Dressup scenes

Create and decorate a scene with your friends to show off your favorite pets!

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friends peoples ??????i think ?
by mintea @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 3:20 am [Reply]

make this with me now:///////////////////

Millianna23 @ Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:46 am

Seems fun! xD
Congrats <3

by Xcookielps @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:37 pm [Reply]

Lily :Popatrz to jakaś mała--------
??? sarenka :Proszę pomóżcie mi zimno mi!
Kiut :Okej zabierzmy ją ze sobą!

by Xcookielps @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:24 pm [Reply]

Deer has
birthday party! :clap:

why you standing
by Star Stable @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 4:02 pm [Reply]


Add Achieved Dreamies!
by Sebastian_ @ Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:08 pm [Reply]

I thought a little holiday scene of our achieved dreamies would be fun to do. Just reply if you want to join.

Please only add up to three achieved dreamies.
You can dress YOUR OWN pet in winter holiday things.

lpsemilly @ Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:09 pm

I'd love to be added!

Sebastian_ @ Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:16 pm

Added :D

Daamoose @ Fri Dec 07, 2018 3:25 pm

can i join please?

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average winter scene
by black.mist @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 3:12 pm [Reply]

bump if you wanna be added. bye

cult ritual (ASK TO BE ADDED)
by sardine @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 1:28 pm [Reply]

Just comment and ask to be added!
Keep it spooky, no awkward "teen" bystanders (those always die first).

1 pet per person! Try not to cover up any of the magic circles.

I got bored so i decided to make this scene. If you want me to add you to this scene so you can add your pets go ahead and tell me!
I feel like this is not very complete so i would love it if you could add your pets to the scene.

by HarteForever @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 11:04 am [Reply]

I worked hard in this and I'm very proud! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!

Guiding the Nightmares
by blackfoot.x.storm @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 10:41 am [Reply]

*Sorry for the edgy title but I have so many dark and faded-looking Butterfly Wolves that I thought it might be fun!

*Fun Fact: nightmares are named after mares, which in the olden days referred to demons and goblins that tortured people while they slept- the "night" part was added simply to push the dream aspect of the word's meaning.

*There are many different kinds of nightmares, and I was thinking about that while I made this! Unfortunately, I only have three horses/ponies that I feel have a darker undertone than most- bright, colourful horses don't fit too well with the "nightmare" scheme.

by Lady Bun @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:11 am [Reply]


moon hunters!!
by darklunch @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:47 am [Reply]

work in progress scene in tribute to the game moon hunters!
this is my best representation of the main four playable characters: Heduanna (the dog on the left), Enkidu (the dog covered in plants), Dumuzi (the dog at the bottom), and Kubele (the dog on the right)!

Favorites <3
by KittyandCat @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:49 am [Reply]

Here you shall meet A_Pug's and my favorite pets!

A_Pug @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:43 am

by ♥ ᴡ ɪ s ᴛ ᴇ ʀ s ♥ @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:21 am [Reply]


My 2012 bunny collection
by darkchaoscrawler @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:16 am [Reply]


by Happiier @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:15 am [Reply]

Just a wintery dressup scene, Enjoy :)

owo uwu♥
by ♥ ᴡ ɪ s ᴛ ᴇ ʀ s ♥ @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 8:06 am [Reply]


first try
by AliseTheWingedWolf @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:12 am [Reply]

welp this is my first time doing this sooo yah sorry if its bad

by trixie_the_dog @ Mon Dec 03, 2018 5:45 am [Reply]

all my holiday pets and most of my items. ask to be added! i want to fill this so you cant see any bg

holiday stuff only!

Forest Scene
by v e n i @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:35 am [Reply]


My 2011 bunny collection
by darkchaoscrawler @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 4:49 am [Reply]


Find The Chessie!
by FlamingPsycho @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 4:32 am [Reply]

So, after my last search became really popular, I created ANOTHER one.

This time, somebody else is hiding out. The Chesire Cat has escaped its home in Wonderland and is now roaming around ChickenSmoothie. While Alice, on the hunt to find him, thought she's be successful, she found the House of Cat and lost her track. However, one of the felines dropped a hint that he's hiding out somewhere among the crowd. Can you find him???

You may tell me what cats are around him, or, if you want to go the easier way, take a screenshot and send me the picture here or on PMs!

As always, whoever finds him first gets some pets!

Merry Christmas and GOOD LUCK!!!

FurryPawz @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 4:34 am

Found it!

FurryPawz @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 4:36 am


FlamingPsycho @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 4:41 am

FurryPawz wrote:Image

Wow, that was fast, lol.

My 2010 bunny collection
by darkchaoscrawler @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 4:38 am [Reply]

Can you see whats missing?

Edit if you have it

by ♥ ᴡ ɪ s ᴛ ᴇ ʀ s ♥ @ Sun Dec 09, 2018 4:37 am [Reply]



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