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1st July 22

July 2022

We have new limited store items from Guest Artist Codex! Come grab this Celestial Garden set! They will be available for two months!

We also have the Ruby Birthstone Set made by Yağmur available for July!

As always, there are new pets to Adopt for July!

July is Disability Pride Month! We have some additional Free Item Pack to celebrate and additionally a Pet Gift!

Oekaki Mod Apps are now OPEN!

And last but not least, don't forget to check out our Dressup Challenges for this July!

23rd June 22

Yesterday was World Rainforest Day!

We have a gift to celebrate, available till the end of the month!

15th June 22

Mid Month Update - June 2022

Site Updates:

- Rarities are now updated!
- We celebrated Pride Month with this Pride Flag set!
- Our new Guest Artists have been chosen!

What's coming up:

- Oekaki Mod Applications are opening shortly

Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

June 2022 Dress-Up Challenge Feature:

"Underwater Adventure" by LabRat


1st June 22

June 2022

Make sure to Adopt the monthly pets for June!

We also have new Snake Store Pets available for purchase from Sixbane!

The New Birthstone Set for June is now available! This month's Alexandrite Set will be up for sale all of June and won't return until June 2023! Buy the full set for the exclusive Birthstone Gem item each month!

Happy Pride Month! We have some additional Pride Flags as a free item pack to celebrate!

And lastly, we have new Dressup Challenges today! Don't forget to check them out and enter some dress ups!

20th May 22

Happy National Pizza Party Day!

We have a couple of Gifts to celebrate, these will be available for the rest of the month! :)