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Site news

15th February 24

Mid Month Update - February 2024

Site Updates:

- Rarities are updated!
- We celebrated both Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day recently! Looking for a place to discuss these pets and items? Typically for smaller events users will discuss the outcomes in the Monthly Discussion Thread!

Community Spotlights:

Check out the Chicken Smoothie News thread! You can sign up for a newsletter that will arrive in your inbox every month containing interviews and current events about the site. This is completey run by users and the community!

Check out Pocket Myths! They are a user made pixel adoptable with eleven different base species, they are also running a Valentine's day event at the moment!

What's coming up:

-The admin team has been working on some necessary behind the scenes updates to make the site run smoothy, hopefully in the next few months we will be able to share some updates that will be visible to users as well!

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

February 2024 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

"lovebirds" by honeycreeper


14th February 24

Happy Valentine's Day!


Check out the Valentine's Page for some special gifts! These will be adoptable until the end of the month.

Click Here to enter the Valentine's Dress-ups Challenge!

10th February 24

Happy Lunar New Year!


Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year.

2024 is the year of the Dragon for the Chinese Lunar New Year!

Click Here to adopt some amazing pets and items for this special day! These giveaways will be up until the 24th of February.

Show us how your pets celebrate in our Lunar New Year Dress Up Challenge!

1st February 24

February 2024


Wow already one month down for 2024...time is moving so fast! As always make sure to Adopt the monthly pets for Feb!


We have new Dog Dragon Store Pets available for purchase from Doglike!


This Month's Birthstone Set is now back and available!

And last but not least, we have new Dressup Challenges today! Don't forget to check them out and enter some dress ups!

Final note, mid month updates will return this month, apologies for the lack of updates in January! Stay tuned for Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year which are coming up soon!

1st January 24

Happy New Year - 2024!!


Thank you so much for choosing to spend time on our tiny little corner of the internet this year! To celebrate make sure to check out the Special Events Page! for some gifts! They are available from Jan. 1st - Jan. 4th!

We have new permanent Store Backgrounds from Codex! These will be added to the store forever! We also have the Jan. Garnet Birthstone set for purchase, this birthstone pack is only available once a year!

Don't forget to check out our Dressup Challenges for this month!

And of course, there are new pets to Adopt for January!

We've now switched back to our regular green site theme, but if you're still feeling the chill of Winter, you can change back to the "CSChristmas" board theme from your "My Account" page