The Lost and Found

This page is the home of both the "Pound" AND the "Lost and Found". Only one of these will run at a time, so you can just see whichever is opening next. The next one to open is the Lost and Found!

Oh, I'm so glad you're here! Our Lost and Found is completely overflowing with donated, abandoned, and confiscated items. Some of them have been here for years! Can you help us reduce the load by taking one away?

When the Lost and Found is open this page will show items that you take instantly by clicking the "take this" button underneath your chosen item. The Lost and Found opens at random times, usually around 4 - 8 times per week, so check back often to see if it's open or opening soon!

You can't take more than one item within 3 hours, so choose wisely!

Sorry, the Lost and Found is closed at the moment. The Lost and Found will open within 4 hours