Site update news

10th April 09

Help us celebrate Easter and Chicken Smoothie's first birthday! There's heaps of new pets and items available, click the "First birthday" image at the top of the navigation on the left.

9th April 09

Welcome to the new server! Over Easter we will be trying out a faster server, so you should see less delays as you browse around the site. Enjoy.

5th April 09

It's Tess again :) I've bought myself a laptop so that I can stay connected with CS for longer! I mean, er... I got it for doing my homework on! xD
I've got a linguistics test on Tuesday, but after that I will be free to announce CS's first birthday :) I made the very first CS adoptables towards the end of April last year, so it's probably more authentic to celebrate the birthday partway through the month anyway xD

make sure you check back later in the week :)


2nd April 09

Hey all, this is Tess :) I'm really sorry that I haven't been around so much lately, I know that April is our 1st anniversary but I've got a few big assignments due this week so I've been busy :(

Check back in a few days for a proper celebration of CS's first birthday :) I might try and set up a chatroom for a few days so we can all get to know each other better, and you guys can come chat to the CS staff :)

I know there are at least a few 'Tess don't read' threads around at the moment, so I guess you guys might have something planned too? xD please give me a few more days to come back online and celebrate properly

I know we have some members who have stuck around for pretty much the whole 12 months of CS, so a special shout-out goes to you guys :) Fiery Gatoh, Wolfie, Solloby, Lady, Lexi, Rawr, you guys have all been very supportive of me for such a long time! ^__^ and of course, there are so many more of you to thank! Hope we can all meet up in a chat soon :)

Thankyou so much everybody <3 xoxoxo

1st April 09

We have a new artist joining us: Nick, our software developer, is going to help out with some new lineart. Check out the new pets on the "Nick's adoptables" page.

31st March 09

We're getting ready to celebrate April 1st, keep an eye out for new pets and things.

26th March 09

Our news is now available as an RSS feed - you can keep up to date with Chicken Smoothie updates in a feed reader of your choice, like Google Reader, or Bloglines. Just look for the XML and Add to Google buttons at the bottom of the news box.

17th March 09

St Patrick's day! There is one dog available and an item pack, grab them from the "Dogs" page!