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Site news

16th April 24

We've now updated the pound so that "already taken!" messages appear on them live as pets are adopted, so we can waste less time clicking on pets that someone has already taken!

14th April 24

Mid Month Update - April 2024

Site Updates:

- Rarities are updated!
- We celebrated St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and CS Birthday since the last update, we hope everyone has enjoyed all the pets and items!
- We launched our pound update and we're still working on tweaks to help out everyone's experience. Please take a moment to vote on this poll so we can get a better sense of what the community would prefer!

What's coming up:

- Please help us out by offering suggestion on the Summer Event Suggestion thread!
- Nick is working on and update to the pound which will make “already adopted” flags update live, so we can waste less time clicking on pets that were taken since the page loaded! We hope to launch this soon.

Community Spotlights:

-Check out Ama’s Arte Shoppe! They are a talented pixel artists specializing in pixel art (full bodies and icons) for C$ and pets! They currently have slots open!
-Check out this beautiful CYOA "you enter an abandoned tunnel..." comic by Loelya!

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

April 2024 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

"fairy city" by dwarjam


8th April 24


Happy 16th Birthday CS!

We have a few Birthday Gifts to celebrate. These gifts will be up for the whole month of April!

Also show us how you will celebrate CS' Sweet 16th in our dressup challenges!

6th April 24


Our Easter event is now over, we hope everybody had fun!

5th April 24


Today is the last day to trade in your Easter tokens, don't miss out!

You can check out the countdown timer on the Easter page to see exactly how much time you have left!