Chicken Smoothie Help: Rules for the Site and Forum

Can I have more than one account?

No, each player is only allowed to have one account. You are not allowed to have more than one account for any reason.

Players who create or control other accounts in order to get around our adoption limits will be banned and their pets will be taken away. If you're trading with other people, they have to be real players, and not just accounts which exist to give you pets. If in doubt, don't.

If your friend or family member signs up just so they can send you free pets/items, this is also considered to be controlling more than one account. People you trade with should be collecting for their own enjoyment, and trading fairly with you.

All trades on Chicken Smoothie are permanently recorded, and will be checked by our cheating detection system for signs of unfair gameplay.

Don't like your username? See our help entry on renaming your account.

You are not allowed to create a new account when you want a fresh identity. If you have a problem with old posts or account history please talk to staff for advice.

What if my friends/family join and send me their pets and items? Can we gift each other?

Playing Chicken Smoothie with your friends and family can be a lot of fun, but you need to make sure that you are all playing fair. Your friends and family shouldn't use their accounts to give you an unfair advantage.

If you like to send each other gifts or trades then make sure to keep things balanced. You should send your friend gifts of around the same amount and value as the gifts they send you. If you are always taking and not giving, then that isn't very fair is it?

If your friends or family mostly only adopt pets/items to send to you for free then this is usually considered to be cheating. People you trade with should be collecting for their own enjoyment, and trading fairly with you.

You and your friends/family will be banned if their accounts are used just to help you cheat for extra pets and items.

All trades on Chicken Smoothie are permanently recorded, and will be checked by our cheating detection system for signs of unfair gameplay.

What rules do I need to follow when I use the forum, trade, or send private messages?
  • Treat all other members and staff with respect. If you have nothing nice to say, then don't comment. We do not tolerate any teasing, bullying, insults or harassment. If you have problems with another user you can click “Block” on their profile page to hide their posts and prevent them from sending you further messages or trades.

  • Don't use any bad language. It's not fair on other members who may find that kind of language offensive. Words censored like **** are also not acceptable.

    We do allow a few minor swearwords such as "ass", "damn", and "hell", but please avoid using this kind of language in your signature or profile.

  • Keep all of your posts, discussion, links, and images child-friendly! A lot of our members are young children, so there are many things that are not appropriate to post and discuss on Chicken Smoothie. Please use common sense and good judgement. It is not okay to break these rules in private messages.

  • Overly gory, violent, or scary drawings and stories (such as creepypasta) are not allowed.

  • Stories, pics, discussion, and roleplays about dating and romance must not be sexual or explicit. Romantic encounters should be like those in children's movies - no more racy than a hug or a kiss on the lips. Breaking this rule can have serious consequences for your account.

  • Do not share or ask for personal/identifying information. This includes sharing your age, birthdate, phone number, email address, kik/Skype name, city, school, club, grade, full names or photos of yourself or your friends and family. This rule is designed to keep you safe on Chicken Smoothie. It also applies to adult members. You are not allowed to link to profiles or pages where this information is easily found.

  • "Spam" is not allowed. Spam is the term used to describe repetitive, off-topic or pointless posts and PMs. Please view this topic for examples of what kinds of posts/PMs we consider to be "spam".

  • Many boards have their own special rules to be aware of. Check for stickied topics at the top of each board. Specialized boards such as Roleplays, Trades, Oekaki and Art Shops usually have their own rules which you need to read and follow.

  • There are special rules for sharing images on Chicken Smoothie. Please read our Art and Image Sharing Rules before you post any images on Chicken Smoothie.

If you break any of our rules or behave in a way which is intentionally disruptive then you may find yourself getting a message or a warning from a member of our moderator team. If you continue to break rules and disrupt the forum, you will be banned.

Members who behave in a highly inappropriate or offensive manner, disrupting the enjoyment of others, may be banned without any first warning.

Are there any rules for my profile or pet names?

Yes, we have some rules to keep things friendly and safe.

You may not use offensive or inappropriate words in your pet names or profile information. Your profile and pets should be fine for children to view.

Do not share personal information about yourself, as this can be unsafe. For example, do not share your age, birthdate, phone number, email address, city, school, club, grade, full names or photos of yourself or your friends and family. Do not link to other pages where this information can easily be found.

You are also not allowed to express hate, discrimination, non-support or "anti" feelings towards people (or groups of people) in your profile. Please use positive language to describe your interests/beliefs/likes instead of listing your dislikes, or keep these beliefs out of your signature.

Can I sell my pets for real money?

It is against the rules to trade pets for real money or store credit/gift cards. We feel that these types of transactions are too high risk, and they involve sharing private information which is against our rules. If a player is found to be arranging trades for real world currency their account will be suspended.

Can I Block players I don't like? Can I display this Block list somewhere?

You can hide someone’s posts and block them from sending you trades and messages by adding them to your Block List. Just click “Block” on their profile page. You can click Unblock if you change your mind.

Since you can easily control who trades or PMs you, there is no need to share this list publicly. It is against the rules to share your Block list in your trade rules or profile.

If you run an art shop or a roleplay in the forum then you are allowed to ban trouble-makers from your topic (within reason). Unfortunately you don't have the power to prevent others from posting in your topic (even when Blocked). Because of this, in the topic you are allowed to post a Block list of unwelcome members. This lets those users (and staff) know that they are expected to leave you alone, and staff may intervene if they continue bothering you. You are not allowed to write reasons or explanations about why you’ve blocked them, but you might need to explain that to the Blocked users privately.

These Block lists in forum topics should be used as a last resort, when simply asking nicely doesn't make someone go away. Please stay calm and polite when asking members to leave you alone. Report problems to staff.

What else could get me in trouble?

You may be banned or have other penalties applied if the staff believe that your behaviour has hurt (or will hurt) the website or its members.