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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby Nepsters » Sun Feb 25, 2018 12:52 pm

Nepsters wrote:@viiisa: congratulations on getting your first kalon! They're such a cutie pie!
@checkinder: good luck on finding growths and head canons! Those kalons up for readoption are gorgeous! I night end up entering for the first one!
@pandoras box : good luck on finding everything that you are seeking!

Nepsters wrote:
Okay so the main reason I'm posting is because many of my kals need growths! I'm able to offer any method of payment but note that I'll be very picky in terms of USD/Points transactions! It also doesn't matter to me if it's off oekaki or not!
I'm on mobile so I can't post links with them because I'm lazy but they're all in my kal storage thread!

I'm also open to breedings on any of my kals except Roxas and Kabosu. It'll be a bit because I have two lined up currently but I love planning things ahead of time so yeah!

The lovely checkinder traded with me and I got the very gorgeous Ozias! A kalon that had been a dream of mine since I first saw him! I'm so happy with him and I have an idea for a mate and backstory with him but if anyone has any ideas or would like to have a relationship with him please let me know!
One last thing! If anyone needs someone to help post nursery slots I'd love to help! I'm online all the time so just pm me if you'd like some help!
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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby Softballpup12 » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:28 pm


just another stream

@Nepsters: I love that top kit you want grown sm oml. They're adorable!

@viiisa: I love that kal! The blue and orange complement each other very well!

@Check: Thos kals are some of my favorites oml. I'm going to have to try out rip.
Amazing Art by Sixbane ^^^^^

I will soon be partially leaving CS to focus on school, friends, and developing things that will actually matter in my future. I love y'all, but CS is having a detrimental effect on my life at the current moment, and I'd rather focus on developing my own stories that I can publish, draw art for myself, and so on.


Hey! I'm Soft!
I'm a high school student taking all honors classes and procrastinating so much it's a surprise I still have all A's... We'll see how long that lasts. As such, I'm busier than I thought I would be and things are getting done much slower than I expected. Please bear with me while I catch up!

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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby Discter » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:40 pm

@Nepsters - Good luck getting growths!! Man you're kids are gonna be difficult to grow, cuz replicating something that amazing is gonna be tough. And congrats on your new Kal! I love him too ngl, always been a favorite of mine. Excited to see what you do with him in the future!! Good luck with your breedings as well.

@♕viiisa♛ - Congrats on your first kal! Jack is always such a sweetie smh. Joseph seems like a great name, excited to see you around the community more and how you develop Joseph!! Good luck with all your future endeavors!! (If Joseph needs any friends hmu, or if you have any questions <3)

@Checkinder - check I will fight you get better stop being on the Internet and sleep okay and take your meds or do whatever you need to do to get better

@Pandora's Box - Good luck getting Bonnie and Roxanne on growths!! Should be easy to get for both of them. I'm actually the one who owns Marshal!! I didn't know she got traded, so if you wanna hmu I'll happily talk to you about her, or whoever trades for her. I might even end up trading for her myself, but I don't have much to offer since all I would offer is MYOs. Good luck with your breedings!

@doge fruit - Congrats on getting Kilo! Such a starry baby, kinda reminds of a Disney sky reflecting on one of the rivers they would animate when it's getting dark out. And I like what you have for him so far! Seems like an interesting guy.

So like... Now that ping is gone, I don't have a reliable way to earn ingots, which was how I was gonna buy some edits (and I was sick during most of pings run so I couldn't draw). But, I got some examples going of the animation I was doing for free! I'll be charging roughly 400 - 500 points, and I will only be taking simple kals.

Here's my examples!

Kals not mine

Opening these slots:

Kals My DA {Feel free to PM me!} Internet Child
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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby Lyrics » Sun Feb 25, 2018 3:04 pm

@Discter ahhhh your art is so good! Good luck!
@Softballpup12 hope you had/are having fun on the stream!
@Nepsters you have pretty kalons! Good luck on all that!
@viisa Joseph is so pretty! Congratss!!

I have some kalons i don't connect with and I plan to trade them off. Hopefully with the same amount of edits. Cat kals or brown kals are good!!
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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby SmolMuttt » Sun Feb 25, 2018 3:40 pm

i. Replies -----
    Pg .46 -----
    @Lyrics - Goodluck trading! Those two look super neat!
    @Discter - Goodluck selling those slots and getting the items you need! Your art is so cute?
    @Softballpup12 - I hope you have fun on the stream! I'll probably join later.
    @Nepsters - Goodluck finding growths for those four wonderful kits! I especially love that first one. Also congratulations on recieving Ozias!! I absolutley adore his color schemes and patterns! Also that tail is great.
    @Pg .45 -----
    @♕viiisa♛ - Congratulations on getting Joseph! Jack is just the best, arent they? Anyways congratulations again! Joseph is super pretty and I'm sure he will be smothered in love under your care.
    @La Volpe - That's such a nice thing to do! Thank you for being a great human being :">
    @Checkinder - Ohhh I love that first kalon! If I find the time I will definatley enter! Also, I'll probably pm you about headcannons aswell!
    @Pandora's Box - There's something I have to adress here; Roxanne is the cutest thing a deserves the best wth. Anyways, goodluck with getting growths for your precious beans and I also wish you luck with trading and breeding!
    @doge fruit - Congratulations on getting Kilo! I gotta say, he's got a good taste in music ; )
    @hashtag - Goodluck getting an uncommon myo!! If you do end up getting one I can't wait to see what you do with it!
    @imp. - Oml that second kalon you have for trade is precious. I love his hair and his lil tail! Also Fin? Your lil pink boy? He's to die for and he's been a huge dream of mine for quiet awhile now. I'll probably message you later for relationships with your kals.
    @Fearnoon - I cannot wait to see the pre-growth of Augestine! I absolutley love his design and he deserves the best growth. Also! Goodluck trading Aribelle! She's rather pretty but not my type or I would offer on her. I will definetly hit you up about OOC breedings and relationships as I have a lot of medival kals.
    Pg .45 -----
    @theexileofkiem - Congratulations on becoming a Lux Lacerti artist! I can't wait to see what the species turns into!
    @SyntheticFox - Ohh my! What pretty new kits you got! Congratulations! I'll more than likely have to PM you about relationships because your kals are oof. Also that pregrowth of Aeries, is like you said, absolutley goregeous! One more thing; all that art you got makes me super jelly. You're a super lucky person!
    @pilotlight - Ozzy is super cute and I love him! I also have a weakness for completley unedited kalons. Also congrats on all that art!!
    @♕viiisa♛ - I would suggest visiting the front pages of the main thread, fanclub and nursery thread. You can learn all about kalons and stuff there! Goodluck!
    @okeke - I would say the same for you that I said for viiisa. I can't argue with you, almost all kalon designs are absolutley stunning. Goodluck getting a kalon!!
    @Rain Pill - Holy heck Pallas is stunning? Goodluck finding an OOC breeding with them! Also goodluck trading those two lovely kals!
    @master of spaz - Goodluck trading all those items!! Also congrats on the super stunning art!
    @doge fruit - Ohh those photo manips look super cool! I'll have to PM you about one later.
    @Graceymc96 - Omg I love all your kals?? Especially the reptile squad. Reptiles are my jam.
    @Jack - Welcome back! I havn't seen you in awhile and was kinda worried rip. It's good to know everything's alright! Anyways, I absolutley adore Tabby Sweeney?? His colors are stunning and colorful and so is his personality! I also love all your other kals! Congrats!

ii. Introductions
    Since my last post here, I've gotten one new kalon and I absolutley adore her.
    Not cannon design yet. Waiting for Wiccid to confirm my purchase and approval of her edits.
    Danni is a rather rich girl who lives somewhere in England. She owns a rather large house and houses her little sister, Joaquin who is owned by my great friend. The reasoning for this is, when Danni had moved out, her parents had another litter of kits and later died in a boating accident. Danni took it into her own hands to care for her younger sister. Danni also owns a very large garden and basically lives in it. She spends most of her time gardening, writing songs, walking and taking photos. She is a rather kind and giving soul but tends to care more about plant life than other kalons. Danni also has a sweet tooth and tends to have bowls of candy in each room. She's also a hopless romantic and has probably had a crush on everyone being from the gas station clerk down the road or her closest friend. "We could be best friends or you could put your face on my face."
    I'm mostly looking for friends and crushes for her!

iii. Art
    Here's some art I did for the event. Most of it, if not all are to big so I'll just link them all
    x x x x x x xx x x

    I also got three art peices from the event and they're all just stunning??
    By viixen

    By Dolly ilu

    By CSMintCat

iv. Other
    As always, I am entertaining trade and OOC breeding offers on all my kals so feel free to HMU if interested!
    My kalons
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    |best friend|
    |Obsessed with snakes|
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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby sandydragon » Sun Feb 25, 2018 4:07 pm

Still looking for someone to do a growth of Lucas! Pm if interested!

I also just got a new kal I've decided to call Nyim! (Thank you gristle!)
She also came with a 'lil gif!

Edit- can someone tell me how the fortune cookie thingie works??? I'm so confused qwp

@Nepsters - Good luck on the growths! I'm currently searching with no avail.
@Discter - Dang it! I would totally get an animated thing is my kals weren't so darn complex and I wasn't so poor rr!
@Lyrics - I would totally trade for the robo one if I wasn't so attached to my kals, I had a MYO, or edits ;0;
DeviantArt Kals Pixel Art Shop

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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4 [OPEN] [Kalontines Poll]

Postby planiteri » Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:29 pm

Catch me crying in the club over some cute art.
───────────────────── ☾Replies☾ ─────────────────────

Code: Select all
@sandydragon; I hope you can find the Uncommon MYO you're looking for, I know you can get them with DA points through the DA shop.
@SmolMutt; Danni is absolutely beautiful, I love the touches of pink on her!! And all the art is equally as gorgeous!!
@Lyrics; Aww man, if I had any kalons that matched your specifications I would be all over that grey/red one. Just enough edge to fit my aesthetic.
@Discter; That art is soo cute!! If I had the points I would be all over them!!
@Softballpup12; I hope the stream went well!! I wish I could have joined
@Nepsters; Good luck finding growths, I wish I could, however, schools starting up soon and I don't want to commit to something I might not be able to do. That new kalon is absolutely adorable!! Such a sweet man.
@viiisa; That kalon is super cute!! COngrats on them~ I love their colours

───────────────────── ☾Kalon Chat☾ ─────────────────────

Nothing much to report on~ Just a small bby up for trade. I've had her for about a month but can't see to find a story nor any connection to her once I got her. I'll look at anything really so feel free to send me a PM~ I'll get back to everyone as soon as possible!


───────────────────── ☾Arty Talks☾ ─────────────────────

So like, i'm blessed and highly obsessed with my new baby Mac and their relationship with Lucian and I've got some cute art of them recently so here I am blasting their cute relationship on here because it involves my favourite tropes, childhood friends to lovers as well as an edgy bby falling for a soft bby and vice versa.

First up isss SunStruck!
Who has done this cute lil piece which I adore.
They're so coft and it's so good!!

The next is by Pink Present
Who was doing these lil couple pixels and
I managed to snag a slot and am soo glad!


And last but not least is by Kolyakun, who owns Lucian, who lowkey owns my heart because ya'll need to check this out!
They did a whole animation meme around our sweet babs and I have never been so blessed in my entire life. The image is clickable and will take you to the youtube video.
♥ art by Kolyakun ♥

╔═══════════ ♦ ═══════════╗
Mac ♦ NB ♦ They/Them ♦ Ace
Hey all, big changes are coming
I hope you'll stick around to see
╚═══════════ ♦ ═══════════╝
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Postby skorch » Sun Feb 25, 2018 6:34 pm

hello! i'm new to the kalon community. i've entered for a few kalons and i've yet to own a kal but i'm really eager to do so. kalon designs are just so precious honestly?? like wow to the artists and people making myos because they make some really nice kinds haha. the lunar new year event look really cool as well, and everyone here are such talented artists like oh my gosh
i'll do free kalon drawing things later for people here when i post again just for fun C: im really excited to get involved here and make friends!!

(even though i'm new but i'm still going to reply lol, i apologize if i don't know what i'm doing)
@lyrics - those kalons!! they're so hecking cute, the small one with the tail is so adorable, good luck trading!!
@discter - your art is so amazing. i would totally order if i could, i'm broke da-point wise xD but staring at your art just makes me really happy, lol?? im sorry for staring aha
@viisa - congratulations!! he's such an adorable guy, his shirt and the tail design?? that's literally goals ;v;
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eddie kaspbrak!! please feel fr-
ee to pm me for any reason, i rea-
lly like talking and the company,,
my inboxes are always open <333
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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby ezekiel; » Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:16 pm

replies wrote:@sandydragon - congrats on nyim, and goodluck getting lucas grown!
@SmolMuttt - congrats on the new kal!! and that art looks lovely c:
@Lyrics - those kals are so cute!! good luck trading!
@skorch - welcome to the community!

I don't think i've ever introduced all of my kalons, so that's what i've come to do! Text and image heavy post ahead!

I've recently gotten a few new kals, either from gifts or trades!

Meet Donovan, gifted to me a few hours ago by gristle! He isn't developed yet,
and i'm looking for someone to transfer him to the new lines
for me since he was an off-oekaki myo! Please pm me if interested c:

Next is Acantha! She was gifted to me by mika.! She's dating Individuality's girlie
Agnes! She lives in a cottage in the forest, by a little town! She's set
in a modern AU, and looking for relations! Please pm me if interested! c:

Now we have the sisters who run a bakery together, Francisca
and Salvia! They were gifted to me by shinjitaro. Both are looking for
relations! Please pm me if interested c:

Francisca is the younger of the two, always seen either hanging
around with cute boys, or hiding in the back of the bakery
icing the delicious treats! She's currently set to be dating my boyo Lavi,
who i'll be introducing after her sister Sal!

Salvia is a bit different from her younger sister. She enjoys staying
inside and either reading, or baking! Sometimes she'll take her girlfriend
Alison (top) on picnic dates in the park, with all of the food made
by her sister and herself! She currently has a growth in
progress being done by shinjitaro c:

Lavi's turn! He's the only one who's properly developed aha ^^"
He's looking for relations too! Please pm me if interested c:

Lavi is quite a kind kalon, always putting his friends and family's needs ahead of him.
He's extremely over protective of kals important to him, but usually keeps to himself
if he doesn't know you well. He has a habit of shutting everyone out when he's upset,
and is extremely clingy when tired. He'll cuddle all of his friends when they're upset.

He's very feminine, and tends to wear dresses, high heels, flower crowns, and eyeliner.
When he's not feeling particularly feminine he'll trade out his dress and accessories for
an oversized sweater, black jeans and black ankle boots. On those days, he tends to pull
his hair back into a bun. Of course, he'll never get rid of his eyeliner.

He's dating Francisca, and enjoys reading books, napping, cuddling, and drinking tea. He
spends most of his time in libraries, the woods that his cabin resides in, or cafés with his girlfriend!

Here comes Nick!! Also looking for relations ;0 you know the drill by now! Pm me if interested c:

Nickolas Greene is a very kind and generous kalon, always saying hello
to people on the streets, donating food and clothes to charity and the
homeless whenever he can, and fostering kits until they find a family.
He likes to spend his spare time teaching kits to read, or helping out in
a retirement home! No matter what, he'll always give back to the community.
He also tends to have a few cacti scattered around his home.

Now onto Nu'Qaaofacion aha,,,, she has a veRY LONG TAIL OML,,,
She's looking for relations tho c;; she was designed by flowerlily135!

Quinn is an alien queen who has been exiled from her race, and sent to live on an
alternate reality earth, but lives in a forest that glows at night! She has special
jewelry for her tail that gives her the ability to levitate, and to switch between
realities! She currently has a daughter in an alternate reality with an ex-lover,
and tends to visit the two frequently.

Last but not least is Quinn's daughter Primrose! I share her with her other
mother's owner, broken*! She isn't developed much, but she's tentatively
open for relations! Pm me and I can discuss with broken*!
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darling ✿ mother ✿ sibling ✿ art by cherry-inkedangel ✿ thank you whoever posted this ;w; ✿
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Re: Kalon Fanclub V.4

Postby saccharin » Sun Feb 25, 2018 8:05 pm

good luck nerd
Danni has such a simple but sweet design - shaped like a friend. the art you got al look amazing!!
good luck getting an uncommon myo! Nyim is such an adorable kid wow, I love the soft browns and the hair.
good luck trading, aa that kid is a qt, I have a weakness for curled tails. also i'm super digging all that gorgeous art!!
welcome to the kalon community!! gotta agree with you, the artists always do an amazing job with designing man,, kudos to them for their unholy amount of talent! aa it's really nice of you that you're going to make free art!! hope you have a good time here <3
Quinn's tail is probably longer than my lifespan, oml
your kalons are all super lovely!! I particularly adore Donovan's and Salvia's designs <3

apologies for the short post, just popping by to say that valencia is up for readoption!
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