, art, and community. You will be able to acquire your founder (Pack Alpha), begin your process of leveling up your pack, and gain more members along the way

Lines | Background | Font

TheWolfyWonder @ Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:24 am

General Rules:

    - Be respectful and kind to everyone, there are no exceptions.
    - Do not harass or beg staff for anything.
    - Follow all of Tess's rules.
    - You can only have one pack as of now, this rule may be changed later.
    - Your pack must be contained in some sort of website, whether it be a Chickensmoothie thread or another CS approved website.
    - COPPA’s are exempt from anything that isn’t possible for them.
    - Do not re-post your alpha founder forms
    - Make sure your pack has enough room in it before trying for another dog.
    - If you do not make a thread and get to Level 1 within a month on the archive, you will be sent a warning that your dog will be up for re-adoption if you do not fulfill the requirements. Respond and tell us if you no longer wish to be part of Wild (which is completely fine, don't feel bad replying so.) Or you can respond and tell us you are still up to completing it. If you fail to respond or don't make any progress within a week of you telling us you are still going to complete it, your dog will be up for readoption. You will not get a second reminder.

Artist Rules:
    - Guest Artists have 2 weeks to make at least 2 adoptables before I finally decide if I want you as a permanent artist.
    - Guest Artists cannot make alpha founders
    - Official Artists are allowed to make 1 custom per 2 months for yourself. Customs can not break any of the standard rules.
    - Artists must be able to make quality alpha founders swiftly
    - Judge your competitions within 2 weeks of the end date
    - Do not make any lineart edits. The only exceptions are scars and collars.
    - All dogs must be natural looking.

Transferring Rules:
    - Transferring may be done to gift or trade a dog to/with another person
    - You may not sell or trade your dogs for any type of currency, but you are allowed to trade dogs
    - Transfers must be done through the archives
    - Both people, previous owner and new owner, must post on the dog(s) in question for proof that both are accepting of the transfer.
    - All transfers are final! If you decide you want your dog back that you gave to someone else, it is up for the new owner to decide. They have every right to decline to give you the dog back.
    - There is a 1-month cool down after a custom/alpha founder is made, and after a dog is won through a competition, before you can trade or gift them.

Aging Up:
    - You must wait a minimum of two weeks before you can ask an artist to age your pup. The day two weeks starts is from the day it was born, or the day you won them.
    -Do not harass, beg, or rush the artist to age your pup.

TheWolfyWonder @ Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:27 am

Starting Your Pack

-1 To start off building your pack, fill out an alpha founder form to begin, and post it below. Please keep them reasonable, breeds that require major line edits such as a poodle, Bernese mountain dog, etc, are not eligible breeds. You could have a dog with Bernese mountain dog coloration though. Please be specific as you can. You will only get ONE founder. The size of the dog will be determined by the breed, if you choose mutt, please specify in the appearance what size your dog is (small, medium, large). Please note, pups are not allowed as alpha founders, and the size small is not a pup, but a full-grown dog of that size.

Code: Select all
[b][u]Alpha Founder Form[/u][/b]
[b]Dog Gender: (can be determined later)[/b]
[b]Dog Breed: (optional, mutt is also valid)[/b]
[b]Dog Appearance:[/b]

-2 After posting your founder forum, create a website or a thread for your pack. Give your pack a name, it could be anything. It doesn't have to be just, FlamePack or LightPack. It doesn't even have to have the word pack in it. Your pack could just be called The Reapers if you wanted. Just keep the name CS appropriate!

-3 Next you can level up when you are ready, the different leveling up tasks are listed below. You should post your leveling up tasks in the archive forum, not here. Only questions and alpha founder forums can be posted here. Once you post your level up task in the archive, you are automatically on the next level unless the archivist DMs with you any problems.

TheWolfyWonder @ Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:37 am

Leveling Information

Level 0
Total Dogs: 1 (1 Alpha, 1 Beta, 0 Omega, 0 Other)
~ Get your Alpha
~ Ma]ke a thread
~ Give your Alpha a personality (50+ words)

Level 1
Total Dogs: 4 (1 Alpha, 1 Beta, 0 Omega, 3 Other)
~Describe the land your dogs live on (100+ Words)
~Give a dog a backstory (150+ words)
~Write (200+ words) or draw a scene of a hunt

Level 2
Total Dogs: 7 (1 Alpha, 1 Beta, 0 Omega, 5 Other)
~Describe your pack's history (150+ Words)
~Write (100+ Words) or draw about any two pack members' relationship with each other
~Give your Beta a personality (50+ words)

Level 3
Total Dogs: 10 (1 Alpha, 1 Beta, 0 Omega, 8 Other)
~Write (100+ words) or draw a scene about the daily life of a pack member
~Create a pack legend (fake story, often to scare young pups into behaving, or some sort of dog spirit that watches over them, etc.) (200+ Words)
~Describe your Alpha and Beta's relationship (150+ Words)

Level 4
Total Dogs: 12 (1 Alpha, 1 Beta, 1 Omega, 9 Other)
~Describe an odd weather phenomenon that your pack experienced (150+ Words)
~Give your Omega a personality (50+ words)
~Describe the Alpha's view of the Omega

Level 5
Total Dogs: 15 (1 Alpha, 1 Beta, 1 Omega, 12 Other)
~Write or draw a scene of your choice
~Write about a failed hunt
~Write or draw about a pack meeting

Level 6
Total Dogs: 20 (1 Alpha, 1 Beta, 1 Omega, 17 Other)
For each level after Level 6, you will gain 5 additional other dogs

~Draw or order art of 3 dogs
~Create a Personality (50+ words) and Backstory (150+ words) for 2 more dogs
~Write or draw 2 Scenes of your Choice

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main hub ✦ discord ✦ nursery ✦ artist search ✦ archive


    tos & warnings
    species info
    getting started
    leveling up
    task board
you're a long way from home, aren't you, now.. ?

Welcome to STARPATH, an adoptable ARPG that encourages community involvement as well as character development, world building, and personal growth / improvement through various mediums to allow every user to partake in the game in a way they find the most enjoyable.

wip .


        nothing posted


        the world is quiet

Canis. @ Sun May 12, 2019 3:44 pm

      Terms of Service
      by participating in adopts, events, and this arpg you agree to the following terms
      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ✧ = summary xxxxxxxx ▪ = more detail

      xxx ✦ GENERAL
        ✧ all chicken smoothie rules and expectations apply
          ▪ all content created for the arpg must remain appropriate for the site
          ▪ mild themes of death / violence are permitted as long as they remain within chickensmoothie's guidelines
          ▪ if you have concerns about whether something you would like to do would be considered appropriate, please consult with Canis. or a moderator before posting
        ✧ selkari are a closed species
          you may NOT make your own selkaris without a myo/custom ticket or other form of explicit permission, and even then all custom designs must be approved by Canis. before becoming official and allowed to participate in the arpg
          ▪ while i would never dare claim ownership over all reptilian or dragon inspired closed species-- the lines, lore and concept of this particular species may only be used within this community
        ✧ be kind and courteous to other users and staff
          ▪ treat others how you would like to be treated! we aim to be an welcoming and friendly space for all those involved. drama, harassment and negativity toward users/staff will not be tolerated
          ▪ do not harass or beg staff for customs / items / etc
        ✧ please be a good sport!
          ▪ we all win some and we lose some. guilt tripping, complaining you did not win an adopt, or trying to get others to throw a competition / allow you to win is not allowed and will result in a warning immediately. repeated behavior can result in a ban
        ✧ give credit where credit is due
          ▪ always credit the artist of your design, and do not claim the species / arpg / lore / lines as your own
      xxx ✦ STAFF
        ✧ being able to join the discord is mandatory
          ▪ the ease of communication that discord provides allows us to be able to coordinate efficiently
          ▪ staff have specialized, hidden channels that they can utilize to communicate directly with the team as needed
          ▪ this allows any questions regarding moderation, adopts, designs or the arpg to be brought up among staff swiftly. you will also be able to directly ping me there if necessary
        ✧ a level of activity within the arpg is required for permanent staff members
          ▪ being a part of the staff is a big responsibility. you help keep the game running smoothly, be it by assisting someone in acquiring their starter or by engaging in the community and keeping the peace. by committing to a staff position you are agreeing that you will be an active member on the team
          ▪ if you are going to be away, please give notice so your absence isn't mistaken for inactivity. we understand that there will be times where life absolutely comes first, or that you might be on vacation, out of town, or dealing with exams etc
          ▪ in the chance that you feel like you are no longer able to commit to the team due to any reason, please let Canis know rather than just disappear! there is no harm in retiring and returning to just participating in the community

            for artists: to keep your position and be considered active, you must create at least 3 free adopts every month. fulfilling starter requests, regular adopts, free custom / myos, or breedings all count toward this total
            for moderators, archivists, overseers/rollers: to keep your position and be considered active, you will be assessed on your activity, consistency and efficiency individually each month based on your job
        ✧ milestone adopts fall on 50s and 100s
          ▪ any current permanent artist can claim an upcoming special adopt (within the next 15 adopts) if they have something in mind
          ▪ if you claimed the last special adopt, you cannot claim the next. this is to give everyone a chance to create a milestone adopt if it is something they are interested in
          ▪ milestone adopts must always be free adopts
        ✧ info on paid designs
        ✧ info on staff customs
      xxx ✦ DESIGNING
      xxx for a more in depth guide to designs, please refer to the species information

        ✧ selkari must abide by their subspecies standard
          ▪ runners are lithe, bruisers are bulky. both can have weight or muscular edits but must be recognizable as their subspecies. hybrids have a little more wiggle room since they fall into a mid range.
        ✧ designs cannot include unnatural or artificial shapes
          this includes markings that take the shape of, but are not limited to:
            - hearts, flawless x's, circles, triangles, other geometric shapes
            - plants or fungus
            - objects (bones, skulls, scrolls)
            - limbs (hands, paw prints)
            - planets or stars
            ... and more
          ▪ if you are unsure if something you'd like to include on a design is allowed, please ask beforehand. but when in doubt: if it isn't something you might find on an existing animal, you probably will not find it on a selkie

          rare exceptions might be made, if the shape blends particularly well into the rest of their markings and includes flaws. all instances must be explicitly approved as they occur. this exception will never occur for shapes like planets, paw prints, or objects
        ✧ no neon or jet black bases. pastel is potentially possible by approval
          ▪ the selkari are meant to mimic a more realistic species standard with some fantasy aspects. as such, a specimen that is completely eye searing, bright neon does not make sense. they would be an easy target in the wild.
          ▪ the lineart must be distinguishable from the base color. #000000 black, or blacks super close to it (even if the lineart is recolored as an accent!) is completely barred from designs as a base or marking color
          ▪ neon colors may potentially be allowed as minimal marking accents, but must be approved
        ✧ major color mutations need approval before being created
          ▪ specifically: albinism, melanism, full-coverage leucism, and chimerism. albinism especially is to be very rare, as the wilds of wyrnn are harsh and those that cannot adapt do not last long

      Warnings + Bans
      violation of the tos while participating in this arpg can and will result in strikes. if you manage to accumulate three strikes, or severely violate the terms, you will be given a full ban from the arpg. in the chance that you feel like you were wrongly given a warning / issued a ban please contact Canis privately for an appeal. a summary of the strike system is as follows:

      ▪ your first strike is a warningxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -- a strike gets added to your record, but that is the only consequence
      ▪ your second strike puts you on probation xx -- you will not be able to participate in the arpg, be it events, activities or adopts for two weeks following this strike
      ▪ your third strike results in a banxxxxxxxxxxx -- if you somehow manage to get three strikes, you will be permanently banned from starpath

      depending on the severity of the strikes you accumulated, your adopted selkari may or may not be rehomed upon your third strike. the only exception to this is paid myo or custom designs, which may be kept but can no longer participate in the arpg and will be internally marked as deceased. if you are allowed to keep your other adopts, they will also be marked as deceased / unable to participate.

        WARNINGS !!
        #id-url // strike number

        none yet

        BANS !!

        none yet

Canis. @ Sun May 12, 2019 3:45 pm


Canis. @ Sun May 12, 2019 3:46 pm


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2 adopt another blessing to the universe, fill out da form below ↧ and send meh 1 chicky dollar. Or Maybe 2 if ur dat special vibe person. Here is form:
Code: Select all
Spicy Meme:

ArcticWaterDrake @ Fri Aug 23, 2019 6:17 am

Username: ArcticWaterDrake
Name: Princess sparkle fluff
Spicy Meme:

[ FanclubArchiveFrequently Asked QuestionsNurseryExploreArtist SearchStaff ]
Starclan has begun the search for new, brave leaders who will pass on their legacy to their clans
and lead with honor. They feel themselves fading among the stars and know that their time is
running out. Will you aid in their quest to pass down the legends? Or will you walk among the
darker side of the night? Claim your territory, fight to survive, and make some new friends along
the way. In this brand new immersive survival game, you'll develop characters and your own clan,
able to adopt an infinite number of cats not restricted by levels! Yours cats will be tested in the
wild and must hunt, battle, and forage to survive. You get to pick where your clan lives, what
they eat, how they interact with others, and most of all: you will make choices that ensure their
survival or ultimate doom. Remember, we want this to be fun, so there is ways to keep your cats
alive. Starclan is generous with their gifts! So what do you say? Will you become a new legacy?


clarke, @ Fri Aug 02, 2019 8:35 am


i. please use all of tess’ site rules. you can find them here.
ii. there is no limit to the amount of cats you may have.
iii. please be kind and respectful to all staff and members.
iv. please do not beg for cats, food, herbs, or new adopts.
v. three warnings equals one strike, and 3 strikes is a ban.
vi. do not remake this game without my permission.
vii. any drama regarding other members must stay off the
main thread and be dm'd to me, please! i am available on
discord and chickensmoothie and will get to you asap.
viii. please remember that making adopts takes time and
so does judging competitions with tons of entries! do not
rush artists or a warning will be given out and may lead to
a ban. this is to keep our game stress-free for the artists.
ix. you may have custom ranks; using the original warrior
cat ranks is not required. this game is about creativity.
you may also use the tribe ranks if you prefer! you may
also choose not to use any ranks at all, and that's fine.
your cats may live in any survivable land, just make sure
the food you select to hunt is suitable to that land.
x. you must create an archive within 1 month of
receiving your founder, or else it will be readopted!
i. describe your founder using the form below and post it on the main
thread! remember, males cannot be tortoiseshells or calicos! mutations
like vitiligo, melanism, and albinism are for milestone adopts only.
ii. create your clan’s thread and clan name. you may use this board to
do so or create your own website. there is no rule for what you may
use to archive! remember to link your archive on the archive thread.
iii. read the game mechanics page completely then go exploring! if
you have questions, staff is readily available to answer them. make
sure to check the FAQ page before pming a member of staff, though;
it's quicker for you and all the staff involved!
iv. join the discord to get involved in the community. it's a great way
to get giveaway prizes, find out what new things are happening, and
make friends! please message a member of staff to receive an invite.

Code: Select all
[size=80][b][u]i want a founder![/b][/u]
[b]name:[/b] (include kittypet name and new warrior cat
[b]gender:[/b] (they may identify as anything!)
[b]age:[/b] (any age! as of right now, this has no in
game effect)
[b]appearance notes:[/b] (this may be artist choice or
 up to you! )[/size]


clarke, @ Fri Aug 02, 2019 8:42 am


      please link your clan archive and all cat’s adopt pages when posting on the [url=x]explore[/url] threadcusing the explore code provided on the exploring page. you may change the coding but please keep all the information from the base coding able to be seen clearly. no more than six cats can be sent at a time! in all explore missions, you have a chance to: find food, find herbs,engage in battles, gain experience, find currency for starclan’s shop, train apprentices, find rare items and more! however, this is a survival game. cats may die when sent on patrols, receive injuries, and even run away. HUP stands for hunger percentage and HP stands for health percentage. these are two very important concepts! you can read about them if you scroll down further.

      FOOD & WATER

      the most basic needs for survival are food and water, which is something your cats will have to explore to find. the more cats you have, the more food points you will need. if you are running dangerously low on FP, or food points, you may purchase them from starclan. (that’s me) you will need to feed your cats every time you explore, except for the first 3 explore posts you ever make. the penalty for not feeding your cats is +10% hunger. if it reaches 60 or above, a cat becomes unable to complete tasks like it normally can which can make surviving much harder. every cat starts off with 0% hunger, and can go 6 posts without needing fed. however, if you wait that long, you will need 2 food points per cat, as 1 FP = 10% HUP. as of right now, we have not implemented thirst levels into the game.

      NEW, UPDATED: 1FP = 10% HUP. members still need to feed their cats every post to prevent +10HUP gain.
      If your cat has 10% hunger, but you want to use a 2FP item (20%), you would list it as in the next post after using it to feed your cat:
      item | x1/2 | 2FP

        scraps = 1 FP
        mouse = 2 FP
        vole = 2 FP
        shrew = 2 FP
        small fish= 2 FP
        minnow = 3 FP
        squirrel = 3 FP
        frog = 3 FP
        rabbit = 4 FP
        bird = 4 FP
        owl = 4 FP
        falcon = 4 FP
        hawk = 5 FP
        eagle = 5 FP
        vulture = 5 FP

      to survive, a cats health must be in prime condition. the only way to heal injuries (preventing further health loss after an encounter in explore) is to use herbs. herbs may be collected in explore or purchased from starclan. a cat may also gain health if their hunger is kept at 0%. every cat starts out with 100% health and should be kept above 40%. the only way to lose health is through encounters in explore. battles will occur if you choose to fight and sometimes even randomly during a patrol.

      gaining xp can only be done through exploring! you will gain +10 xp for every patrol sent out [i.e explore post posted ] and + certain xp amounts for battles won, herbs discovered, and adopts claimed. you may also gain xp from an apprentice learning a skill, a cat using herbs, or purchasing items from starclan! level experience is helpful when in combat or for the ability to make certain purchases from starclan. every time you level up, you get a reward!

      level one: 100xp | Rewards: +1 FP
      level two: 200xp | Rewards: + 1 FP + 1 Herb
      level three: 300xp | Rewards: + 2 FP + 1 Herb
      level four: 400xp | Rewards: + 2 FP + 2 Herb
      level five: 500xp | Rewards: + 3 FP + 2 Herb
      level six: 650xp | Rewards: + 3 FP + 3 Herb
      level seven: 800xp | Rewards: + 4 FP + 3 Herb
      level eight: 950xp | Rewards: + 4 FP + 4 Herb
      level nine: 1000xp | Rewards: + 5 FP + 4 Herb
      level ten: 1150xp | Rewards: + 5 FP + 5 Herb + 1 Semi-Custom

      to adopt a new cat, you must participate in competitions, buy a custom, or breed your existing cats. there is also a slim chance, extremely rare, to find a cat during explore. competitions are immersive, creative, and everyone has an equal chance! buying a custom can be done at starclan’s shop and breeding existing cats can be done in the nursery with starclan's approval! unlike other adopts, your level does not determine the amount of cats you can own.

      AGING UP
      to age up a kitten resulted in a breeding or gained from an adopt, you must wait 1 week. then, you are responsible for bumping the kitten's adopt page (or breeding page) to remind the artist it's the day to age up. the cat will then become an apprentice. from that date, in 1 week they can be fully grown. they will have a date 2 weeks from the birth day and 1 week from the birth day posted so that you know exactly which day to bump the thread. you have the option to skip the apprentice stage and instead, simply wait the full 2 weeks for the adult version. there is also an item in starclan that you can use to make your cat forever young (apprentice lineart) or forever small (kitten lineart). once this item is applied, the cat can no longer be bred. you can read more about it in starclan's shop!

      sometimes an artist who has a difficult time choosing the winner of an adopt will award either an HM (honorable mention) or RU (runner up) to other players. you may use HMS to purchase customs. RU's are a second cat designed by the artist that will belong to you.

    clarke, @ Fri Aug 02, 2019 8:43 am

      • Customs are available to be purchased. Artists charge differently for their customs & will include their price when they post that they are open for # of custom slots. You may also use HM's for customs! When using HMS, you must provide links to each HM.

      5 hms = 1 random custom (design chosen by artist)
      10 hms = 1 semi-custom (base color scheme chosen by player)
      20 hms - 1 full custom (everything chosen by player)

      Code: Select all
      [b]Custom form![/b]
      [u]Artist[/u]: Here
      [u]Type of Custom:[/u] Random, semi, or full
      [u]Payment type: [/u] Here (HM or Artist chosen price)

      • 15c$ for a random custom
      • 20c$ for a semi custom
      • 25c$ for a full custom

      • Transfers occur when players trade other players. You may only trade a cat after owning them for 30 days. This includes kits resulted from a breeding. You may not trade outside designs, currency, or otherwise for a member's cats. You may only trade cats for cats at this time. This may change based on community input. Please post the form below on the transfers and trades thread found [url=x]here[/url]. Both players involved in a transfer do not need to post unless you skip the proof part. Then, your proof will be your partner's post.

      Trade form:
      Code: Select all
      [b]I'm trading my cat![/b]
      [u]Cat being Traded[/u]: Here
      [u]Cat received from trade: [/u] Here
      [u]Proof of exchange: [/u] Show the other member confirming/have other member post form.

    191 replies not shown, show all

    We can negotiate on it though.
    I may take pets, C$, whatever

    Make an offer, any offer! The worst that can happen is that I say no

    Lines by:


      1. Taken
      3. Taken
      6. Taken
      7. Taken
      8. Taken
      9. Taken
      10. Taken
      11. Taken
      12. Taken
      13. Taken
      14. Taken

    albino polar bear @ Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:35 am


    Alavii @ Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:46 am

      sent an offer for 9 and 14

    Disabled Jevil @ Mon Jul 29, 2019 10:47 am

    Albino, how do you copy things? :0

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